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Well, it isn't really in an easy to read format, but the list of updates is on the Hiroba.  The additional quests are also listed there, even though they do not require a download. Version Updates look like [アップデート] バージョン1.2.3c情報 and what was updated is under ■■■ 以下の内容を修正しました ■■■

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1.4 Release Notes




Some of the more important parts:


- Multi-party battle encounter (added at later date)

- Tiger Claw nerf

- Bakuretsuken nerf

- Warrior buff

- Multi-hit attacks no longer checks for on-hit effects multiple times. It will only check once.

- Floating segway mount


Mostly just a ton of gameplay quality changes.

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Level cap increase too, I guess they are gonna raise it each version update until its 99, or heck maybe go beyond 99 lol. They seem to have also done something to the special training quest and added another skill point to it.

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Looks like the Tiger Claw nerf is a straight out damage nerf this time.


I know it is overpowered currently but the way the director comment goes on about it makes me think they're going to end up making the skill absolutely terrible with this update.

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Wow... the little conveniences in this update are just really nice:


- When dealing with money inputs (bazaar, bank) they are now displayed as 000,000,000 instead of 000000000

- Genkidama related stuff is more streamlined. It shows how many you have in the top right corner (if they're displayed in yellow you have the max amount) and the selections themselves have the number of hours per Genkidama type needed beside them.

- The train NPCs you need to talk to in Glen are moved closer to the entrances of the station rather than being dead center.

- When talking to train NPCs it now lists in square brackets the continent that location is on.



Tiger Claw went from 1.5x per hit to about 1.3x per hit btw. Not too bad and still well worth using.




Edit: MoonRider, the quest to unlock the Dolboard is detailed on this page: http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_quest_ver1.4_3.html and requires the following:


1. Head to Gatara and find the NPC Menme (the purple dot near the top of the map) to start the quest.

2. Head out of Gatara and to the dungeon located NW on the map, head to B3 in the dungeon, then search the bottom left of E-5 on the map until you find a spot where a yellow arrow pops up.


I dunno exactly how to describe the spot where it is... probably should have took a snapshot when I did it. Hopefully, other people will be doing the quest and you can follow their lead.


After you get the item return to Menme and turn in the Dolboard you found.


3. It turns out the board is broken so you'll need to fix it. You'll need to find a spot where Bone Bats (ã»ã­ã‚³ã‚¦ãƒ¢ãƒª) spawn and fight them until they drop it. Expect lots of competition depending on the spot since basically everyone is doing the new quests right now. After the item drops turn it in.


4. It isn't over yet! Well, actually it is but you'll need to wait 24 hours (real time) to be able to pick up the Dolboard.

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