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My visit today at the game store

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The title might be misleading (it should be "Today's once-a-month visit to Toy-riffic! in Maplewood), but it covers my visit.

Went to the game store at Maplewood and had a little chat (it technically closes at 8, but the door was open) until about 9pm. The man who runs that store seems like a nice man, which is why he had that polite conversation. I asked about his fave anime (he answered that some people he knows are a bit more into anime and the last anime he watched was Black Butler), and I was finally able to answer my own question by stating that my favourites are Sgt. Frog, Voltes Five, and Voltron (the last fave resulted in the shop-owner showing me a Voltron wall scroll. Of course, I didn't buy it.

Also, I gave him $13 (though not before saying "Shut up and take my money!") and my paper cutout of Voltes Five for Dragon Warrior Monsters (GBC), and promised I would give him Dororo and Koyuki if I had the chance (which will probably be next month).

Sorry if this is pointless, but this had to be posted.

Feel free to comment

Edited by Koyuki and Dororo
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I enjoy smaller shops. O_o

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