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Thought I'd start up an official thread for my DQ fanart (not sure if it's deserving of one yet, but *gulp*)


Here's a realistic-style Tara from Dragon Warrior Monsters 2:


And my monster team from said game:


Urgh!  How do I resize images?  This is way too big!


Anyway, here's Stella from DQ9 in an anime-ish style:



Plus a crossover of Stella with Rempo from Avalon Code, another RPG I play (but suck at):



And finally, the trio from Dragon Warrior II.  I've posted them before, but I added a while background so you can see them better.





Thanks for visiting!  If you'd like to see more of my artwork, check out my deviantART page: http://pokefan-girl.deviantart.com/.


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I had already told you how much I like your monsters pic (and expect more from future teams you use).


The rest is equally good. Tara looks very cute.

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I like how that first one of Stella was done, yo. I like that sketchy pencil look for the lines.

Thanks!!  I figured it made it looked softer, which is good for the cute fairy feeling for this drawing.

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Wow, this is all really old.  Better post some new art (I've improved, I promise).


Prince of Cannock again (he's my favorite; can you tell?)


Princess Simona (left the sketch on there for some reason)


And last, but not least, Hootingham-Gore from IX.  One of my better pieces, in my humble opinion.

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