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So I went to Nakakon this year and it was really fun :D I went with my sisters and my two best friends!  So I figured I'd share my experience.


Only one of our group cosplayed and she went as Miaka Yuki from Fushigi Yuugi.  She was stressed out yesterday because her wig didn't fit.  But with a little bit of moral support and some hard work, she redid it and got it to look even better than before.  So we didn't get there until 9:30ish.  We pretty much just hung out with some of her friends and took a few pictures.  We only went to one panel that night and they were telling ghost stories.  The stories were really unique and very creepy.  We didn't stay that long and ended up leaving by 11, mostly because we were tired and wanted to get there early the next day ^^


So today we got there at 10:30ish so I could enter the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament but we got distracted by vendors and I didn't end up entering!  I doubt my deck is regulation anyway... plus playing I can always play with people I know ;) We scouted out the vendors and I bought a Rowsdower pin from MST3K.  Every year I tell myself I won't buy anything but DQ stuff but I had to get it!  Last year they didn't have DQ stuff so this year I was hoping for some X stuff.  We left to see Nobuo Uematsu's Q&A panel.  I was so excited to see him!!  I didn't ask a question, I was too nervous! ^///^ Plus it was fun just to listen.  He was having a signing later but we just met up with Miaka again and she wanted to go to the vendors - having missed it earlier.  We ended up spending so long there that we missed the signing!  Poo!  But he's doing another one tomorrow so with luck, my FFIX CD'll get signed!!


Most of the time we just walked around and oggled at everyone's cosplays and poked our head in on different panels from time-to-time.  It was more of an opportunity to hang out so we didn't have very efficient use of our time!  But the last thing we saw was the cosplay contest.  We were annoyed because it started an hour late so we left after 30 minutes.  Since I didn't find any DQ stuff, I bought a Pyramid Head messanger bag.  'Cause I can, and I really wanted it!! ^^


Well, I'm packing right now because I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow!  It's an early flight and I'm so tired hopefully the trip won't be too much of a drag x_x But since I'm missing the second Uematsu-sensei signing I left my CD with Miaka so I hope she pulls through for me ;D Even if she doesn't, seeing him in person was enough of an honor :3


Perhaps the main reason for bringing this up was my cosplay problem... seeing as I didn't have one.  I knew I wanted to do DQ but I just couldn't decide! XD So I just thought I'd throw out the question:  Which DQ character do you want to see cosplayed more?  Since I'm completely indecisive, I'll probably base my final decision completely on any comments or suggestions! XD

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I know that Gabo needs more love, but how about being Maribel or Aira from DWVII?

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