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Devons quest

Forgotten Wolf

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Marious and Rain return to the Inn at the town of Nosgoth 3 weeks after Devon took off. They have just come back from hunting so they could afford the bill at the inn since Bilbo still hasn't awakened from the horrible ordeal with the Lazerus Dragon. They barely escaped with their lives Bilbo was badly burned and Rain had a few broken ribs while Marious was missing an arm, wing and part of his chest.

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"is your name devon?"




"yes it is"


Devon began to smell the air.


"o it's you Shepherd so ware is the pack?"


"Im the last"


:worried: "what happend?"


"thoes dam vamps up at the black castle on the outskirts of town"


As the storey was told Devon couldn't help but feel discusted. As it sounde the wolf pack was ambushed and slatured. as a last resort the wolfs attacked the mansion killing most of the vampires but it seemed that the lead vampire was to much for them and Shepherd was onely one to survive.


"Ill take care of this"


"I will join you it was my pack as well"


Devon and Shepherd begin there long walk to the castle.

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The two aproch the frount gates to find many dead vampires and likens. They aproch the frount door to find it misteraously open befor them. a vampire aproches them. He is a tall man shrouded in shadows, very muscler and had razer sharp metal claws.


"aaa we have ben expecting you."


"You have?"


"Yes we have, come in please"


The two enter and are asked to sit down they go into the mane lobey. and sit on a very large sofa. the man who greeted them went to get his master the leader of the vampire clan. They look around to see blood and guts all over in the loby.


"how long ago did thi battle happen 3 days"


"o ok..... looks good"


"I wonder why ther didnt attack us wen we came in?"


"Not sure"


The man returnes with two armed gurds and the gurds step infrount of them and draw there swords.


"you two must fight them befor you can fight my master and I."


The four begin fighting.

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This is not part of the storey


(I have had some questious about my character first off i should have said in my profile that devons family left his old pack after his brother resignde from his duties as pack leader, secoundly wereloft is his home town but in my profile im telling what happend in the storey so i need to fix that, and finally the lazuras dragon murderd my family not my old pack)


Thank you for your time :D .

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All four drew there swords and began fighting it seemed the vampires where losing despite the two werewolfs being humen forms. Devon ads shepherd quickly slatur the two gurds.


"Good job this way to me masters room"


The two follow him feeling it's a trap. They then enter the room to see a rather large vampire standing there.


"I suspect you two want to kill me well even if vampires and likans are sworn enemies I must tell you i wish not to kill you"


"kill us im going to kil...."


Devon intrupts shepherd "no he is to strong for us"


"Thank you i didnt want to kill the last of this once grate pack after your brother left devon it all went down hill for them."


The lead vampire explaned that it wasnt them who killed the pack but a nother breed of blod thursty demons. he also explaned that the lazuras dragon turned the 2 creatures agenst eachouther because he feered them and wanted them to kill each outher befor they became to powerful and he began to tell them of a very powerful Item under the manshion theat the dragon was after its power was un mesurable but it is still much a mystry to him as well. he also said the dragon wanted him dead because he had a barier around the manshin that kept all dragons out. Devon and shepherd agreed top stay at the manshion until they could find someware to go.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Marious and Rain had left the town they where recovering in but not before leaving a message for Bilbo who is still recovering at the inn.


The message said "Bilbo, Rain and I have gone to train in a way that only one with demon blood can so that next time we meet with Oznic we shall not fail. Enclosed with this message is a spirit wing when worn around the neck I can contact you. When I do contact you we shall meet you at the base of Rubiss Tower in the land of Alefgard. Farewell for now my friend and I pray next time we meet we both will be stronger.




The two warriors traveled to the center of a strange forest to the largest tree and after Rain spoke a few words in an ancient language a portal opened to a world of demons where they planned to train.

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Devon awoke dew to a large amount of shaking like an earthquake. he ran to a windo to see the lazuras dragon outside and a sworm of his minyone entering the castle. he watched as they massed in the thousands coming out of the ground. Devon quickly ran downstairs to find the lead vamp fighting them by himselfe.


"Devon you rember ware your brother died?"


"Yes about 1 mile away from here y? and how do you know of my brother?"


"we were close friends despite our differnces now go there!"


Devon jumed out one of the back windows and bevan running to ware his brother was killed. After a few short minutes he arived there and was looking around.


what was i soposto do here....


Devon wlaked around and saw the place ware he had ben hid then whare the battle had taken place. he stated to turn when a glair cought his eye. he walked up to it and notised it was a sword his brothers sword. Devon drew the sword and knew this was what he was here for. The swords majical abilites are still a mystory but what is serten is it is very powerful.

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Devon returned to the castle to see it compleatly srounded by monsters dragons,trowls,skull nights,half men, orcks,snake men and maney outher foul creatures. Devon quickly made his way to the frount door fighting through all the monsters. when he arived shepherd and the vamp leader was holding them off devon quickly ran to ade them and they held back the invading forces.

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  • 2 weeks later...

A hundred years has passed in the world of demons (in the human world only a day has passed) and the 2 warriors have decided to locate Devon from this world and return to the land of men in a range that they would be able to find him. The 2 have experience many battles with powerful creatures and are now probably twice as strong as they were before.

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After defeating the opposing forces in the main hall of the castle the 3 warriors try to take a rest but the silence is soon broken by many loud crashes outside the castle. The three run to the window to investigate the distubance. They are horrified to discover the Lazerus Dragon breaking through the shield. The Dragon eventually sends the shield crashing down and enters the castles main hall. The vampire leader tells the others to head for the basement.




Vamp leader "I have been protecting a gift for you"


The vamp leader then franticly attempts to hold off the Lazerus Dragon but is quikly cut in two by the Dragons large axe.


Devon and Shepherd go down to the basement to see a strange glowing blue orb with a red featherd circlet floating within it. Shepherd walks toward the item in astonishment, he soon hears a strange grinding noise coming from within the outer wall. A large claw comes through the wall stabbing him in the chest followed by a large mole like demon. The Lazerus Dragon then breaks through the cieling behind the demon next to the glowing orb. He then smiles at Devon and reaches for the orb. As his hand nears the orb a bright light flashes and he finds himself in the middle of a desert "So thats how it is."


"Now I can finish you like I did your friend pathetic mortal," yells the mole. Devon in an angry rage charges at the demon with his sword drawn only to slash the orb. The orb begins to glow brighter and sucks Devons sword into itself. Now unarmed Devon turns to see the mole demon headed strait for him. Suddenly a vortex opens between Devon and the mole. The mole is zapped by a black lightning bolt and flew across the room. Marious and Rain then walk out of the vortex and notice Devon is standing right next to them. "See I told you this vortex point would be close to him" says Rain. "Ya ya wut ever at least its closer than the last one you picked that took us to Mexico." says a Larger and more dragon looking Marious.

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"so its you Marious I liked it better wen i was alone"


"hay im here to help you"


"is that so im sick of reling on people to help me what do you do wen your alone and use to people saving you. what do you do then!"


"Devon whats gotton into you...?"


Devon stared at Marious for a molment then he "yes your right but let me show you something"


Devon walked over to the orb ware his sword had ben lost and like he had known all along he stuck his hand in and pulled out his sword and a helmit and put it on nothing happend looking confused Marious and Rain stared blankly at eachouther. Then Devon turned into his werewolf form and 2 large phoenix wings sproted out. the walls of the cave were to small to fit in so devon cast a large fire spell like never seen before and destroyed the entire castle leaving onely rubble and destroying the mole with had just been sitting and wating pashently.


"so has your friend aoways ben like this?"




Devon gave a strange look to them "Rain haha I see"


"so devon is it? i can see I have underestmated you wen we first met you are truly a great warier"


"not good enough, tho...... I no longer need to wate a hole month to transform i can do it weekly for the hole niught and with this new found power i can des....... no thats no longer my ways. look im sorey about earyler but..... ive been under allot of stress.


It was not a mystorey to Devon whay he was acting this way for now he was infused with another but it would be hard for Devon to see if this form was just full of anger or an evil phycopath but onely time would tell. To be safe Devon decided not to speek a word to Marious or that skum Rain.

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Its ben about 2 weeks sence that day. and now Marious and Rain have seen a change in Devon he seemed to be sliping away from them. Rain seemed to not care as Much as marious but Rain was acting strangly to. Marious was the onely one that seemed normal but Devon and the spearit had a job to do they needed to get more of thoes items it seemed that Devon was just power hongrey not really slipping into darcknes as most would under the stress of whealding an item of this type of power, but Devon had to strong of a will for that.


Devon decided to take a walk and releave some stress. He walked into the woods and saw some old ruins he notised they were part of some old tempol he decided not to look in it. He eventually came to a clearing and sat down. not long after he herd some loud sounds coming from the right of him he quickly went to check it out he saw a soldger fighting off some golums with not much effert. Devon started to smell the air a Demon.


"ha I wanted a good challange"said devon


"Devon you do realise he dosnt seem to be agenst us" said the pheonix spirit.


After defeating the goloms the unknown warier yelled out "you can come out now!"

Startled Devon fell out of the tree he was in and hit the ground face first.


"just a pathedic humen I shant waste my time on you"said ????


"Your not the first one who thought I was onely humen well I hate to say Im not"


"Out of my way I will crush you"


" :evillaugh: you think so"



They both flew into combat slashing madly at eachouther but Devon was no match. Devon fell to the ground. :evillaugh: "I so hate doing this to defeat my enemies but..... Than Devon began to transform then he sproted his wings. "What are you"said ????. Devon and him fought for 2 long hours with no decided victor the fight was intrupted by Marious who got in the middle.


"marious....... what do you want?"


"I herd some comotion over here, who is that?"


"I am........(GRAY YOU START HERE)

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Guest grey wolf

"WolfVayn and i came from the pits of hell to find the key to the Tower of Fallen Spirits for i need the Magic Demonic Bastard Sword this will enhance my strength efficiantly. And so i shallent waste my time with you." Said WolfVayn. As WolfVayn was walking away he heard a voice a deep voicethat told him "Wait don't leave yet, i want you to stay with me and fight besides me." Devons voice was regognized by WolfVayn. "You want me to stay with you, for what your strong enough as it is." WolfVayn said. "No im not i need you to join with me." Devon said. " I hate being in groups and fighting together, though." WolfVayn said. "Thats ok we will leave you alone if you ask." Devon said. "Fine i will join you, any way if i am going to join you whats your name?" WolfVayn said. "I am Devon son of the pheonix, now let us continue our journey." Devon said. " Indeed" said all. They did indeed continue their journey with Devon in the front, Marious in the middle with Rain, and WolfVayn in the back, but it was not a journey that was to happy they fought :possessed: often and sometimes it even lead to everyone taking out their weapons. The hero's had then encountered the first battle with WolfVayn in their party. Unfortunly it was only three slimes and a golem. Everyone killed one, Devon, WolfVayn, and Rain got the slimes and Marious slashed through the golem. Then after Rain looked up at the sky at night he saw we were at a place unfamiliar to him, he saw a castle a dark dark castle. Imidiattly he ran and told WolfVayn about it, who by the way was sharpining his claws. He then stared at the castle and said "This is what you are looking for Rain, this is where you will recieve a new staff a better one than that of which you have now but if you do decied to go heed my one warning, do not go in there unless you have a clean soul if anyone that has an evil soul, such as me, they will be consumed by the staff itself, it will take he/she into it and destroy them forever! So on this i can not help you." Said WolfVayn. "Thank you for the warning you have givin me." Said Rain. The next morning everyone woke up to the smell of a fire close by. And it turns out that it was just WolfVayn making himself a breakfast. Devon walked over and asked " Did you get any sleep WolfVayn?" "No i did not waste my time with it last night i was doing something for Rain." Than right after he said that Rain walked over to the fire. "Rain i inspected the outside of the castle and i made a hole in the castle's wall with my claws because there was no formal entrance." WolfVayn said. "Oh thank you very much i appreciate it :laugh: ." Rain replyed. Devon then said " :whoa: What are we talking about?"

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(Ok I got an idea to fix this)


" :laugh: Rain stop trying to make him feel good."


" I was having fun devon, what of it!"


"Rain you want to die!"


"Bring it your not even a match for me"




Devon and rain began to fight and Marious just didnt care he walked away and WolfVayn looking at them with amazement.


" how could a werewolf have so much power?"


Devon eyes turned red and Rain could feel his anger and power growing. Rain was soon knocked back 10 feet by one of Devons puches. Devon started to look a brighter color, he than walked up to WolfVayn.


":laugh: you fool you just didnt know did you, time to get my golves"


Devon ran into the castle alone with Rain and WolfVayn left in the shadows.

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Guest grey wolf

(by the way whats a golve?")

While Devon was in the castle Rain and WolfVayn stayed behind in the forest practicing, training and "sharpining" their weapons. Rain, WolfVayn, and Marious had grown a "spiecal friendship." They all devised a plan to leave Devon in the dust, for they would run toghether never spliting up no matter what. This they would do...which would leave Devon there and they wouldn't be there "waiting" for "the kings" arrival :wink:. As they were planning to run they were attacked by a pearlslime, a coatel,and a pom pom bom. They were not ready for the attack so Rain had gotten a slice in the arm, because of this WolfVayn charged full force at the two monsters and with one ferocious swing killed them. But coatel, which was the one that attacked Rain, was killed by Marious by casting a spell. About an hour after the battle Rain was on the road to getting better. Which was the best for their run away plan because he wouldn't be complaining about his arm. Marious had gone out to get some water when he encountered an akubar. This was a challenage for Marious because he was alone and he knew that even if he did scream no one would hear him. Marious had indeed dafeted the akubar but it was not easy, for he had gotten a slice in his stomach not a big one but one bad enough to bring even the strongest of all down. When WolfVayn had gone out to look for Marious he had found him still gathering water and food. WolfVayn was too busy thinking of ways to help Marious that he didn't notice that a Titanus, skullpent, Whiteking, and a Serpent had regrouped together and wanted to fight him! I know i cant fight all of them...but i must, for Rain, for Marious, for Devon.

WolfVayn said to himself. Then Titanus, skullpent, Whiteking, and Serpent all atacked. WolfVayn blocked and slashed at Titanus while still being slashed and punched himsalf. Titanus fell after what felt like forever and WolfVayn was already harmed. After a little while skullpent, Whiteking, and Serpent atacked him and he slashed and killed skullpent and serpent, but the one probleme was Whiteking got through and sent WolfVayn to the forest floor with a mouth full of blood and one confused mind. Not aware of what was happening, WolfVayn just lay there as Whiteking was hitting him and harming him in any physical way. Before what was known as the last blow out of no where a big ball of fire came from the shrubs, yes it was her it was Rain and he had casted a fireball! Whiteking had fallen to the strongest sorceror ever to touch this land, Rain.


Not Story

Marious: I would like to say sorry about what i had done i changed it and i hope i didn't mess up in this one sorry again! - grey wolf :P

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(Rain is a man plz fix that again)


After Devon had enterd the castle he herd wispering outside.


"Whats Devons problume?"asks wolfvayn


"I dont know hes ben acting kinda weard"


Rain was watching then silent he had been uneasy about wolfvayn sence they had first met. Now he wants to leave Devon behind ok hes going to far. Marrious agreed to go wit onely because he was trying toi see what wolfvayn was up to but he didnt want to show him his true power so he decided to cut his power to 1/8 of what it truly was. Altho they were going to leave Rane knew what marious was thinking and used his phykick powers to tell Devon what was being planed.Devon said to him that when hes done with his quest in the castle he will rip out wolfvayns heart and feed it to the dogs.


After Devon had finshed his quest and almos dieing to an unknown fiend he put on the gloves with made his claws grow 5 inches and becom 5 times as sharp as they were. than opend up a portle and steped out on a tree near the rest ofMarious and the rest stood there barly abil to stop himselfe from ripping off wolfvayns skull :devil: .


"hw will pay for this" devon said softly



ps.Marious is protecting Devon so he wouldnt leav without a good reason.

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Rain: Wolfvayne your ignorance annoys me. You are foolish to think I would befriend you, and to think Marious would leave Devons side to travel with you. And you are even more foolish to think I would leave thier side to travel with you. For three centuries I have lived and in those three hundred years those two are the only ones to have the privlage of being thought as my friends.



Wolfvayne: how dare......


Rain: Shut up!!!! how dare you speak to me as my better when you are not even my equal.


Rain now infuriated steps towards wolfvayne, backing him into a tree. Rain plunges his hand into wolfvaynes chest cluching his heart.


Rain: Do you feel that listen I can even here it. Your heart is slowing, your life is fading, can you feel it slipping away? For your insolence you will die...


Marious and Devon watch as Rain prepares to end Wolfvaynes life.


Marious: Rain! STOP THIS!


Devon: Why! why should he stop, He come acting as my friend just to try an take mine away. Kill him Rain end his pathetic existance.


Marious: Devon you know I would never leave your side, an we need to know what his plan is and what these keys are.


Devon: have it your own way but it is to the half breed scum now the infidels life lays in his hands.


Marious: Rain let him go.


Rain: Very well have it your way, He gets one more chance and soul belongs to me.

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"Alright now that we're not all trying to kill wolfvayne maybe he will explain himself" says Marious.


"Yes explain why you wanted them to leave me behind?" asks Devon.


"And who is this "KING" you speak of and these keys?" asks Rain.


Before Wolfvayne could answer they heard a loud crash as debris fell from the trees. The Mystic Dragon (Not Lazerus, this is the one Marious cant touch the blood) had crashed down bringin a hailstorm of fire with him. The four warriors scattered.


"What the hell kind of dragon is that" Yells Wolfvayne.


Marious replies "Just shut up and fight it you infirior whelp."


Marious then draws BeWilder and begins a heavy assault on the Dragon. Rain leaps around behind it and launches an arsenal of elemental attacks only to have them deflected back at him.


"What how did he deflect my attacks there is no way a mindless beast has the power to do that." yells Rain


"He is an enchanted creature all magics used on him are sent back at the user." replies Marious


Marious then strikes off the dragons hand, which appeared to be holding something. The Dragon then flew off leaving its arm behind.


"Why is he leaving" says Devon


"He was delivering a message" says Marious


Devon walks over to the dragons arm and pulls a letter from its claws. He then proceeded to read the note allowed:


Dear Nephew,

I'm sick of these games you insist on playing. If you plan on challenging me I recommend you get it over with so I may kill you and get on with my life. I will be waiting for you at the ruins of wereloft.






"Rain I know what your thinking but please let us help you wait until the morn and we will come with you." pleeds Marious


"Alright but you do not interfere unless absolutly necessary. AGREED?" says Rain




They all then set camp and retreated the their beds.

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In the midst of the night Rain awakens.


Rain:(speaking to himslef) My friends your offer for help means alot to me, but this fight is mine and mine alone. Devon I know we have not gotten along very well but I meant what I said when I was speaking to Wolfvayne you and Marious are my only and greatest friends. Athough you are sleeping now and cannot hear I had to say this, so good bye my friends for I may not return from this battle.


Rain then crept off heading Wereloft to meet Oznic for what could be his final battle.


Morning came, Marious and Devon awoke to Rain missing.

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Devon walkes outsite to embrace the worme sun. He gets an idea he grabs manet clay pots and runs over to ware the dragons claw lay and begins filling them with blood.



Devon: "dam this silvery goop but if what marious said it true it may come in use."


Devon goes to ware Wolfvayne is sleeping and wakes him up after putting the blood in a safe spot.


Devon: "look I dont like to be a mean person as much as I am but I must know what are you trying to pull over here?"


Marious: "yes explane yourselfe."


Devon: "there is no backing down now what is going on?"

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Guest grey wolf

" Fine i'll tell you whats going on: i had thought that because you had taken off by yourself and you seemed angery that you didn't want to be with us. Because of this i wanted to ditch you. But now i know that you only went to get those gloves to help us, all of us, fight in battle." said Wolfvayn.

" Oh really because i feel that your not telling us everything." Devon said.

" Ok fine there is something i'm not telling you." Wolfvayn said.

" What?" Devon and Marious yelled at the same time.

" The key's that i was talking about, it was just a lie for i just need to find the castle itself and then i will find The Bastard Sword i need." Wolfvayn said.

"Fine but we're keeping the closest eye on you, one screw up and your head will be off and as i said before i will feed your heart to the dogs." said Devon seeming annoyed but still freindly.

" Ok, ok." said Wolfvayn acting very bored.

" Dont pull that crap." Devon and Marious said.

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Devon had yeat to understand why any Demon would need to lie to him wsually there aragince would make them act as if they didnt care what anyone knew of them. Devon still in serch of 2 more items had not yeat told marious,rain,or wolfvayne about his quest. But to compleat his quest he would have to kill the Lazuras dragon to get the eye from him (one of the items he seeks). That thought made Devon very uneasy he started to sweet. Marious notised this and stood up and punched a hole in the sude of the inn that they had spent the night in, to take Devons mind off of what ever was bothering him.


Devon: crude yeat afectave


Marious: ya i thought so, so Devon ware did you get the power to open thoes portols?


Devon: ya im sure you would like to know, so even the gratr marious dose not know of me...this items?


Marious: no actually I haven' for a first.


Devon: lest keep it that way its best i dont tell you.


When Devon said that it seemed as tho he was a totally differnt person Marious just changed the subject knowing if he didnt know of thies items then they must not be important.


After they were don talking they fell asleep.

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By afternoon of that morn Rain had arived at his destination. oznic was no where in sight, Rain knew it was a trap and a pathetic one at that. In no time at all he was surrounded by demons, shadow wraiths, golems wyverns, and many more. Oznic then appeared atop the half standing castle not 20 yards away.


Rain: Oznic you coward, your note said you would be alone but I suppose I should expect as much much from you.


Oznic: If you want me you will have to go through my minions first.


Rain: I will make quick work of these wretches, then I shall wipe that smurk from off your face.


Instantly Rain was on the attack, slashing away at the demons. twenty of them fell dead within the first five seconds of the battle. He then stopped in the middle of the fray and cast his black lightning nova taking out the rest of the demons. Rain then stared up at Oznic.


Rain: Come uncle it is time for you to DIE!!!


Oznic: So you still think that you are a match for me Rain, then come, come at me with all you have!


Rain then formed his chaos sword from the staff, the black crystal blade glisened in the sun light. In a flash Rain and Oznic were on the attack and thier long awaited battle was underway. A giant flaming nova was formed at thier first clash, and again on the second, and again, and again. Oznic soon realized that he was matched when it came to physical strength and speed, but his powers he could deystroy him with his powers


Oznic: "He will never match my magic power, yes there I am stronger I will crush him.


Rain whats the matter uncle, can't you keep up, come now let me see what your really made of.


Oznic: You'll regret saying that!


Oznic charged up and unleashed the strongest attack he could possibly conger up. Oznic screamed out," SPIRAL INFERNO!!!!!!". Rain raised one of his hands and easily deflected the attack back at Oznic getting a direct hit nearl frying Oznic to death. Oznic rose to one knee barley able to hold himself up.


Oznic: My attack... it was not ..that.. strong.......you..you powered it up...even more when you sent it back. But how...how are you that strong? YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO DIE!!!!!!


Rain: No uncle it is you who will die, you have have taken from me all those I cared about, now I shall take your life. Die now uncle and rot in the darkest pits of hell.


Rain summoned a thunder cloud the largest he ever has and called out "BLACK LIGHTNING" A hail storm of lightning bolts rained down on Oznic leaving his body singed, smoldering, and burnt black as the night sky. Rain felt a sense of satisfaction as he realized he had finally got his revenge. Rain now feeling confident and safe is struck by a powerful beam of energy and is sent hurtling through the air. Rain lands on the other side of a hill hundreds of yards from the castle walls that lay in rune. He then feels very strange like an uncontrolable anger is building up inside of him, he looks down at the ground to see his chaos crystal is shattered. Then it came, it was the Lazerus Dragon.


Dragon: Aww Rain have I hurt you, don't worry the pain will subside soon for you will feel nothin when you are dead!


Rain: (infuriated with rage) Come monster for I will show you what true pain is.


Rain began to sound and look more demonic by the second, his eyes turned black as night dark energy flowed thruogh him as he made the first attack on the dragon.


Dragon: What is going on how is you still move that blast should have nearly killed you?


The dragon was now confused as to how Rain survived, and angered that he did. Now the Dragon was also on the attack, there were explosions of energy that filled the sky and desimated the landscape, the battle waged on like this for nearly two hours. The battle finally came to a pause. The Dragon then thought to himself as he was wounded badly "could this be it? could the eye have been wrong? will I fall to this half demon?" Rain also badly wounded looked at the dragon an his fury grew more.


Rain: Dragon, I have a suprise for you. Rain then called out" DARK SOUL!"


Rain stood as his shadow rose up from the ground to create a warrior sillouhete of himself, equal in strength but it's vitality and power were cut by half. The battle started up again as Rain and his shadow took action. the Dragon tried to defend but could not keep up with the both of them, he was takin sevear damage, and was becoming more angry by the second. The Dragon let loose with an enormous attack knocking rain to the ground an deystroying the shadow. Both now paused again staring at eachother.


Dragon: You have grown powerful Rain, join me take your uncles place at my side, or die.


Rain: I will never join with the likes of you, I may be a demon but I am not a monster.


Rain then rose to his feet and called out once more "DARK SOUL!". The dragon laughed.


Rain: What is so funny?


Dragon: You have no more shadow to call upon, I deystroyed it.


Rain: Who ever said that I have to call upon my shadow.


The dragon looked down to see that he no longer cast a shadow, and looked behind himself to see it standing there before his eyes snarling and ready to battle.

The dragon was enraged and began to attack Rain and the dragon shadow continuosly. The battle was destructive leaving nearly everything around them in ruin.

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Devon woke up to a burning feeling like he was on fire.


Devon: ahhhhh!!


Pheonix: "your awake finally."


Devon: "what is it?"


Pheonix: "i sence an item near by"


Devon: "How near?"


Pheonix: "5 miles north give or take"


Devon quickly rose to his feet to see Marious still asleep. "i didnt know dragons slept..." Devon walked outside and started to smell around. the sent of smoke was choking him.


Pheonix: "hahaha you werewolfs amaze me you can smell smoke this far away and its that bad for you"


Devon: "shout up"



Devon used his gloves once more and came out on a treetop over seeing a huge blaze of fire and smoke, char and ash coverd all around him it was almost like winter. Devon spoted Rain in the distince he was about to go ang het him wen a rather ugely face peered over the treetop.


Dragon: hellow Devon.


Devon: you.....


With that beeing the last word in the conversation the Dragon Blue Jient attack with created a massave fire ball that would shurly kill Devon. But as the smoke cleared devon was still standing with no marks on him. the tree and all behind him were demolished.


Dragon: "How? what?......


Devon: dont ask me im as clueless as you are.


Dragon: your brothers sword!


The lazuras Dragon took the sword from Devon and gashed a rather large wond in his chest and the majical energy from the sword sent him plunging into the ground so far that he fell through the top of some catacomes.


Devon: o hell I am so lucky That i can ust this armer even wen im not a werewolf but i should be dead even tho I have this.......


Devon opend hiscote to find glass and a silvery goop all over him. "Ha what are the odds" The lazeruas Dragon came down following Devon. He was about to kill devon wen Rain came from behind wsing the rest of his energy to brake the sword free from the dragons hands and it fell to Devon, who than took and cut open the dragons chest just as he had done to Devon. The lazeruas dragon fell back "nooo its mine!". Devon runs to Rain.


Devon: "Im not as useles as you thought am I?"


Rain: "Davon...thanks......but don't get usto this"


Devon: "Ya i've herd that before.


For the first time that Devon had known Rain he saw a small smile. But it soon turned ti a frown as the Lazeruas stood up. The dragon then formed a large ball of fire in his right hand holding his stomic with the outher.


Dragon:dam your brothers sword


Devon: what...o thats how it dose the seal by its selfe


Devon quickly made a portal for there escape fro the Dragon knowing they were of no match for him in there presnt state. For soon after the Dragon had yeat another scar left by another of the brothers. Altho the spell stoped the healing the dragon had become so powerful that he could heal in in a matter of hours than weeks. but normal attacks did but nothing to him barly pearcing his rough armert like skin.

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Devon and Rain returned to marious and wolfvayn to find them still sleeping. They gave an upserd look because it was at least 3pm by this time and shurly they had herd the large explosions caused by the battle. But they were still sleeping so Rain and wolf left the inn on his way out he bumped a table and Wolfvayn fell out of bed and marious practually hit the cealing.


Marious: im trying to sleep!


Wolfvayn: me to.


Devon/Rain: we just almost got killed and you to are still sleeping!





Devon: Wolfvayn I think we should help you I shal not beat my enemies any time soon so I think i need to become stronger. so for a whyle we will lend our stranth to you.


Wolfvayn: Thankyou


Devon: dont expect any more from us.

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