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Devons quest

Forgotten Wolf

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As the 2 dragons lunge towards Devon 3 more begin to attack from behind him. Suddenly the 2 infront of him stop dead in their tracks. Devon confused glanses around to see only a shurikin throwing knife made of bone stuck in the ground between him and the dragons.


"We are so terribly sorry we did not know this town was under the protection of the Drakens please have mercy" plea the dragons.


A voice then comes from tree near by tree "Did you have mercy on the town you just slaughtered. You aren't even worthy of my blade I will kill all of you with my bare hands." Then Marious leaps out of the tree and takes down all three of the dragons that came up behind Devone with one swipe of his claw. The other two begin to flee

"Your not getting away that easy" shouts Devon as he draws out his sword The Cresent Moon and slices the 2 dragons to pieces.

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"Fashonably late i see"


Marious looks at devon and nods his head.


"So dont talk then well anyways thanks, Look im going to be honest with you I dont think thies attacks are just random placeswith just somemonsters wanthing to have fun they seem orgnized"


"Yes I can see what you mean." repies marious


"Well i must get to putting out this fire and bury the bodies i cant sob over this forever"


Devon walcks up to the town and casts a powerful Frozen orb that spins in curcles shooting ice blasts covering whatever they tuch in ice. Devon begins to gather the dead bodies of his villigers.

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Devon Tries to hidehis feelings but he cant stop himselfe from letting a few tears role down his face. Devon builds a grave yard nothing fancey but just a place to bury the bodies. Devon makes an mend that he will seek revenge on thoes responsable for this slatuer. Devon soon comes across sams body The look on his face is of compleat dread and torment his eyes lose there shine and turn as black as the pits of hell. In a vilent bit of rage he punches the closest thing to him and destroies whats left of his one house.




"Marious leave me alone!"


"I was gona say we should go now"


"what no o im sorey this happend or any of that well thats good because I dont want your pitty well lets go"


The two begin to walk down the path and leave the town.

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[Just outside of the town of shera at sunrise]


As the two wariors reach the top of a hill the are finally able to see the town of shera. Marious then comes to a complete hault


"Marious? what is it? why have you stoped?" asks Devon


"There is a familiar scent in the air. A foe that I have met in the past."


"Is the scent strong? Is he here? Watching us?"


"No, its coming from the town."


"It must be the creature and his minions. You must have met up with them before."


"I remember now! It is Oznic the demon sorcerer. He is a demon that can absorb the knowledge of all his victims he originally killed weak wizards until he got enough power to find much more powerful prey. We have nothing to fear of his physical strength but he has absorbed the knowledge many elite sorcerers. What bothers me though is that he only enjoys killing strong wariors why would he be terrorizing a small village."


"Maybe he planed on luring me here."


"No, if he wished to fight you he wouldn't lure you anywhere he would hunt you down and challange you. He believes if you are too frightend to fight him then you are not as strong as he believed. I think your conspiracy of these attacks being organized may be correct but who is powerful enough to command Oznic? :????: "


The two warriors decide to forget about trying to figure out who is behind the attacks and sneak into town so they might survey the situation and come up with a plan of attack. There are so many guards sneaking in is very difficult.

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"Marious i just rememberd i have ben to this town befor and there is an undergrond path leading to the local inn. I know this because i know the inn keeper he told me it was built during the war many years ago to escape the town incase of attack but everyone had forgoten abot it. If im not mistaken the entrence is under this rock"


"ok ya i see it"


the 2 go down into the underground path and see many suts of armer and sowrds on the walls with proved what Devon had said earyler.


"Where they expecting attack?" asks marious


"Not really but a better safe then sorrey I think"


They soon come across a trap door and climbup into the inn Devon and Marious begin to serch foe the keeper devon finds him hiding upstairs in a room.


He is a small man about 4 "2" and has a black mstash and wares a red oueralls with a blue shirt he has big nose. he is also waring a red hat.


" Marieo What happend here?"


At this time marious wals into the room.


"Im not sure this wizerd came to town yesterday looking for a man from wereloft and when he didn't show himselfe that tyrent started to destroy the town.


Devon felt a cold clammy shiver go down his back. Marious looked at devon sencing his fear and wispers.


"I wont tell this fool hell probly blow you in I can tell and he calls himselfe a friend pitafull.


"Every warier who stood up to him is being held in the jail and is to be fed to his master.


"Who is his master?


"I cant say for sureall I know is its a dragon"




"Devon dont let anger get the best of you"


"Your right marious im sorey"


Devon and marious walck dawn stairs sit at the bar and have some drinks and begin to devise a plan for a jail brake.

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Marious and Devon agree that Devon stands out too much in this town so he remains at the inn while marious attempts to find allies among the imprisoned warriors. Marious then exits the in using his camelion camoflage and his speed to avoid detection. When he arives at the Jail he finds the two sorcerer guards using thier mind control spells to make the prisoners fight. Marious notices that the guards cannot fully control one of their captives a hobbit wearing a unique suit of armor. Marious decides to end the guards' fun and wraps his tail around the neck of one of them and slits the throat of the other with his claw. He then squeezes with his tail until the guard's head pops off. Marious opens the cell and releases all the prisoners.


"Anyone that wishes to fight for the freedom of this town come with me if not then get out of town as fast as you can."


All the wariors decide to leave the town thinking there is no way to defeat Oznic except for the hobbit warrior.


"Well your the only warior here brave enough to fight these monsters. Well I'm Marious and you are?"


"My name is Bilbo and I will assist you in any way I can if it will save this town."


"Ok then we must make our way to the inn I have a friend waiting for us there."

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"The Inn"


"why didnt you go with your friend?"


"Well im feelinga bit under the weather"


"sorey to here that ill get you some tea"


The inn keeper goes into the back room to get the tea. Shortly after Devon hers a scream. Not thinking Devon rushus outside to see what it was. He finds a yung girl tied up and being beeten by four skull knights and quicklyrushes over. Devon draws his moon sord and cuts ont of them in half the outher three try to hit him and Devon easly doges each attack untill one sneacks up behind him and nocks him down Devon whel falling flings his sord into the air. The four knights hold there sowrds to his head whel still under his cloke. They here a snarling sound and a masive set of teeth emerge and bite through one of the sowrd and spits the blade out to cut of the whelders head. with lightning fas reflexes he chopes two of them into peaces the fourth runs screaming we found him at the top of his lungs (Yes i am aware skeltons dont have lungs so dont pointthat out) Devon quickly kill him to. He runs over to the yung girl and frees her then tells her to run. Devon heres a fant sound of footsteps coming tords him so he jumps up on the nearst building and looks down to see a man in a robe with 2 armed gurds examing the bodies.


"Devon must have done this who elce could, whats that glow up there? A moon?"


If by chance of luck another gurd runs up and tells them there has ben a jail brake. Well there talking devon quickly grabs the moon. The 4 men head tords the prisn.



Was that oznik? if so i sence a grete amount of majic mabey even more then Marious is aware of.

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Bilbo and Marious walked along the underground path to the Inn saying very little. They crept along the dimly lit path hoping that they wouldn't be seen. After what seemed like an hour they were at the inn. Devon stood outside of it waiting for them.


"Who's this midget?" Devon asked Marious.


"His names Bilbo. He's the bravest this town has to offer."


"A hobbit?" Devon laughs a bit at this idea.


"Yes, a hobbit!" Bilbo snapped.


"That's enough," said Marious interupting the fight, "let's get down to business. Anything happen here Devon?"


He nodded and began to tell them about Oznic and the Skull Nights. When he finishes the two looked baffled.


"I felt a lot of magic energy coming from him. We will need to be very careful."


Bilbo nodded. "Oznic is very powerful indeed, but he isn't what I'm worried about. His master is what frightens me..."


"We don't know enough yet to try and stop Oznic. We should continue to gather information."


"I agree Marious," said Bilbo smiling, "and I think it is time we do a bit of spying." The hobbit began giving off a faint green glow and vanished right before their eyes.


"Where are you?" said Marious swating at the air to try and find him.


"Look at the ground!" Devon pointed to two large foot prints.


"Very good! Now follow me. It's time we have a look around here to figure out what exactly is going down here in this town." The foot prints began walking down the dimly lit path that led to the inn. Devon and Marious followed swiftly and silently after them. It looked like the new little hobbit would be of some use after all.

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"The under ground path"


"If my memory serves me correct thies tunnles stretch for miles like a catacome but the town squair is just above us"


"Want me to see whats going on?" asks Bilbo


"Yes, and Bilbo sorey about that wise crack earyler"


"No problume its fine well i best be off now."


Marious and Devon wate in the darknes as Bilbo envistagats the situation. Bilbo sees oznik and his men forcin all the towns people into a large carall. Oznik calls two of his gurds over.


"Any word on ware that wretchid Devon is hiding?"


"No sir we shrched all over and couldnt find him"


"Ready the prisoners for the arival of the dragon lord"


"Yes lord Oznik"


Oznick walks away and Bilbo is left with two very difficult choices eather free the prisners and be seen or follow Oznick in hops of descovering his plan.

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"The prisoners can be rescued later! I must follow Oznic to discover what he is up to!"


Bilbo began to follow Oznic and his men as they made their way down another long twisting under ground path. Invisible sweat dotted Bilbo's forehead as he became more and more impatient for this trek to Oznic's hideout to end. He knew his time using the armor's power was almost up. All of a sudden Oznic stopped dead in his tracks.


"Fianlly," thought Bilbo.


"I'm afraid it isn't over yet Hobbit."


Bilbo's eyes grew wide. There was no way Oznic could know he was there. He was still invisible after all.


"I know what you are thinking Bilbo. Yes, I know you're there. Infact I've known about your presence for this entire trip!" Oznic turned to Bilbo's direction.


"But... there is no way!" Realizing there was no use Bilbo stopped wasting his energy and became visible again.


"Do you think I couldn't sense your armor's power? What kind of fool do you take me for? Oh well, it doesn't matter now. It will all be over shortly." He smiled wickedly as his hands began give off a dark energy. Two dark energy balls formed in his hands.


"Nothing left to do but fight!" Bilbo drew his sword and stood ready for Oznic's attack. He knew it was useless though. How could he defeat someone like Oznic?


"And now... YOU DIE!" Oznic released two great dark energy blasts that headed straight for the Hobbit warrior.

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"Marious I don't think Bilbo should go alone"


"He'll be fine"


"I dont care im still going to check on him"


Devon Climbs out of the cavrin up to the town and sneacks around the gurds the gurds and follows Bilbo's scent To o nother cavren and runs down to see Oznick and Bilbo Face to face and Oznick about to fire two darck balls at Bilbo. Without thinking Devon jumps in the way and is hit by the two darck energy balls and falls to the ground and cant move because of the pane.

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Dreams (Devons dream)


"Brother......Devon wake up!."



Devon looks up to see a strange looking world with colors passing in and out of eachouther and a rather large looking werewolf With a large white cloke on and a Darker colord face than Devons. With very large claws and an eary glow to him.




"don't be startled i was sant because your not soposto die yeat, and yes I am a ghost in a matter of speaking"


"good to see you,but what am I sopose to do now?"


"after I give you this message you will wake up but unfortunatly you are badly injerd and Oznick is next to you hopfully you friends can beat him but hes not to worey about its his master. I can onely tell you that you and your friends are no match for him and its the Lazerus dragon"


"The Dagon that killed you?"


"yes, Devon rember how you where no match for me?"




"well thats how i was compared to the dragon be carful and if you see him you should run you are not ready yeat trust me I can tell."


"will i ever see you again?"


"Not untill you die, good by devon"


Devon opens his eyes

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Devon opens his eyes to see Marius standing over him casting a heal spell. Marious then turns to Oznic


"Oznic I challenge you to a fight to the finish."


"Another mortal thinks they are strong enough to defeat me. I must tell you mear strength will not be enough to defeat me your such a large target I'll destroy you with one direct hit."


Oznic then fires one of his dark orbs directly at Marious.


"WHAT! How did I miss?" Where did he go? Is it some kind of trick? No, that was pure speed. Hes behind me I guess hes faster than I thought.


Oznic then turns around and casts SlowAll then blows off Marious' arm with one of his dark orbs. As Oznic prepares to stike the final blow Bilbo leaps onto his back and begins to strangle Oznic. Bilbo is then blasted away with an Explodet spell and Oznic then turns his attention to Devon who is still recovering from his near death experience. Marious lets out a loud roar as he transforms to his demonic form. Bilbo looks on with amazment as Marious unsheaths Bewilder and lunges toward Oznic.

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Devon gets to his feet to see Marioun lunging at oznik and throws the moon at marious. marious falls backwards almsot having his head cut off by by the moon.


"Devon what are you doing?"


"I cant......aaaaa"


"Your friend devon is now my slave and he will destroy you"


"Tough luck in Devons present form he is of no thret to me"


"Did you really think i would be that stuped look ath him now majic dose wonders dosn't it but be worned he is much stronger now than he was."


Devon transformes and lunges at marious swinging his claws as hard as he can Marious tries to block them and they seem to be equal for the molment until devon starts fighting his control.


"Bilbo kill Oznick!"


Befor Bilbo has a chance to a sworm of skelton knights rush down the into the cave and he is forced to hold them off. Devon and marious still fighting and Devon trips marious and well marious is on the ground Devon walks up to Oznick and grabs him by the neck.


" what are you doing!!!!, kill marious"


"No i will not."


"How could you resist my mind control you must be a decendent of the elder breed of warewolfs yes thats it, you do know when you kill me you will lose all that power you ganed"


"So be it Oznick"


Devon takes his razer sharb claws and pearces Oznicks stomic. as he is returning to normal he notisses Bilbo easky nocking back the skeltons and knows hell be safe for now. Marious rose to his feet and gave Devon his moon.


" I think you droped this"


"I think you should go help Bilbo"



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"Devon its not over yeat!!!"


Devon turn around to see Ovnick fully healed and he charges up 2 more dark energy balls and lunches them at Devon nockung him back on the ground Oznick than draws a large sord and holds ti to Devons neck.


"I must kill you now befor you become to powerful"


seeing Devon pined on the ground Bilbo tryes to get to him but 3 dragons crash down through the roof and some trowls come rushing down the tunnle entrence forces him to stop and try to defeat them. Marious on the outher hand is stuck fighting the 2 trols that came in the entrence. Now with all 3 wariers fighting or pined to the ground who can save Devon from certon deth.

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"Devon its not over yeat!!!"


Devon turn around to see Ovnick fully healed and he charges up 2 more dark energy balls and lunches them at Devon nockung him back on the ground Oznick than draws a large sord and holds ti to Devons neck.


"I must kill you now befor you become to powerful"


seeing Devon pined on the ground Bilbo tryes to get to him but 3 dragons crash down through the roof and some trowls come rushing down the tunnle entrence forces him to stop and try to defeat them. Marious on the outher hand is stuck fighting the 2 trols that came in the entrence. Now with all 3 wariers fighting or pined to the ground who can save Devon from certon deth.

Bilbo is forced to hold up his sword to block a joint blazemost from the dragons. He manages to deflect it but not without being sent flying back against a wall.


"Bloody bastards..." he muttered getting to his feet. "I think it's time I end this quickly."


Bilbo begins glowing green as he powers himself up. He launches himself towards the Dragons which incredible speed. In an attempt to counter the Dragons launch Scorching at him. The hobbit launches himself over the flames placing his sword firmly in one of the Dragons' neck.


"One down!" He said pulling the sword out of the dragons neck. "Who's next?"


One of the Dragons swings its tail at Bilbo. The hobbit vanishes and repears on the dragons head. He plunges the sword into the brain of the monster and jumps off just before it crashes to the floor.


"Duh duh duh! Another one bites the dust!"


The remaining Dragon made one last desperate attempt to kill the hobbit with a Blazemost. Bilbo flipped over it landing a kick in the monster's ribs. It let out one last gasp of air and then crumbled to the ground. The hobbit took his sword out of the Dragon he had killed earlier. Exhausted from fighting at full power too long he went down on one knee.


"I must help Devon!" He said standing again. "No time for rest!"


He pointed his sword at Oznic and began to mutter a spell. Oznic turned his head toward Bilbo. His eyes grew wide.


"No! You fool!"


A large beam launched from Bilbo's sword at Oznic. The Hobbit went flying backwards smacking into a wall. Oznic took his sword off Devon's neck and got out of the way just before he was hit by the blast.


"Heh... I missed..." Bilbo lay face first on the ground unable to move. He had used up his remaining power trying to kill Oznic.


"Halfling bastage!"


Oznic began advancing on Bilbo. His face was twisted with anger as he raised his sword above his head.


"Now is your time to die little Hobbit!"

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"I may be down but im not out yeat oznick"


Devon barly rises to his feet throwing the chrsent moon into the air Oznik saw his despret attempt to stop him and thot the sord with a hailstorm attack. He looked back at devon to see that he wasd running tords him with his calaber. Devon swong the sord but Oznik put up a barier and shaterd Devons sord. Thinking fast dervon casts a tornado spell and sucked Bilbo and marious out of the cave to safty Than he made an ice wall and ran down the underground path.


"Damit what do I do now I cant hide from him and......im just gona run, hay whats this".


Devon sees something that brings a smile to his face. and gives him a bit of hope yeat".

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Devon saw a man with extrodnary majic power possably to eqal Oznicks he was inprisned in a majical ora made by Oznick. Devon walked up to the spell bond sorceror I will free you do not run. Devon cast a de-spell and freed the man.


"Hellow my name is Devon and whats yours, we must get to the surface you know a teleport spell my friends are wating for me"


" My name is well thats none of your busnes as for a teleport spell i know one"


And with that the man vanshed leaving devon in the cold damp room.


"Damit what do I do now"


Oznick came rushing through the door way about to attack Devon and the man reapeared.


"Ha did you really think i would do that to you after all you did save me and this will be how i repay you and it will be the onely time i do"


"You no your free, dam you Devon"


"o and Devon if you most know i am Rain and dont get use to this"


This time Rain took Devon with him when they got to the surfase they where sorunded by a sworm of demons.


"Devon leave them to me."

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Now safe from Oznic Rain transported himself and Devon into another mess as he had to think quickly to get them out of the cave. Now outside the cave Rain and Devon are swarmed by a group of Ozwargs, Devon to tired to fight kneels on the ground and looks up as Rain calmly points his staff toward the sky. The clouds quickly turn black, thunder begins to clap. Devon hears Rain mumble an encantation, and lightning begins to pour from the sky like a hail storm striking the Ozwargs dead in a matter of seconds.


Rain: You are brave to challenge Oznic on your own, you must know that you are of no match for him.


Devon: Your mistaken, you have no idea what I'm capable of.


Rain: (In a loud shrewd voice) No it is you who is mistaken, you must be a fool to face Oznic at your enrgy level. You humans always so confident in your strength.


Devon: (in a loud voice) You have no idea what I am or what I can do, If i were able to get to my feet I would make you sorry that you spoke to me in such a way.


Rain: (chuckles shrewdly) If you had any Idea who it is you speak to you would hold your insolent tounge. I am over 200 years old, I am known throughout the lands and in legend as The Dark Sage.


Devon looks at Rain in disbelief. But before he could speak there is a loud battle cry as Marious comes rushing in with his sword already in full swing, he slashes at Rain with full force. Marious appears to have cut the sorcerer in two, realizes that he sees only an after image. He then hears a chuckle and looks behind him, Rain sits calmly laughing his fool head off.


Rain: If this is all you can come at me with then you have no chance of winning.


Marious: How dare you speak to me in such a way, do not anger me any more than you have or your death will be a slow and painful one.


Rain looks up the cloaked man and ponders.


Rain: So you are the great Marious, and to think I spent all those years searching for you just to be disapionted.


Rain starts to advance on Marious moving very fast as if he is teleporting, before Marious can react he is knocked to the ground as Rain trips him with his staff.


Marious:( In a scouling voice) I warn yee again sorcerer, do not anger me.


Rain advances on Marious again but this time is thrown off when he realises that Marious is standing with arms crossed and intends not to budge, not think Marious could act so quickly Rain is smashed to the ground by Marious' powerful tail. Rain rises to his feet.


Rain: I see, I can't be that foolish, you are not a total oath. I promise you, that won't happen again. That human form is not fitting of you Marious, When will you show me your true power. Perhaps you pet mongrel here can persuade you.


Rain walks toward Devon who still lie helpless on the ground from using the last of his energy to free rain from his improsonment. Rain grabs him by his collar an dangles him over the cliff.


Rain: Show me your true power or the mongrel dies.


Marious now enraged at the sorcerer who threatens his new found friend, begins his transformation. Rain then throws Devon to the ground and prepares to do battle.


Marious: (infuiriated) You will pay for threatening my friends life with your own.


Marious unsheaths his massive sword Bewilder and casts off his cloak to reveal his demonic form.


Rain: Thats more like it. give me everytjing you've got


Rain lifts his staff, magically it begins to transform into a sword. The Chaos crystal at the top of his staff now glows black as it forms a razor sharp balck crystal blade at the end of the hilt.


Rain: Now we will see who is more powerful.


Marious: ( in an angry snarling voice) Then let it begin!


Marious and Rain now stand off to do battle, their powers flowing and filling the sky with blackness.

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:laugh::laugh: "laphing well still stuck on the ground thoes idiets are gona lead oznick rate to us!!!, and another stronger then me! its not fare I must get stronger if i am ever abil to Defeat the sorcer Oznik or the lazarus dragon for that matter I must aveng my family!!"


"Devon yells Bilbo whats going on?"


"I freed a #%&@ing monster"


"Wow Is that......"




"whats rong with you?"


"You should know you must feel the same way inferear"


"Well here coms Oznick"


With Marious and Rain still fighting Devon is forsed to barly rise to his feet and jumps off the cliff Bilbo runs down the side of the clif


What is Devon thinking he dosnt have the cresnt moon he will die!


Whell devon is falling he passes out now it looks very bad for him "Devon wake up you fool im sick of having to do this and its onely the second time!!, Devon theres a moon do you see it" Devon woke uf eyes turned red and landed feet first on the ground.Yes Devon the red moon we shall now see you for what you really can do,Rember your family!.Devon removes his cloke and he is a silver color a real differnc from his black color.


"Devon? but theres no full moon......What the hell is that, a red moon in the day????"


Oznick:"Devon Get out of my way"


"GRRRRR....I will not let you get through me even if i have onely a quarter of my power and with Bilbo here thers no way you can get through us"


"I dont see......aaaa"


Bilbo jumped from the side of the clif and cut Oznicks chest. Oznick then knocked Bilbo to the ground then he ros quickly to his feet.


"thanks bilbo"


"What do you mean ill just heal.....whats going on??"


" :laugh: I cast a spell that could onely take affect when you are cut by a majical sword and Bilbo's sword is just that, now its my turn o yes and its called Seale of the wolf"


"What, befor you attack i must know whare did that moon come from?"


"An old friend"


"and I knew it you wernt bitten were you your a pure breed and an anchent arnt you?"


" You are all fools you have no idea of what i can really do and i am not as i seem"


Bilbo and devon lung tords oznick fearsly, Oznik's minyous rush tords them Devon and bilbo slarter them in a few short seconds and attack oznick. Oznick blasts devon to the ground and bilbo cuts his hand off. Devon gets up and Oznick dose an Oblidrate attack at Bilbo Devon jumps in the way and cuts the attack in half.


"Oznick its all over you cant beat us"


"o cant i?"






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Rain starts the battle with an Evil Slash which Marious avoided with ease. Marious then cast a Meteor spell to cause a firey rock to fall where Rain was standing but Rain moved so swiftly that he was already on the attack when it finally hit the ground. Marious dodges the ice orb that Rain sent at him and swipes his sword Bewilder threw the air to lauch a confusion slash at Rain. Rain takes the hit and is unaffected. Rain then casts a waterfall sword slash and gets a direct hit on Marious who lets out a loud growl as steam poors off his body. He then rises to his feet and gets ready to fight once again.


"You will pay for that last attack."


The fight resumes and both fighters begin charging at eachother at full speed. Rain cast Bolt as Marious casts Reflect Barrier and sends Rains attack right back at him for a powerful hit, Rain flies threw the air only to land on his feet about thirty feet away. Rain attacks with an earthquake attack, Marious takes to the skies. Rain uses a fire rain attack to force Marious to land but his attack backfired, the burning hot balls of flame charged up Marious' magic. (Hes a fire demon fire recharges his offensive magic water drains it.) Rain is about to blast Marious with a dark orb when the battle was cut short by the sounds of Bilbo screaming in pain. Oznic was attacking Bilbo with a rock slide spell. Bilbo barely escaped with a broken wrist. (lucky for him it wasn't his sword arm) Marious and Rain gave eachother a glance and then turned their attention to Oznic who Teleported when he saw both warriors charging at him. The two warriors decided the evil in the area was to big of a threat to them if they weaken themselves in a meaningless fight.

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"why did you two interfear Marious"


"Devon your on your feet already?"


"i have an advanced bone structure being a werewolf in all"


(Devon had nt fully gon back to normal at this time)


"True enough"


"I will not stop until I am strong enough to beat him outherwise there is no hope for me, We almost had him"


"ya but you would have died!!!"


"Do you think i care!!"








Devon fled into the woods knowing marious could trace him he jumped into the river and swam into an under watter cavrin that his pack had descoverd long ago"


"Brother if i cant kill Oznick there is no hope of killing the Lazuras Dragon, I will join you in your grave brother"


Devon picks up a rusted sword about to inpal himselfe.




Devon you fool!!, you will disoner your family and your pack, you know you were weekend substanchly and Bilbo wasnt fighting at full stranth as well you both had your work cut out for you befor that incident even at 25% in your gratest form you still hurt him badly, and that little hobit proved to be very useful. Devon you may not have understud that new form but i di you see whne a red moon is formed it usually mens there has ben a majyor vampiric hunt. But very few werewolfs can take this power for there one use. Devon you will not need a moon soon enough I became strong enough ware i didnt need it but onely the most powerful werewolfs can do this but its onely the effects of a normal moon not a red witch is very anoing, and yes devon i did send that moon to you it wasnt real but a spectral image not a real moon tho but i will not be abil to help you for some time now and I cant talk to you eather ive become to weak from that moon i made you so fare well Devon and stay alive. Your friends may need your help so i suguest going to them.


"Good by brother well ill miss you"


Devon droped the sword and began to cry and sat alone in the cave next to his brothers grave.

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Bilbo examined his wrist.


"Gah! Bloody bastard... I'll have his head!"


Bilbo took a look at the scene around him. Devon was running off into the woods, Marious was shaking his head, Rain was sitting on the ground and looked to be in some sort of trance. This peaceful land had gone front gentle and quiet to harsh and violent. Even the air smelled of destruction and Chaos. Bilbo stood and shut his eyes for a minute. His wrist began to feel warm as the bones shifted back into place. Within minutes he was healed.


"Much better!" he said rotating his newly healed rist around.


"Oznic," said Rain who had come out of his trance.


"What about him?" asked Marious. Then Marious felt it too. "He's back! But why so soon?"


Bilbo vanished and and moved to the edge of the forest. He looked around trying to find the sorcerer. Marious and Rained has sensed him, but where was he? Just then he got his answer.


"Guess who?!" said Oznic stepping forward to the edge of the cliff that over looked the forest. Behind were monsters, scores of them. Darthbears, Dragons, Skullknights, and Slimeknights all set up in a triangular formation with a Servant leading them.


"Oznic! You fowl beast!" shouted Marious charging up two fire balls.


"Oh! I'm so hurt!" Oznic began to laugh and taunt the warriors. His laughter was cut short by a flying slimeknight that smacked him in the back of the head.


Bilbo had used his powers to fly up and drop right down into the middle of Oznic's army. The organized formation had broken exploded from the inside as Bilbo hacked through the monsters. The monsters slashed frantically trying to hit the invisible foe, but were unable. Instead they would accidentily hit one another with their attacks.


"IT MUST BE THE HOBBIT! AHH! MY PLANS ARE RUINED! No matter! I still have enough power to stop all of them!"


"Not today Ozinc!" Marious was right behind the evil sorcer and tossed him down the cliff. Now it was Bilbo vs. Monster army and Rain and Marious vs. Oznic.

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"The under water cave"


I sence a grate evil aproching I rember this evil is feels so familar




"Devon go hide"


"no i will fight!!"


" no stay out of sight"


" Look im gona help wether you like it or not "


"Devon im going to be honest with you we dont plan to live through this"


Devons brother then transformed and kncked Devon out. When devon came to the onely two soals left standing were Malvon and the Lazuras dragon. They fought for some time befor Devons brother cut its eye with a majical sord and it didn't heal.


"what is this treachry?"


"An old family teckneak known to onely thoes in my pack, you are un abil to heal thies attacks"


"NO!! you will pay for that"


And he did Malvon got stabed in the chest. Devon came running out.


"Leave my brother alone!!!"


"Your not worth my time clean up this mess, Your fate will be the same if you defi me as well"


The lazuras dragon then took off. Leaving devon to bury the bodies. Devon took his brothers to there favorit swiming hole and buried him in the cane there.


"I will have my revenge"


It has now ben 7 years sence that fatful day and as luck would have it they will meat face to face once more.


"Back to reality"


Devon swam out of the hole and ran to the top ov a very large clif and watched Bilbo,Marious,and that skum Rain fight. (This is Devon's opinion of rain at the molement)


" they seem fine without me I shal sit and watch until I am needed this now well see how powerful they really are"

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"Damit the lazuras dragon has arived"


Devon junped down the hill to ware Bilbo was fighting.


"Lets get out of here"




"The dragon is here!"


Devon then slised through as many enemies as he could with Bilbo close behind. A fire wall was brought up between them and Bilbo yells fronm the outher side.


"ill be fine get out of here!."


"No i cant leave"


"Go now!!"


Devon than ran to ware rain marious and oznick are fighting to see oznick over powering them and fulley heald.


Dam my spells must not be masterd yeat hes healed well I better tell them to leave


"Marious Rain lets go the lazuras is here!"


Befor eather of them could speack oznick was in there faceses. Oznick was taking both of them at once much more powerful than befor it seemed. Devon was forced to abandon his friends befor the Lazuras dragon got to him. Devon ran down a trail and into the woods.





Devon had just emerged from a barbor shop with short black hait held up by a band that was on his head near the hair line, a white trench coat, black pants and a red shirt. He had just visited the local black smith and purchesed 2 black hand swords (Nothing specal just a powerful sword). Devon was wondering what had happend that day.


I was afrade and I ran like a scard little puppey I left my allies to die back there if there hurt I may never forgive myselfe.


Devon then lay on his back and looked at the sky.

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