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Devons quest

Forgotten Wolf

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Guest grey wolf

So wolfvayn took some of there strength and Marious, being the only one with a desint amount of strength left because devon and rain gave wolfvayn theres, helped wolfvayn. Wolfvayn took out his sword wearily, because he was still tired, and charged the dragon... an easy dodge for the dragon, and again this time wolfvayn hit. While wolfvayn was distracting the dragon, Marious was stabbing at the dragon. Wolfvayn then was slammed down on the ground with a claw in his shoulder blade. Wolfvayn managed to tilt his head over to a tree, Marious looked over and saw his sword stuck in the tree. Marious ran, grabbed it, and stabbed the dragon where his skull... was. Marious had done it with the distraction of wolfvayn.

Wolfvayn had gotten up with much pain >.< and gave back his compaions energy.

After that battle wolfvayn had gotten herbs and went back to bed.

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(The last post by gray wolf is omited)


We were in town, and Devon has to kill him because he is Devons nemises. basicly its a revenge thing for th deth of Devons family. Yes what i ment by lending stranth is we will assist you on your quest.

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Devon and Marious talking)


Devon: marious I think we should help wolfvayn Cretan things have come to light for me and i now see i am no match for the dragon


Marious: well I still think he's hiding something and you to.


Devon: I wish I could tell you but it may not be for the best....and yes I to feel a deeper truth to what has been told to us.


Marious: we should let it be for now.


Devon: yes I understand.

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Devon was becoming inpatient and couldn't stand to wait for wolfvayn any longer. Devon decided if he doesn't show up soon he can forget about Devons help. Devon sat and waited outside for a few hours alone to find wolfvayn and marios not even packed up.


Devon: what are you 2 doing!,The Dragon could be here soon!


Marious: Wolfvayn seems to think he can take him alone.


Wolfvayn: he would be no match for me.


Devon ran up to wolfvayn "OK fine you just think like that for now until you meat him"


Wolfvayn looked away and stood up "fine we shall be off now"


Devon: By the way ware did Rain go?

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Devon went to look for Rain search and search Devon did for many hours. Rain was no ware to be found. Devon eventually searched the site of there previous encounter with the Dragon and found Rain he seemed worried looking at his staff. Devon snapped a twig under his feet and almost had his head cut off by Rain.


Rain: Devon! O sorry about that.


Devon: no problem, what are you doing out here?


Rain: Admiring the stars.


Devon: you think IM that stupid.

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(Rain's creator Kain will not be around for a while so I will be posting for my brothers character)


Rain: OK I'll tell you the real reason I'm here. I'm worried.


Devon: About what? The Dragon? You dont have to worry about him as long as we keep moving he wont find us.


Rain: Its not that I'm worried about you and the others.


Devon: WHY ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT US? You dont think we can defend ourselves against the Dragon? You think your that much stronger than us?


Rain: IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DRAGON..... I'm fear I might not keep my sanity for much longer. That crystal on my staff, the shadow crystal, is only found in the darkest corners of hell. Without it the souls i have absorbed are no longer suprest, they can surface and take over my body at any time unless I can supress them with my own strength. But there is so much power trying to explode from my body and I'm not sure that my training with Marious has made me strong enough to control it. You and Marious, I dont know how, but you two have become my friends and I dont want to hurt you. I'm sorry I have to go I can feel the power pushing its way out I must get as far away from you as I can.


Rain then takes off toward the forest and vanishes into the shadow. On the wind Devon can hear Rains voice "Farewell for now... my friend."

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Devon returned to the inn once more, there was marious sitting in a slouches position on his chair.


Devon: Marious?




Devon: are you ok?


Marious: ye I am fine, it seems our friend wolfvayn has gone missing


Devon: thats ok, look rain needs our help and I think I know how we must go to hell and recover a new peace of the crystal on his staff....


Marious: how do you know about that?


Devon:umm rain told me.......


Marious: ya sure but im getting to the bottom of this.


Devon: I trust you don't need me to show you the way to hell?


Marious: of course not.


Devon opend a portal with his gloves in the inn.


Devon: well, step in.


Devon and marious enterd the portal to find the gates of hell and an 80 foot barior in there way, this creature had a sword that made Marious's look like a toothpick, it had s legs stoud upright had some sort of cannon as one hand,(his hand actually is a gun) and its outher was holdind the sword. with one swing Devon and marious were pinned on the wall. The sword had the power the push you back even if you were not hit by it.

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Pheonix: ok This has gone far enough.


A bright light formed around Devon fe felt the poerr cours through his vains as he ran up and punched his hand through the demons chest with eas. Marious followed him into hell where the worst was yet to come. They would let darkness consume them and destroy them.



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