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Art art art...

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Sorry guys, no DQ works again this time. Been playing or watching way too many new stuff.


Ooook, so here is the exhibition...






These are characters from a new popular otome game series known as Amnesia. The two here are my personal favorites, Ikki and Ukyo. And yeah, I botched Ukyo's arm there :P


Shunsou Hishida


Goro Fujita

These two are characters from another popular otome game known as Meiji Tokyo Renka. The awesome thing about this game is, it is awesome quality, and FREE to play. All the characters are based on famous historical figures of Japan (Like Lafcadio Hearn if any of you heard of him. He is probably the most famous among the figures they based on.)
The one painting is Shunsou Hishida, a Meiji era painter who is famous for this very famous painting of a black cat. Go google it. The painting is lovely, yet somewhat cute, cuz it is a cat!
The one with Sakuras is Goro Fujita, or better off known as Saito Hajime, one of the samurais from the Shinsengumi. Goro Fujita is the alias of Saito Hajime. Rumors say that this samurai was known to fight with his left hand.

Shuu Sakamaki

Shuu Sakamaki from another popular otome game, known as Diabolik Lovers. He is that real lazy vampire who does nothing but sleep and listen to music. He is so lazy that to the point that he even sleeps inside the water in the bathtub that the main chara would have to drag him out of the bathtub! XD
And finally, for those who love the 1980s anime!


Ypsilon from the famous Armored Trooper VOTOMS (Famous in Japan tho.). It all started when I saw him in a dream and got a urge to watch this famous thing. Just started watching, so I drew this. I realized this is the first time I ever drew mecha. I tried. :P
Sooo how was the collection this time? Critique or comment welcome!




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I want to say you've improved with the initial drawing, and the coloring and effects seem to have become more amazing :P I especially like the paint and petals in the Meiji Tokya Renka pics.


And the mech turned out very well for a first go, yo. It can help to draw different things now and again.

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ah, your drawing had became better and better aoi ^_^



have you ever draw touhou characters?

Thank you!


I used to have that drawing of Flan, but I didn't like it so its discarded <.<


I colored a pic of Reimu and Flan. You can take a peek at it on my pixiv account.


And drawing them? I wish, but I just feel like I should leave it for now cuz there is so much fanart of Touhou already...I will draw some other time.

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Looks great, wish I had any drawing ability at all :)

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