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... I've got it! I'll write a political science book comparing Obama to dinosaur erotica!


..or a dinosaur erotica with Obama, both works.


Anyway, back to the topic : 

Next time on his channel, Ryuu will read in exclusivity extracts of his new working erotica novel. Don't miss it !

(I hope you'll enjoy the free publicity)

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http://www.youtube.com/user/RyuKisargi I will be posting rants both here and there from now on.  

Well, that should be fun.

*erotica erotica erotica*

*kawaii comes along* *serious buisness*


such serious so game wow

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I'm doing Secret of Mana first, because Illusion of Gaia will be a good bit longplay because of dungeon length and such.


Soul Blazer... maybe.

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you could do BoF I remember when I frsit played it I beat it in 48 hours (I have no idea how I did it I even didn't use the dragon hurt item =p nor get any other dragon forms other then the first and didn't do any fishing)

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