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Since say about 2011, what are the top 5 RPGs (non-DQ) that you have played.  I want to make sure I haven't missed out on any gems!


My top 5 recent RPGs:


Rune Factory 4 (more of an action RPG with farming elements, but it's good!)

Shin Megami Tensi IV

Etrian Odyssey IV

Pokemon X/Y

Dragon Fantasy Book I

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1. No no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

2. Fire Emblem Awakening

3. Pokemon X (not done yet but it's still good, even if it holds my hand too much)

4. Skyrim


It's shocking that I can't even come up 5 good RPGs that I've played in 2 years.

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Nice topic idea. :evillaugh:


Here's mine (Post 2011 huh? Forgive me if I get some of the dates mixed up--I'll try to be as recent as possibel.)


In ascending from best to...not the best--they're all good.


!) Atelier Ayesha.


I know aquired taste. But I reckon if you have a Ps3, give it a go. I would say it's a fantastic gateway drug for the atelier series. Briefly, cel shading that makes the charcteers look hand painted, easy and streamlined, great characters, more free time, multiple endings, best music. It's more a life-sim/trading RPG type game that is driven by charaters over story. Heh, I was iffy at first but I bought it and tried it out and fell so in love with it--I replayed it 8 times, best purchase of the whole year.


^^^Sorry for the essay--I was trying to be short. :ws-slimedead:


2) Tales  Of Graces F--Another ps3 exclusive title, unless you want to play the original JP version on the wii. I like for very subjective reasons.


3)Tales of Xillia. Below Tales of Graces F for feeling rushed, a silly final boss, and a gloomy atmosphere. It's still fantastic though.


4) Skyrim-Being an Elder scrolls game, multiplatform and being an RPG fan--I'm going to infer you've played this. If you havn't it's easily obtainable on PC, 360 and ps3(not recommended) If you have  a powerful PC take that route.


5)Ni No Kuni.WoWW: Brilliant cel-shading, Ghibli Designs, Awesome bosses, General "Atmosphere", traditional in a DQ sense, tons of critters to obtain, one of the best casino's (because of the card game they implement--what was it's name again?) Alchemy, Level-5.

However the version has some VERY glaring pitfalls in the form of: Horrible battle system and battle design, Terrible AI-ESPECIALLY Esther!!! Ingredients for alchemy can be tricky or it can take long to obtain a large amount of one ingredient.


That's me. This is probably going to have horrible grammar. I really am too mentally exhausted to edit this-so excuse the sloppiness. >.<





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Tactics RPG works too, right ?


1) Bravely Default 

2) Pokemon X Y

3) Tactics Ogre 

4) Disgaea 3 R

5) Awakening


Also, a game that didn't came out between 2011 and 2013, but that was translated only recently : Oriental Blue.

This game is really great, and I had lot of fun with it these last few days.

The main assets is the pretty open world and narration, and the fact that a lot of caharacter have uses outside of fighting, like Professor Ren who translates ancient writing, or Judge who open blue chests.

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It's not on my list but I'm hoping by the start of February I'll be able to count Bravely Default among my top 5. 

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Games I've played and beaten for the first time.


1. Radiant Historia

2. The Last Story

3. Final Fantasy X (yes it took me this long to play it for the first time)

4. SaGa 3 DS remake

5. Dragon Quest Monsters (not joking...lol)

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