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to anyone who already watched higurashi, persona 4 anime,

should i watch it?  

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so out of blue, i suddenly want to add 2 animes to watch, persona 4, i don't really had any problem with it, but Higurashi.. i heard it was a very creepy and disturbing anime (can't help it, my "scared but interested to keep going" making me do this") so i just wanna ask you guys who already had..


I already watched mirai nikki, Another, deadman wonderland and it wasn't that creepy to me, would you guys think i'll be good enough to watch higurashi or i would still have ways to go?? (and i heard it's ridiculously long/ 50+ episodes)


as for persona 4, is it that worth it?


as for now, i currently watch anime: SAO, korewa zombie desu ka?, Another. (really, i'm kinda unmotivated to find good animes lately..)

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Never seen Higuruashi, but I watched the first few episodes of P4 off Hulu when I still had it. Good anime.

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Well, the good news is I ended up enjoying those torture scenes, not addicted though. So yeah, I'm gonn start watching those 2.


The bad news is I'm getting busy lately this week.


Just as long as it doesn't get it's creepiness level to games like "corpse party" on PsP, I'll be fine.



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