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DQVC Trick - How to buy items infinitely


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Hi! My brother found a way to buy items infinitely on DQVC store.


What is needed?


- 2x Nintendo DS

- 2x Dragon Quest IX

- Wi-Fi internet connection


1- Download the DQVC content on Player one's game.

2- Player 1 opens the portal and invite player 2.

3 - Player 2 enters the Player one's world.

4 - Player 2 buy the items on DQVC.

5 - Player 2 saves the game.

6 - Player 1 resets the game.

7 - Repeat the process.


We are doing it every day and getting at least 4 copies of each item. :D

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Pretty nice. Just gotta make sure the one buyin' is loaded, because I know some of those items can be pricey :P

Yeah! Today is the first day of the Fashion Week. I just spent 500.000 G. xD




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Is your router set to WEP? Most routers use WPA these days and Dragon Quest IX specifically requires WEP.  It's usually something you can set yourself, provided you have admin access to your router settings. 

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