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What does your team consist of?

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Getting back on Dragon Quest IX (I restarted about a few months ago), and so far, I'm really enjoying it (but not as much as I used to). Right now, my team consists of:



Michael (minstrel, will later be a paladin) (based on Michael Rosen)


Ashens (warrior, will later be a mage) (based on Stuart Ashen)


RobGBA (priest, later will later be a gladiator) (based on YouTube Pooper RobGBA)


Latias (thief, will later be an armamentalist) (based on YouTube karaoke singer (at least for Japanese songs) Latiasrojo99 (or Koyuki, 'cuz that's her favourite human in Sgt. Frog))


What do your teams consist of (including post-game)?

Sorry if it's pointless, but it just had to be posted.

BTW, I'm currently training for the Wight Knight.

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I had a maxed out Warrior/Gladiator/Ranger/Armamentalist, and the rest were various spellcasters. I used the save editor on mine though. I didn't enjoy DQ9's locked DLC. (( I didn't have good WiFi at the time of release, and my old DS never liked my WiFi. ))

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Initially, My main character was a minstrel, I switched him to a paladin as soon as I could. The rest of my group was a mage, a martial artist( whom I later switched to a sage), and a warrior( who I switched between warrior and gladiator). My favorite group though, is probably, Paladin( gotta love paladins!), Mage, Warrior/Gladiator, and Sage/Priest.( I use a sage if I'm using a warrior because warriors are a bit more durable than gladiators. So I would use a priest when using a gladiator because they are weaker than warriors and priests are better at sole healing. However, since I've revocated several times, I can use either sage or priest and gladiator/warrior and it usually doesn't change much.

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I'm currently using this team(mostly to get some more weapon skills filled up and get another revocation).


Marisa: Minstrel (to get her to +5)

Doropie: Gladiator

Woolen: Sage

Stephen: Luminary (To max fans)

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Team consists of:

Garland (Minstrel, will become a Gladiator)

Seth (Warrior, will become a Paladin)

Irene (Priest, will become a Sage)

Candace (Mage, might go into Armamentalist and then Mage again...)

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By postgame I had paladin (ex minstrel)/gladiator (ex warrior)/sage (ex mage)/gladiator (ex thief) and it's always performed well strong. My lineup is the same now only everyone is max level with all skill tree stat bonuses and a bunch of seeds.


I also took the time to level and seed my paladin and sage in a second class, third gladiator and priest respectively, for when I decide to level the legacy bosses to 99.


Never really needed much healing capacity before postgame, my warrior babe pretty much carved the way for us.

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