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What's in a name? (Super Mario Bros.)

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I thought I'd just make this for fun because I'm guessing unless you speak Japanese most of this might be new to you.


Most people know the story behind Mario's name, and the fact it's based off a real person, but a lot of the other names are not, they have meanings in Japanese only.


For the sake of this, I'll only use Japanese if needed


Luigi is romaji is Ruiji and Ruiji in Japanese means 'similar'.  While Luigi is a real Italian name, it was more of a convenience than intentional.


Wario has nothing to do with the appearance of an M and W.  Wario is a play of the word warui which means 'mean'.  However they did change it to Wario to have a similar sound.


Waluigi is probably the biggest mystery amongst Western gamers, it sounds ridiculous.  Waruiji is a combination of warui and ruiji meaning 'similar evil'.


Bowser is Japan is know as Kuppa.  This is a play on the word kappa seeing as Kuppa is a turtle.  Kappa's are Japanese mythological creatures that like to cause trouble, as for why Kuppa has a full head of hair is beyond me though.


Toad in Japan is know as Kinopio.  Kinopio is another play on words relating to kinoko which means mushroom.


Toadette is the exception.  In Japan she is Kinopiko,  While it can be written in katakana, it is assumed that ko is å­ which is commonly used in female names, which would essentially mean female Kinopio.


Koopa Troopa (god I hate that name, it's so stupid) is called Noko Noko in Japan.  Noko Noko is simply the noise the shell makes when hit, just like Pacman makes a paku paku sound.  This is used fairly often in Japan for various things as far as carbonated drinks.


Another misconception is Goomba is Kuribo in Japan.  Kuri means chestnut, meaning he could be a chestnut instead.


Why they chose to call Noko Noko Koopa Troopa and name Kuppa Bowser is beyond me because it loses all association.  Just like Rock became Rockman, why the hell did Rock become Megaman?


With the exception of Wario (a Japanese friend told me) this is all from my own knowledge, so I can't verify 100% they are assumptions that have some validity, but one of my friends agreed that Kuribo was a chestnut when we were just talking about Super Mario Bros. and I mentioned it.

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I read somewhere once that the "Wa" in Wario and Waluigi was derived from a term meaning "bad", "evil", or "anti". Now I know even more about it. Thanks!

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