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Team lv 30 (MAX), may I have another member recruitment here?

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name: ARMS (Astoltia Riot & Mission Services)

leader: I am :D


My team achievements

- finish every hard mode bosses in game

- finish every coin bosses in dungeon

- finish estark final form

- finish Pyramid floor 6

- all 75 3 members (mean 3/1000 player in DQX world) on the way to all 80

- 1 member have all rare item and all monster information in game (not me)

- 2 member have finish all quest in game at this time (now, me include)


benefit for you if join = 1. passing hard contents easier 2. together is better 3. dunno :P I create this team because no one did year ago

benefit for us if you join = we will feel less lonely LOL


team goods

- exclusive emotions (salute, etc.)

- team uniform (Assassin's creed style; all black)

- team house

- team furniture


pm me or leave a comment


Thank you

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