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Contest #105-Dragon Quest's Most Notable Quotables 2!

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It's contest time again, and this time were doing something a bit different. This contest requires no art skill, no technical skills and there is no purchase required! We are on a hunt for Dragon Quest's most noteworthy quotes.




Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify some of the most interesting or funny quotes that you have come across while playing a Dragon Quest game. Truly, the series is a veritable gold mine of classic lines and witticisms.


Each quote that is submitted must provide a bit more info than just the words that are spoken. We also need context. As such, submitted quotes should include:


1) The quote itself (obviously)

2) Who said it

3) To whom it was said (if applicable)

4) Under what circumstances did the quote take place

5) The game it comes from



For example, for the above pictured quote, you could submit something like the following:


"Me? Hearing my name is enough to make anyone wet their knickers!"

- Spoken by Yangus to King Trode as the party tries to pass across "Yangus' bridge" in Dragon Quest VIII.



And what would any contest be without some good old fashioned ground rules? So here they are!



1) "But Thou Must!" will not be accepted for this contest

2) Any of the previously submitted quotes will not be accepted(I have a complete list, so I will check and let you know if it has been previously submitted)

3) You may submit up to three quotes each(if you submit one that was previously submitted, it will not count as one of your three)

4) You can submit quotes from the English version of any Dragon Quest main-series or spin-off game

5) In the event that two or more people submit the same quote, the first person to submit it will get to claim it

6) Submit your quotes to me via Private Message

7) You have until December 15th, 2013 at 12:00 PM MST to contribute your submissions



Once all of the submissions have been gathered, the community will vote on which ones are the best. The three people who submit the top three quotes will receive a badge. Furthermore, all submitted quotes will be used by Woodus to update the "Quote of the month" feature here at the Den.


That's it! Start your engines and get those hilarious or interesting quotes sent in before it's too late!

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Here's the first batch of quotes:


"We aren't just a bunch of ruffian pirates, bent on raping the land and pillaging the women."

- A pirate says this to the party on Sharkeye's ship in Dragon Warrior VII PSX.


"Stella's Pearly Wisdom, No. 6T45ZZ12:

If you're looking to save money, find a dirty

cheap inn to stay in."

- Stella to the hero in Dragon Quest IX offering some of her advice in the Battle Records.


"It seems you had a hard time in the hole."

- Watabou to Terry in Dragon Warrior Monsters after defeating the gigantes.


"Touch the forbidden chest."

- DorasBox to the Hero in the monster park in DWVII


"I haven't been rubbed the right way in a long time."

- CurseLamp to the Hero in the monster park in DWVII


"Slurp! Bunny girls are tasty, but I always end up with hair on my


- Gigagoner to the Hero in the monster park in DWVII

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More quotes:


"Sometimes it's nice to lay down in the grass and just bask in the sunshine. Give it a try. I promise I won't crush you beneath my foot, leaving only a red smear in the green grass to remember you by. Aah... sunshine."

- Dragon Warrior VII; Hulkagon, when talked to in Monster Park


"Wahoo! So we won't all have to live inside graves than."

- NPC in the Church in Dragon Quest Swords, when you (the hero) tells him you'll make the Deathbringer go away.

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You seem to be missing one...

I can assure you that I have submitted all of the valid quotes. If you think you know of one that should be here, but isn't, would you mind sending me a private message about it?
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Hmm... That first batch didn't show up earlier. Only the post after that. Sorry!

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Hmm... That first batch didn't show up earlier. Only the post after that. Sorry!

That's okay. I know how this site can be.
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Something a bit notable draws near:


"This little slime's so cute. There's not a nasty bone in its body. I mean... Well, you know what I mean."

- Maria in party in Fortuna casino, after talking to Pink Slime in Dragon Quest V


"Hot panini! You have feelings for me, [Hero]!? I, I like you too, but... No! No, no! That's not an option. You will reconsider!"

- Rodrigo Briscoletti, during the big bridal decision in Dragon Quest V


"Either be awake or be asleep, girl, not somewhere in the middle! That was creepy."

- Deborah, just after marriage, in Fortuna at night after talking to sleeping bunny girl in monster pen in Dragon Quest V


"The Log's Navel? What is that? I can show you my navel on the sly."

- A woman in Kalka in the Oasis World when Tara/Cobi asks her about the Log's Navel in Dragon Warrior Monsters 2


"Do you want your neck sliced off by the scythe of hell?"

- Monster threatening the cook of Uptaten Towers when he refused to cook the hero and Bianca in Dragon Quest V


"To love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall be resurrected from death in the church?"

- The Priest asking the hero if he will marry his bride in Dragon Quest V

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A few more entries:


"Meeow! Meoow! Hack! Hack! Damn hairballs!"

- The CatMage in the Monster Park in Dragon Warrior VII


"Sometimes friends have to kill each other out of love. And then, you know, eat the carcass."

- The HornRush in the Monster Park in Dragon Warrior VII


"I'm shocked to see you here! What's that? Worms don't have eyes? Damn you, [hero]. Your logic has bested me once again."

- The BoltWorm in the Monster Park in Dragon Warrior VII

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