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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Wifi Edition

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I am Terry's Apprentice Making this for all of the guys of Woodus.com and Dragon's Den.  I have posted this topic, months prior to this one and I am not trying to become banned by posting this again. I have just finally made some serious amount of headway on this. I want to give a special thanks to colonelben007, KingZenith,and Mcbick for assisting me in the Hex editing of the skills, for Dragon Warrior monsters 2 Cobi and Taras Journey and provided me with a save file, and the starting skills GS Codes.  When this is completely finished I will have the save file downloadable for everyone, that will 30 monsters hopefully with maxed out stats, and highly useable skills. I have been planning this project since last year, and hopefully I can get this game popular and played more with people who have legit teams. I will need to test how the magical and spells resistances will be using this method. I dont go through editing the skills as far as how to as I dont know how much support this project will get.  Furthermore I am available on skype to help and assist and answer any questions you may have.  However I also know the skills in the video dont match up to the natural learned skills. 



To Sum it up I shall re-post what Bynine started on Gamefaqs about this project.


Hi guys (Houndoom and Wizard, here's to you)! My buddy Vec and I are beginning to make a metagame for DWM2 similar to that of Pokemon's, and we're accomplishing the battle aspect via connecting GBC emulators virtually over the internet. The technical stuff is pretty much done (hopefully I'll be able to post about it in more detail soon, and maybe we can finally understand Dream Eggs!), but I want to ask about the metagame stuff too.

Since stats can cap for any monster at 999, and any monster can have any skills, they're virtually identical to each other - well, their resistances aren't quite so much, but they're close enough to warrant some limitations. We came up with the idea that each monster is stuck using its three base skills (i.e. a Slime would have Firebal, Megamagic, and Radiant), as well as two supplementary skills (HealUsAll + Aaaaah, Hellblast + Zombie Cut, whatever.) This provides them each with a unique identity while still allowing some creativity in building your team. If this seems largely ineffective to you, please, post what you think would work better!    


We need input on this and if monsters can have 8 skills. I will continue to work on the save file till I get it almost perfect.  Its gonna require some testing, so hopefully this porject will soar. I apologize if anything was oversaid writing this post at 1 in the morning.


contact me on skype  at tsvector.

and kingfreakslime your skype didnt go through for me yet, but I am hoping you and many others will wanna chat and try all of this out.

Looking foward to hearing from you.


Massive thanks to bynine for posting that on Gamefaqs, and such.


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