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Completed Fan Games List

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Post a reply here to completed Fan games (and then remind me over time to add them to this post) :)


Dragon Warrior Classic

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the LostDragon Warrior: Legacy of AidenDragon Fantasy: Heroes of TsufanaDragon Warrior Classic 2 (added 2017-10-23) Edited by Woodus
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Great idea! I don't have a game (yet) to add to the (currently empty) list, but I'm glad there's an official list now. I almost suggested putting one on the Den, but wasn't sure if it would be appropriate, as it may just get spammed with incomplete/crappy games.

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Boom Diggity!





Dragon Warrior Classic is a Dragon Warrior fan-game created on RPG Maker VX that harkens back to the original NES Dragon Warrior. This game uses the graphics and styles of the original Dragon Warrior and features a completely original soundtrack and original monsters! The goal of this game is to attempt to transport the player back to the old school Dragon Warrior days on the original Nintendo. I have, to the best of my ability, attempted to recreate the look, sounds and music, and feel of the original Dragon Warrior released in 1989.





Centuries ago the ancient and powerful Wizards ruled the lands. Then the evil Lord Devmin stole the sacred Devine Sceptre and rebelled destroying the powerful civilization. Now his sights are complete domination with the human race facing the same fate. You are the last hope the human race has against the powerful Lord Devmin.











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Created by: Orias Obderhode


"Can the remnants of our past lead us to a future...?"


Final Version Released: 3/4/13, Updated on: 3/30/13


Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost is a fangame highly inspired by Dragon Warrior 7. The game will feature the shard system and time travel aspect found in Dragon Warrior 7. The underlying story, however, is not the same and besides the time travelling portion, no plot sequence will be taken from Dragon Warrior 7.


“Join a story that spans the ages! Through a series of seemingly unrelated events, a young man finds himself in the middle of a divine conflict. Picking up allies along the way, the man will confront the darkness and bring back the legacy of the lost!â€

The world of Araginol is at peace… or so it seems. As far back as the people of this land can recall there is little in terms of land. The continent of Erdrich is all that has been discovered by seafarers and captains of the seas…

“How can this be? Is it truly possible that the world be so small?â€

Unknown to the people of the current era, Araginol had once consisted of several islands and continents. Through the power of the demon lord, the islands that occupied Araginol fell one by one, eventually leaving no remnant of their passing.

Just when it seems Erdrich has been spared from this tragedy, several unfortunate events begin to plague the land. It is up to you, the hero, to traverse the rifts of time and save the world from evil’s vile clutches!


Name: Aldain
Age: 18
Job Class: Hero
The Hero is formidable in both might and magic. Holy blood runs through his veins and he is an essential part of any team. The Hero also has the most well-rounded stat growth in the game, and while not too hard to train in early levels, requires a lot of experience points as he grows in level. The Hero can be equipped with most weapons and armor.

Aldain lives in the land of Erdrich, not far from the castle. He lives with his mother, Sarah, who has recently come down with a terrible sickness. He is willing to put his life on the line to find a way to save her.

Name: Oruba Stacain
Age: 53
Job Class: Mage
The Mage is formidable in attack magic. Mages excel in devastating their enemies with powerful magic. They can even fall back upon various support spells to aid in battle. This learned mage has a low attack, defense and agility rating but excels in intelligence. The Mage takes a fair amount of time to level. The Mage can use whips and staves and be equipped with small shields and lightweight armor.

Oruba was born in Rhemhage Village, older brother to the current mayor. He resents his brother for everything he stands for. His brother took over the village when his parents suddenly died. Blaming their death on his brother by bearing witness to the crime, Oruba has turned his back on his brother. When evil threatens his hometown, though, he is all too eager to defend it, as long as it wasn't a request by the mayor.

Name: Melody
Age: 24
Job Class: Maiden
The Maiden is a supplemental character who aids her allies by using detrimental magic on the enemy and raising one's own stats. However, her spell list is limited. She has a high amount of strength and agility, but defense and intellect lack slightly. She levels fairly quickly. She can be equipped with a wide array of heavy weaponry and can wear lightweight armor.

Melody is the upbeat daughter of Yardrick Village's mayor. She met a tragic end at the hands of the basilisk, a devastating beast borne of black magic. By purging the land of this foul beast, you lift the petrification and in her gratitude and eagerness to leave home, she offers to join you on your quest. She had studied to become a priest before leaving. Not much else about her past is known...


- Breeding system akin to Dragon Warrior Monsters. At certain points of the game, it will be possible to recruit monsters to join your team. Eventually, you will unlock the breeding center in which you can breed your monsters together to create newer and more powerful offspring. In addition, there will be monster masters that will offer up their own monsters to breed with one of yours.
- Alchemy Pot
- Mini-Games
- Dynamic party system: The final member of one’s team will consist of a wide variety of available monsters. At a certain point in the game you can swap out your team to mix and match to your choosing.
- Scripts to make the game feel and play like a Dragon Quest game.
- Achievement system.


Victory Never Comes Easy
Atop the highest mountain!
Only a learned scholar can help you pass the lava unharmed.
The monster library
Desert village
Aldain can change appearance!
Boogie woogie at the bar!


Nelderson, Ekras, Sojabird, Yanfly, Gexrox, Woratana, Fridgecrisis,
StorymasterQ, Synthesize, Ty, Diedrupo, Night5h4d3,

Special Thanks:
nelderson(RPGMaker VX Community), dadartman

Square Enix
Dragon’s Den
Oran Gemeo (Logo, Title Screen and Game Over)


Version: Final

Estimated Play Time – 40 hours


You can download the final version here! Keep in mind that you need to install the font, PressStart2P, which is included in the ZIP file.

For a list of changes from previous versions, you can check out the log below! 

-All animations have been finalized.

-Bestiary has been added.
-Player accuracy has been increased significantly.
-The psychic/fortune teller of Rhemhage will now tell your fortune to help you locate the next region.
-Issues involving "Honesty" meter has been fixed.
-All regions are complete.
-Warp tiles that don't take you to a region play a faster animation.
-Quests for Legendary Weapons, Accessories and Relic Techniques have been added.
-Arena has been finished.
-Town Rebuilding Quest has been added.
-All monsters have been implemented in breeding.
-Some skill effects have been adjusted.
-Some monster stats and EXP/Gold rate have been increased. In addition, most monster material drop rates increased.
-Achievements have been added.
-Ability list for all characters have been altered slightly.
-Graphical glitches have been fixed.

-Many spelling mistakes/eventing issues have been fixed.


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Isn't Dragon Warrior Reborn broken? If it's the game I'm thinking of, nobody can set up the controls, making the game useless.

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Isn't Dragon Warrior Reborn broken? If it's the game I'm thinking of, nobody can set up the controls, making the game useless.


The menu won't work if you try to set your own keys instead of using the default keys. There's a laptop-friendly set of default keys for those of us who lack numlock - check the instructions/readme in the game's folder. This problem is still true as of the 7/21/13 update, in case you're reading this Nakhash.

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Legacy of Aiden is broken. When I try to play the game, it says it's unable to open the vehicle file. Adol (I assume you're the author), could you please fix it?

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LoA isn't broken. It has hundreds of downloads and dozens of confirmed complete run throughs. If you're missing a vehicle file, it's a standard rtp file missing from RPG Maker 2000 and not from the game itself. The unused airship is set to an official rtp default vehicle and you just don't have the file for whatever reason. I suggest going into rpg maker 2000, and making the air ship any file you have. It's not used anyways. If I ever reinstall RPG Maker 2000 I'll set it to a file I add in the game download for rare cases like this, instead of using the RTP file piece.

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Lolwut? I run DW Remix with just the RTP every time I've played it since my laptop broke. But I'll be installing the maker.

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I tried to download Dragon Fantasy and play it and it said it would not run without rpg maker 2003 runtime package.

I tried downloading that and it and still had problems.


Can someone direct where I can get the proper files to play Dragon Fantasy?

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For those of you who missed out on Dragon Warrior Reborn Trilogy before its website disappeared, I've uploaded it to Mediafire.




Note that changing the controls DOES NOT work (menu button goes nonfunctional and you have to delete the cfg file to reset the controls to default) but there is a laptop-friendly set of controls in the included readme. If you absolutely must define your own set of controls, you'll need to use AutoHotKey or something like that.


DWR Trilogy...the first one is a remake of Dragon Warrior, with 4 other characters to recruit (though you can only recruit 3 of them, and no you can't kick them out of the party later - they are Rogue, Wizard, Paladin, and Ronin). The second and third are reimaginings of Dragon Warrior 2 and 3, with completely different maps, way different stories (you can still expect the likes of Malroth and Zoma at the end, though they have new spells - as does the Dragon Lord!), and new characters (and classes to change into in the case of DWR3). DWR 2 also has three different endings, which depend on who you chose to recruit (hint: the Merchant allows you to do more things in DWR2, and if you beat DWR1 then start a new DWR2 game, you'll get an item which allows you to class change the Cleric into a Sage). You also get a few goodies in DWR3 if you beat DWR2 first before starting a new DWR3 game. So yeah, I recommend you play them 1, 2, then 3. DWR1 even has a bonus dungeon which you can access after defeating the Dragon Lord and before going back to the King. You have to show a certain shrine NPC the Ball of Light and then he'll let you access the bonus dungeon. FYI this game is harder in some ways than the originals. There's no Radiant spell in DWR1, so in dungeons you can't see but a small circle around you. DWR2 and DWR3 both keep the DW1-style lighting in dungeons but there is a Radiant spell in both games somewhere. No torches either. Also, it's pretty much required to bring back the Princess in DWR1 before going to fight the Dragon Lord, since you get the replacement for Magic Keys - the Royal Key - by bringing her back to the castle. Without the Royal Key, you won't even be able to get necessary items to access Charlock Castle.

And I just realized that unless you use the Internet Wayback Machine to see www.dragonwarriorreborn.com before it disappeared, you'll probably be stumped as to how to get past the first level of Charlock Castle. So I'll tell you: use Erdrick's Token when next to and facing the blue and white star (like from a House of Healing) in the back of that level. It will turn the star into a staircase and you'll be able to access the rest of that dungeon! You'll need to grind a lot to beat the Dragon Lord...I recommend all your characters be level 40 before fighting him if on Hard difficulty (he's pretty tough, and I found the first form to be harder than the second due to some strong spells!).

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I've come to realize RTP version could be the issue with The RTP versions. LoA was developed on Don Miguels 1.00 RTP, and the Japanese RTP for Jap RM2000 may not work right. It's also not compatible with Windows 8, but runs on vista, xp and 7.

Edited by Adol
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I figured it out. Don Miguel's RTP1.32 is just an ADD-ON to the 1.0 RTP. It's not standalone. Unfortunately, the link for 1.0 on his site, downloads a corrupted .zip archive. I had to hunt in the deep, old, dusty corners of the internet to find 1.0.


By the way, Adol: Did you arrange the MIDIs in the game yourself? I'm loving "dw4battle2.mid"! (Of course, I have a rather decent soundfont installed on my computer, too.)

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When setting up RTP 1.00 or RM2000 in Windows 8, you can just right click, go to properties, compatibility mode, and set it for windows xp service pack 2, then run the install files afterwards. This will make them install and run fine. Looks like LOA is still available on all versions of windows.

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List needs updates. Dragon Warrior Classic 2, Begin a New Quest and Destiny of the Dragon Lord. Maybe others are done.


Sadly, DWC2 isn't completed yet... (SOON!)

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Here's the post for this thread for competed games. Copied and pasted from my other thread.



FINALLY! After 5 long years! Dragon Warrior Classic 2 is now ready and waiting you fine people! I've been wanting to get this game off my head for a long time now. So please, take it! It's yours!


You cannot transfer old save files from the demo to this release. It'll cause you MANY MANY problems. You must replay from the beginning. But that's okay because it is worth another play through with all the changes.


Once again I want to thank the amazing Jamiras843. It was because of all his help that this game looks as faithful to DW2 as it does.. He took the time out of his busy life to help me when he certainly didn't have to. You're the best Jamiras843!!!   :)
Please feel free to post here or PM me with any bugs are issues you encounter along the way.
Slowly but surely I will be adding guide information to the website.. So if you get stuck, hold fast and the information will be added to the website in the coming weeks
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