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Dragon's Den Team

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The official Dragon's Den team was recently created! Because Woodus didn't return to the game after the beta and because Mimas is part of another team, Cranberry was chosen to create it. Hey, that's me!

Joining a team allows you to participate in Team quests, gain access to the team chat window, and earn team-related items such as uniforms.

Joining a team is a great way to meet fellow Den members.

Joining a team places no restrictions on what you can do or who you can play with. You are under no obligation to do team quests and can ignore them entirely if you so wish.

The rules for the team are common sense stuff. Don't start up unnecessary trouble and don't break the typical in-game rules. If you join the team and start causing problems, you'll probably be kicked out.

If you want to join the team, contact me. You can either send me your character name and ID, or meet me in-game.

If you send your name, please also include the Romani characters that makeup the name.




Important Update: 7/2/2020


This is not a message I was looking forward to writing, but it's one that is required at this point.


There's been problems with the Team Chat, and till now they were relatively minor.  But it's been a growing issue, enough that I've received numerous complaints about it.  Initially I was giving verbal reminders to people, but the issues have only grown and frankly the chat is becoming uncomfortably toxic.


It was one thing when we had people accidentally dropping story spoilers, but now I'm seeing racist comments, insulting other team members, and outright harassment.  This needs to stop immediately.


Nobody likes an overbearing moderator, I am not someone that wants to throw her weight around.  But my patience with these issues has worn thin and if I have to get heavy handed, then I will.  I can, will, and have, started issuing suspensions from the team for these issues.  As standard practice I will usually give a warning before I issue a suspension, but if the behavior is blatant enough, at my discretion I can skip the warning and go straight to a suspension.


We've had pretty lax rules to this point, I figured a lot of it was common sense stuff.  But I have always said that you needed to treat people with respect on the team:


-Be respectful of other Team Members:

The goal of this team is to be a welcoming place for other players.  While this team is certainly not limited to English players, it is the main entry point for pretty much the whole English community on this game.  As such, it is very important that we be respectful and tolerant, not just because it's the right thing to do, but because we are guests on a foreign game that mandates a certain level of respect and politeness from it's customers.  Us miss-behaving and not following this most basic of rules can put everyone at risk.  



-No racist, inappropriate, derogatory, or harassing messages in Team Chat:

This is pretty much tied into being respectful.  We've had cases of racist remarks being used, and harassment or "trolling" of other players.  I'll just lay this out.  I don't like bullies, and I have little tolerance for them.  Start bullying other team members, you won't last long.  If you have a personal issue with someone on the team, do your best to solve it outside of team chat.  If you need a mediator, you can reach out to me and I can work with both of you to try and settle the issue.  But don't start going after someone in team chat.

I will say I've seen racist comments in the chat before.  I will not tolerate this.  Anyone of any skin color and any heritage is allowed in the team as long as they are able to treat others with respect.  If certain types of people or heritages are an issue for you, than I'm going to be blunt.  This isn't the team for you and you should depart.  I won't budge on this one.

On a side note, I sometimes see this term used and people don't realize it's history.  But being this is a Japanese game I feel it's important to make people aware of it.  Please do not shorten Japanese to "Jap".  While not everyone is offended by it, it does have a history of being used as a racial slur and to this day there are some people that are really bothered by it.  Please use "JP" instead as the abbreviation.  This is a non-offensive term to everyone.




Suspensions are issued at my discretion.  When you are suspended, you are removed from the team.  This does not have to be permanent.  Contact me with your character name and ID and I can inform you how long the suspension is for and you can be re-added when the suspension period is served. 



I may add to this later if I think of more.  I really do not want to become that moderator that has to start cracking the whip.  Nobody wants to be here under tight supervision and having their every move watched.  I do not want to have to start running monitoring services on the team chat so please take this message to heart and help me nip this in the bud before it becomes worse.  Nobody likes an oppressive moderator, but I do have to start tightening my fist on these growing issues.  The toxicity level of the chat is growing at an alarming rate and I can't allow it.

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The official Dragon's Den team was recently created! Because Woodus didn't return to the game after the beta and because Mimas is part of another team, Cranberry was chosen to create it. Hey, that's m

Both invites sent.

Cran was able to cull the member number down a fair bit. I don't think you're in danger of being removed anytime soon. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk

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Good work and good idea Cranberry!

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Special thanks to those that have been doing the Team Quests. We've reached a high enough level that Team Uniforms can be created. I've paid the 1,500 gold fee and designed our uniforms. They should now be available for free to all team members. I don't think you need to do anything special to claim your uniform. Just go to your equip menu and press the button that lets you access special costumes (X on the Wii classic controller).


Like all special costumes, uniforms are worn over your normal armor and do not take up an equip slot.

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Oh gosh! I've been working on setting this up ALL evening! I'm so excited to finally start playing. I shall post my info if you all will have me when I get things made!


Aha! I've done it!





Ps I have NO knowledge of katakana and that's the best I could figure >_o

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A few things I've noted from players in the team:


1. For those of you without the Team menu available (under ã•ãã›ã‚“, ãƒãƒ¼ãƒ ) you need to visit one of the Team creation NPCs in any of the main town's castles. They're in the å¤§ä½¿å®¤ room on the map. If you have trouble finding them, do not hesitate to ask for help. 


2. I seem to be the only one handing in Team Quests. If you complete one, please hand it in at the same spot in #1. I don't want credit for everything and it frees up space on the quest list for when new quests are added (6am Japan Time). 


3. For those having trouble reading the Team Quests:

- Ask. No seriously, if I'm online I'll probably be able to tell you every single quest we have.

- Log in to the hiroba website and check the team quest list there. You can use a browse plug-in like rikaichan/rikaikun or the google translate plugin in Chrome.


Here's a basic list of different quest types I've seen and that are listed here http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_teamquest2.html:



It can be one of 2 things: Defeat a certain amount of [x] monster, [x] type of monster 

For specific enemies: Go to http://www.d-quest-10.com/, copy/paste the enemy name into the search, and it'll tell you maps where it is on.

For specific enemy types:  Go to http://www.d-quest-10.com/, Look for the type in the quest under ç³»çµ±åˆ¥ and it'll give you a list of them.

To find that map: http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_map.html



Defeat a certain amount of monsters on [x] map.



Item gathering. You pick up a certain amount of item spots on [x] continent.


è·äººä¾é ¼ç´å“ï¼

Complete Worker Guild daily requests.



Complete the Magic Labyrinth.


ä¾é ¼æ›¸æŒ‘戦ï¼

Complete written requests. Since these are fairly rare it'd be helpful to have a full party of team members. Plus, y'know, free stuff for completing them.



Defeat the Super Boss of the area [x].

- These are sort of out of our league for now since we're lacking high-levelled members of certain classes. Mainly the fact we're lacking a 60+ Priest with HP passives. Mine's 42 so I guess I better get cracking.



Obtain a certain of amount of a specific rare accessory via drops.



Defeat a certain amount of Metal Brothers. The Metal Slime stacks, not sure of the English name.



Defeat a certain amount of Liquid Metal Slimes (Note: Using a Liquid Metal Slime Coin in the Labyrinth is okay for this.)



Obtain a certain amount of rare chests. Not sure if the chests that have those hearts that drop while using an Angel Slime hat count.



Obtain a certain amount of Yggdrasil Leaves. The description says from enemy drops so... http://www.d-quest-10.com/detail/a00308.html that is what you'd be hunting.



Defeat a certain amount of reincarnation monsters. They're those special monsters that appear with enemies of the same type.




Onward to level 10. We gotta get that next team uniform design!

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I think I could take care of "ã˜ã”ãã®ãƒã‚µãƒŸè¨Žä¼ï¼" ;). Can I just start slaughtering those crabs or do I have to activate the quest somewhere?


All are automatic, and a Draky will show up in the corner when you've completed them.


iirc you need the team menu in your menu before you can start contributing.

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If people are up for it I can create a VoIP server for us o expedite communications. I'm not sure how all the Wii players could access it. I know some iPhone/iPad and droid apps can access certain ones. Or I could set up a Skype group so everyone can just communicate even while out of game. This is all voluntary of course, but I do find it a handy tool while grouping.

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Hi guys :)


I've been playing DQX since initial beta stages on the Wii, but stopped last year.

I just bought the version 2.0 expansion so if any of you are still playing, please shoot me an friend request.

Character info - 






Cheers ♪

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Tried to add you and it was not working. Do you have the name and ID correct?


Hi guys :)


I've been playing DQX since initial beta stages on the Wii, but stopped last year.

I just bought the version 2.0 expansion so if any of you are still playing, please shoot me an friend request.

Character info - 






Cheers ♪

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