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A Couple of Sketches

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Hey all! Hope you've all had/are having wonderful holidays! 


One of my Christmas presents this year was a new scanner/printer, so I figured I would test it out with a couple of Dragon Quest sketches. Not sure if I'll ever get to touching these two up, but I figured I'd post them here for Ss&Hs.


I did have quite a bit of fun drawing them, and they did make me want to start on a character mural, but thats something that I can't even imagine starting right now. Perhaps in a calmer and quieter time...


Anyway: thanks, enjoy, and Happy Holidays all!




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MORE CARVER MORE CARVER! Can you make him do the underpants dance too! :wd_coolslime:

OH! Or a Carver puff puff!


These pictures are awesome! :thumbsup:

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Nice one there for Carver :)

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