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For the following I am using chrome so everything is translated for me on the page.

There are other add-ons you can install for your browser that will translate. However, I am going through

Chrome for sake of ease.


Setting up a Square-Enix account:



step 1:

Goto https://secure.square-enix.com/account/app/svc/Login?cont=account and click this.



step 2:

click this



step 3:

then this



step 4:

accept terms and click next



step 5:

enter your email then enter it again. Make sure this is different from your non-JP Square-Enix account.

Then click submit.



step 6:

You will then get an email. Mine was condensed due to translation. It is the 2nd link in your email.

Click this link.



step 7:

You then need to create your account:



step 8:

confirm your information.



step 9:

click next



step 10:

accept terms and click next.



step 11:

This one is a bit trickier. This is your information. I use google translate to translate my name.

Per bjaxx's guide I used a hotel over there for the address. Any address will do here really so long as it is

in Japan.



step 12:

confirm and registration is complete.




Obtaining the trial:



Goto http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/public/playguide/wintrial_1/


step 1:

Scroll down to this part:

The first button will let you download the client.

Then click this button.



step 2:

Then you need to click this button.



step 3:

Agree to the terms of use.



step 4:

Click to apply for hte trial. Now after downloading you should be able to enter the game.

Make sure that when you log in you start your VPN.




Adding a Game Key:


Step 1:

Log in at this website:https://secure.square-enix.com/account/app/svc/Login?cont=account&request=aio



Step 2:

Click this button. To the left of it are your active keys.



Step 3:

Add your key and click OK. You will then get a confirmation page just click the OK button there. (I didn't want to buy a new key just to show the confirmation. Sorry!)




Setting up your Subscription:


Step 1:

Log in at this website: https://secure.square-enix.com/account/app/svc/Login?cont=account&request=aio



Step 2:

Click this button. (I have a few extra buttons because I am already subbed. I translated the buttons for when you are subbed,)



Step 3:

Pick how you'd like to pay. I am using the credit card method here, and click OK.



Step 4:

Pick your subscription and click OK. (I only have 2 choices because I am already registered for the 90 day plan)



Step 5:

Enter in your credit card information and click the button. After this is the confirmation click the right button. (I don't have this because I already have that information submitted to them.)




Claiming Item Codes:


Step 1:

Log in at https://secure.square-enix.com/account/app/svc/Login?cont=account&request=aio



Step 2:

Click the cute slime-beth.



Step 3:

Log in with your SE Account Information.



Step 4:

Select the character you want to apply it to.



Step 5:

Click the Item registration code button.



Step 6:

Select your character again and enter in the code and click the button. (There is a confirmation page after this, but I can't show it because I don't have codes to claim.)




Confirmation of Service



The one thing I am missing here is how to confirm your game service. Basically agreement to the ToS. To do that go to https://secure.square-enix.com/account/app/svc/Login?cont=account


Log in. Then under the 3rd tab on the left click the 2nd option. Both first bullets should be selected saying you agree to terms of services for the selected games. The second bullet says all games. Then click the orange button saying confirm. Then you should be set to play. Note that you must do this before you can log on for the first time.



Ok! Here's something that has been asked a few times so I'm putting it here.


IMPORTANT (teehee I said import)

1. To type in Japanese you need to install the Japanese IME for windows. This can be found in the control panel under keyboard. To have Japanese text displayed out of game like in the options application you must switch your computer's locale to Japanese.


2. If you get version 2 (the expansion). Check out my post right after the next on how to make sure you have it. I can't add any more pictures to the original post due to forum restrictions.


3. If the configuration tool is showing nothing but question marks for you. Change your date and time settings to Japanese format. Don't ask me why, but it's a flag for a few things in Windows.


4. Kid'sFree Play Time in JST (Japanese Standard Time):


Monday - Friday: 4p.m. to 6 p.m

Saturday and Sunday: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.


5. I've tested windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 with DQX. I've not had a problem as of yet.

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For the following I am using chrome so everything is translated for me on the page. There are other add-ons you can install for your browser that will translate. However, I am going through Chrome f

After spending the last 12 hours providing documentation and talking on the phone with PayPal I need to emphasize 2 things. First, I likely will not do this if you've never posted on the Den before. S

You need to run the launcher with AppLocale so the program thinks you have a Japanese version of Windows. I don't know why, but that's the only way to get the IME to work with the game.

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Fantastic! I'd sticky this if I could.

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haha. I just figured we needed an updated guide to do it. I did have bjaxx's when I registered, but it didn't get all of the answers I needed. Plus it was in German for some of it and I definitely don't know German.


Edit: So apparently, I've overreached my limit on images in the initial posts so I am putting this here!


How to tell if you have installed version 2:



Your initial load screen should have this. (It comes before the warning) if not.





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And my guide was referring to the beta instead of the full game ;). I really need to update it.


Thanks for your efforts! Good to know there's still an easy way to get the trial. Do you know how long the trial lasts once you started it?

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Gloomy, I digitally upgraded from the trial version. There wasn't much else to it besides entering in my keys after purchasing.

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Fantastic! I'd sticky this if I could.

Done :)

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Great to hear, and you're welcome! I'm gal to do something for a community of such great people. On that note if you do play the online version you should check out the dragon den team. Cranberry is the lady to talk to if you do want to join us there.

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Updated with how to add a game key, create a sub, and claim item codes. I was trying to create anchors so people could get around faster, but I have no idea how that code works in BBC. I will figure it out later after my work is done.


Edit: Nevermind I just went with spoilers because I am lazy. <3

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So do I download and install the game before I apply for a trial? Should I have the VPN on while I install?

Also, I should connect to the same VPN each time I play, right?

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You don't need a VPN up for the install, but when you log into the game at all you will need a VPN. As for applying for the trial you can do that before or after. It just HAS to be done before you try to get into the game.

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Reading the page via Google Translate says a lot of stuff about "Phishing." Seems like SE doesn't like your VPN.

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Been trying to play the trial, but it keeps giving me some message when I try to log into the game leading me to this webpage http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/news/detail/6cd67d9b6f0150c77bda2eda01ae484c/


Any ideas whats up?  Is it the VPN im using the University one?

There is nothing wrong with your VPN from what you are saying. That is just the general anti-fishing warning it always pops up. You can press the 1 key I think, or its equivalent to get past it to the game.

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