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I have been editing the Dragon Quest wiki for some time now, and the presence of many superfluous pages has come to my attention. Many of these (particularly the IX armours) are my the results of my own actions. As an experiment, I have gathered the necessary text for the Legendary armour line, and placed the information in the page of its initial form. I personally think the wiki would look more professional if the information was organized in such a many, as opposed to there being several small pages for monsters and armour with but a paragraph and a half between them.


That being said, I would like to get the opinion of the board before I make any more motions in regards to this matter. Should the pages remain separated as is, or should they be organized more thoroughly, as I have done with the aforementioned legendary armour line?  

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Follower, thanks for your PM to call my attention to this thread.


For the most part, I agree with your suggestion.  There are many, many individual pieces of equipment in the Dragon Quest series, and creating a page for each one when it might contain no more than a tiny blurb of text might seem excessive.  However, the information must appear somewhere that it makes sense and has a good general "guideline" that the rest of the wiki follows. Does this sound like what you are suggesting?


A. If the equipment is part of some sort of set or collection, group that set/collection onto one page for simplicity.  Redirects can be created in place of individual pages as needed.

B. If the equipment does not fall into some sort of collection, but is exclusive to a certain game, maybe(?) create a page which contains all the pieces which share this condition (i.e. a page for "weapons in Dragon Quest IX" where only the Dragon Quest IX weapons are all shown.  This would be a list page most likely)  This could really run into difficulty for games which have been re-made multiple times and have multiple different stat values, etc.

C. For equipment which spans multiple games, have individual pages so that the different games can each be shown.  


Let me know what you think and we can go from there.


As for the wiki in general, there is tons of work to be done and typically a low amount of people interested in doing it.  I am a big proponent of the "go forth and conquer" strategy.  That means whatever you want to see done, go ahead and go for it.  I'm happy to give any admin help that might be needed.  Don't feel guilty or burn yourself out, just do what you think is fun at the time.  I have not edited for a while, but I have not "given up".  Eventually I'm sure I will circle back around and improve some further areas of the wiki.  

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Thanks for the speedy reply, FlyingRagnar!


Your first suggestion is going to be the best way for this to be approached, and it will make the wiki look considerably more professional. I believe the way the Iron Armour page is laid out currently is a good example; paragraphs organized by game describe its traits in each appearance, and its alchemic family is addressed under the appropriate section. For the few instances when a set contains a previously separate piece of equipment, it think it should have a separate page, as bugging down one page with all that statistical data might be too much at once. Does that sound unnecessary though? 


As far as adding and wording the raw information, I'll be sure to pace myself and keep at it. I would like to say that the little quips and alliterations I add to monster descriptions are just for fun, and anyone can supplant them with they're own puns if they like.

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