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The official Dragon's Den team was recently created! Because Woodus didn't return to the game after the beta and because Mimas is part of another team, Cranberry was chosen to create it. Hey, that's m

Both invites sent.

Oh I'm actually living in Japan, so I'm more concerned if I will be able to see any English speaker online from this part of the world. But thanks for your reply

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I've been playing DQX off and on since 2014 and am a native Japanese speaker.  I have been without a team for about a year now, and have just started looking around for a new team again.  I was wondering if you would allow me to "experience" your team (just to see if the water fits?).  I don't know any other English speaking players in DQX and thought this would be a good opportunity to experience the game in a new way.

My character ID within the game is : CC685-973

Character name : Parto 「パルト」

If you have any questions, we could meet in game first and chat, if you prefer!

Many thanks!

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