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How do I get my own house?

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After receiving 30000G from the post office, I'm willing to check out the house-feature.


I checked this page:



It seems that you can get houses in Glenn, Orufea, Azlan, Juretto and Gatara (= in every capital city).


I found the housing areas which are marked on the map with a little house icon. You need to go there.


According to the guide you have to buy the estate first. There are 2 available sizes: S and M (small and medium, I guess)


The price decreases every 6 hours. Starting at 500.000G for size S, it goes down to 20.000G after 24 days. (I hope they mean ingame hours/days?)


Then you can have your house. I don't quite get it, but the ruler stone seems to be important now. Maybe you have to link your house to your ruler stone.


You can buy different houses, of course they have to fit the size of your estate.




There's sign in front of your estate. Read it and choose 'Build house'.




That should do it...




If you examine the door, a menu should pop up which lets you furnish your house and change the appearance.


There's a lot more stuff in the Japanese guide, but I'd be glad to even reach that point. After entering the housing areas a black screen with menus pops up. I have absolutely no idea what I have to do in those menus, which also have many submenus.


Can anyone help me to get along? Thanks for any help!

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When you buy the plot of land you're given a Ruura stone to that plot of land. It cannot be changed so you'll always have a way to your house.

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Ah, I see, that's what they are saying! Thank you for clearing that up!


If anyone could help me with those menus after entering the housing area for the first time, that'd be cool ^^.

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