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Dragon Quest series Vs Final Fantasy series battle!

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Let's compete both series title by title. Here are my thoughts:


Dragon Warrior 1 vs Final Fantasy 1: A tough battle for me cuz i love both games very much. But Final Fantasy 1 was my very first J-RPG so FF1 Wins!


Dragon Warrior 2 vs Final Fantasy 2: Worst entries for the both series. But i think Final Fantasy 2 was kinda better, so FF2 Wins!


Dragon Warrior 3 vs Final Fantasy 3: FF3 was a poor game and Dragon Warrior 3 was nice. So DW3 Wins!


Dragon Warrior 4 vs Final Fantasy 4: Another tough battle for me. Both games are better i like Dragon Warrior 4 a bit more. So DW4 Wins!


Dragon Quest 5 vs Final Fantasy 5: An easy one. Of course DQ5 Wins!


Dragon Quest 6 vs Final Fantasy 6: Another easy one. Of course FF6 Wins!


Dragon Warrior 7 vs Final Fantasy 7: I think FF7 is an overrated game and DW7 was one of the best games i have ever played. So DW7 Wins!


Dragon Quest 8 vs Final Fantasy 8: DQ8 one of the greatest games ever if you ask me and my favorite piece from the series. So DQ8 Wins!


Dragon Quest 9 vs Final Fantasy 9: A very tough battle for me. But DQ9 is much more addictive if you ask me, so DQ9 Wins!


Dragon Quest 10 vs Final Fantasy 10: The easiest decision for me. DQ10 is a MMORPG and FF10 is the best game in the series in my opinion. So FF10 Wins


Final Score:

Dragon Quest series:6 - Final Fantasy series: 4


Winner is Dragon Quest series!


What about you? What do you think?

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I'd have to go with DQ, mostly because i have only played FFX, & XII. A tad bit of VII though, and didn't like it.

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I've played FFIII (DS), haven't played DQ3 but I'm looking forward to it. Still have to play the Super Famicom versions of DQ I + II.


DQIV vs FFIV is tough...DQIV for me, not 100% certain on that though.


I've just started playing DQV (DS version). I still need to get 'round to playing FFV, the class/job system looks quite interesting.


I haven't got around to starting DQ6 yet, it's on my to-do-list. FFVI is one of my favourite JRPGs, so it'll be tough to beat.


I've never been able to play DW7 yet due to living in Europe, will need to import a copy and get a region-free work around going. Anyone had any success emulating DW7 with pSX or something similar?


DQ8 vs FF8 is, without a doubt, DQ8. I did enjoy FF8 though, it receives a bit more stick than it deserves.


DQ9 vs FF9 is a real tricky one. I can't call it.


DQX vs FFX, who knows? I thought FFX and FFXII were brilliant though. I've not played FFX-2 yet.

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Dragon Warrior I was one of the first RPGs released for a console release and the first RPG I played. It was an amazing experience and one of the first games that actually rewarded you for perserverance and hard work. It also made you feel like you were on an epic quest to defeat evil.


Final Fantasy 1 was an RPG released by Square soon after Dragon Warrior's release. This RPG had more customization than its rival and had a much grander theme to it. However this game was also alot more linear. The game basically pointed to your next destination and you couldnt stray from it very much. The game was also much kinder with EXP and Gold compared to Dragon Warrior which made it easier.


Conclusion: As good as FF1 was...I have to side with DW1 on this one. It just honestly felt like a much more rewarding experience to me. And sometimes simple is best. :D




*To be continued*

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FF1 wins - I'm not very fond of DQ1. It's kinda cool that you can get owned just by walking too far the wrong way at the start of the game, but aside from getting lost, DQ1 didn't really grab me that much. FF1 wasn't the most balanced game, but still, choosing your party and building it up was fun. FF1 had fantastic music and DQ1 had only one song that I really liked


DQ2 wins - I don't even know how hard FF2 is. I just kept attacking myself to level up and become absurdly strong. It's a bit too easy to get strong in that game, and that's not even counting attack cancelling to level up your weapon skills. DQ2 was frustrating but the rush you feel finishing the final 2 dungeons... nothing in FF2 can match that. FF2 had great music, DQ2 had pretty good music with a really nice ending theme.


DQ3 wins - I liked FF3 a lot but DQ3 is my favourite RPG ever. I'd say I like FF3 music more, but DQ3 music was really good too


DQ4 wins - I really don't like FF4, though it had fantastic music


DQ5 wins - FF5 was pretty cool. Building up your jobs and customizing your characters was really cool. But when I actually play the game.. I dunno why but it just bores me. I played it once, thought it was awesome, but the second playthrough, I can never get far even though I know the game gets better. I can't explain it. DQ5 is always fun for me. I can't explain that. The game is so frustrating, but I guess it's cool that every playthrough is a bit different (different rare monsters just happen to fall into your lap on different playthroughs) and growing up slowly over the course of the game was interesting. This might be the only time DQ wins in the music department. I love DQ5's soundtrack so much


FF6 wins - Both games are annoying in the same irrelevant way; in the early game, a part of you dies every time you level up. In DQ6, you don't wanna level up pre-Murdaw as it could interfere with your job levels. In FF6, every level up is a missed opportunity to get magicite stat bonuses. This absolutely does not matter, but just knowing about this makes subsequent playthroughs annoying.


I normally prefer DQ games for long dungeons that just wear you down and that usually gives DQ the edge over FF games, but I did not feel that at all in this installment of DQ6. Having 4 reserves able to heal from the wagon, and being able to spam powerful skills at no cost, I never really felt threatened while traversing a dungeon in DQ6. FF6 on the other hand had some nice dungeons (love the Phoenix cave), and also had a lot of variety. From a river, to a factory, to a tower, to a flying island, the setting varies and there's always something interesting going on. I never felt threatened in FF6, but then again I never felt threatened in DQ6 aside from maybe a few boss battles, so I can't award DQ extra points this time around. Also FF6 music blows DQ6 music out of the water


7 - I have only played DQ7 once so I can't judge this one fairly. I have a feeling it would be annoying the second time around, but first time it was awesome. FF7 was good, but I always find it hard to talk about FF7 because everyone is so extreme about it. The game is either the most perfect game ever and if you disagree in any way you're just a hiptser that's hating just for the sake of hating, or it's the worst game in the world with an overrated story and the second most obnoxious fan base in history and graphics that make your eyes bleed and if you like it you're just sheeple. I liked FF7s music more


8 - Haven't played either. Yeah... that means I somehow haven't played DQ8...


FF9 wins - I don't like either game, and I haven't played enough of either to make a fair and complete judgment. Played FF9 once, and played DQ9 once without playing through downloadable content. Based on what I played, I like FF9 more. I don't even remember what that game's about, but I remember liking parts of it, and I remember that Quina was awesome. I don't remember liking DQ9. FF9s music was good, while DQ9 had OK music and one awesome song




The actual game

4:3:2 DQ:FF:Tie



1:7:1 DQ:FF:Tie


Musicwise, it was as I expected. Gameplaywise, it was much closer than I expected, probably because DQ3 only counts as one win when it SHOULD in fact account for 8 wins alone

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Dragon Warrior 1 vs Final Fantasy 1:

I would vote these as a tie. Both are the same nostalgia for me and about the same level of excitement

Dragon Warrior 2 vs Final Fantasy 2:

DW 2 is simply a better game all around

Dragon Warrior 3 vs Final Fantasy 3:

DW 3 is getting the nod cause of fun factor

Dragon Warrior 4 vs Final Fantasy 4:

FF4 is one of the best FF games in the series. DW4 is awesome but has to lose on this one.

Dragon Quest 5 vs Final Fantasy 5:

As much as most people disliked it, I liked FF5. Its getting my nod.

Dragon Quest 6 vs Final Fantasy 6:

FF6 is the best FF game in the series. No doubt who wins this one.

Dragon Warrior 7 vs Final Fantasy 7:

Tie. I love both of them so much. The two games that get replay from me the most out of both series are both the 7s

Dragon Quest 8 vs Final Fantasy 8:

DQ8 is so so so much more enjoyable.

Dragon Quest 9 vs Final Fantasy 9:

DQ9 gets this vote.

Dragon Quest 10 vs Final Fantasy 10:

I havent even played DQ10 but it wins cause FF 10 is utter garbage

Final Score:

DQ - 5 .. FF - 3 .. Tie - 2

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It's a bit unfair to pair DQ1 with FF1... FF1 only came out two months before DQ3, so DQ1 and 2 had already laid the groundwork for successful console RPGs before its release.


That being said, as far as 1-9 are concerned, if your pair them up by numbers... All DQ games are better than their FF counterparts with the exception of 1 and 5.

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Lets see I have played only parts of the Final Fantasy Series FF1 (Nes verison), FF4, FF5, FF6 and FF7


I did enjoy FF4 the most out of the series, 6 and 7 were full of die and counter garbage... I never played another Final Fantasy game after that...


I played Dragon Warrior 1 - 4 Nes, None of the SNES remakes were released states side so that's a negitive (yes they are comming out with the Dragon Quest 1-3 remakes for Wii but they have yet to announce if they will translate it.)


And I have played 7 - 8 (very early in # 9 so no vote there)


DQ1 vs FF1 - Tie

DQ2 vs FF2 - DQ2

DQ3 vs FF3 - DQ3

DQ4 vs FF4 - FF4

DQ5 vs FF5 - Tie

DQ6 vs FF6 - Tie

DQ7 vs FF7 - DQ7

DQ8 vs FF8 - DQ8

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Title by title is tough.


FFI v DQI - FFI, but in DQI's defense, FFI came out between DQII and DQIII.


FFII vs DQII - DQII easily. FFII sucked due to a broken level up system.


FFIII vs DQIII - DQIII. FFIII was alright, but DQIII was just an overall better game.


FFIV vs DQIV - Two of my favorites in each series. FFIV narrowly as it's my favorite in the series.


FFV vs DQV - DQV easily. My favorite DQ vs an average FF.


FFVI vs DQVI - FFVI narrowly. DQVI isn't bad, but FFVI is the 2nd best in the series.


FFVII vs DQVII - DQVII easily. FFVII is a good half of a game. DQVII is the most in depth DQ game released.


FFVIII vs DQVIII - DQVIII easily. FFVIII was better than its rep, but DQVIII has better story, gameplay, and game.


FFIX vs DQIX - FFIX easily. DQIX is mediocre compared to the others in the series. FFIX is rather underrated and one I often go back to.


FFX sucked.


FFXII wasn't bad.


FFXIII is average.


If I'm ranking them all in order.





FF Tactics



















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I have only just started playing the FF series (could never get past the active battle system and the fact that I get completely wiped out if I fall asleep in real life while playing!) I've really only played FF VI for myself (haven't quite beaten it yet) but I've really enjoyed it and will probably play other FF games following this one. It has quickly jumped up to one of my favorite RPG's so I guess people are right about it. (and of course, you can't go wrong with an RPG on SNES).


Still doesn't beat Dragon Quest III or V which are my two favorites.


And of course, in the end, Lufia II always wins. :)

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Dragon Warrior 1 vs Final Fantasy 1: Easily FF I.


Dragon Warrior 2 vs Final Fantasy 2: DQ II.


Dragon Warrior 3 vs Final Fantasy 3: FF III is alright, but DQ III is my second favorite game in the series.


Dragon Warrior 4 vs Final Fantasy 4: DQ IV.


Dragon Quest 5 vs Final Fantasy 5: DQ V. Best game in the series.


Dragon Quest 6 vs Final Fantasy 6: FF VI of course. It's my favorite RPG.


Dragon Warrior 7 vs Final Fantasy 7: FF VII, easily. I don't like DQ VII.


Dragon Quest 8 vs Final Fantasy 8: I still need to play DQ VIII, but seeing at how it's regarded as one of the best games in the series I am sure would prefer it over FF VIII. Because I really hate FF VIII.


Dragon Quest 9 vs Final Fantasy 9: FF IX.


Dragon Quest 10 vs Final Fantasy 10: /

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Final Fantasy VI and IX are better than their corresponding Dragon Quests. DQ stomps every other FF game, though.

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I have only just started playing the FF series (could never get past the active battle system and the fact that I get completely wiped out if I fall asleep in real life while playing!) I've really only played FF VI for myself (haven't quite beaten it yet) but I've really enjoyed it and will probably play other FF games following this one. It has quickly jumped up to one of my favorite RPG's so I guess people are right about it. (and of course, you can't go wrong with an RPG on SNES).


Still doesn't beat Dragon Quest III or V which are my two favorites.


And of course, in the end, Lufia II always wins. :)


There is a DS game Lufia Curse of the Sinstrals... Square Enix butchered it and turned it into a crappy action RPG... Still has the Natsume name though... shoot and I thought it was a actual port to the DS...


You can turn the battle speed down to a min, that way enemies are very slow to respond in Final Fantasy games...

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Sorry, but Dragon Quest wins everything for me. Dragon Quest IS the RPG series for me. When I am looking for an RPG to play, I am looking for one that is similar to Dragon Quest in some way. Final Fantasy just will not ever win over Dragon Quest. I still think a few of the Final Fantasy games are fantastic, but even the worst Dragon Quest game would beat the most enjoyable Final Fantasy game for me.

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I know I am reviving an old topic, but I really found this one interesting.


FFI x DQ I = FFI, as said, they are almost from different eras...

FFII x DQ II = haven't played FF II


FFIV x DQ IV = FF IV, but thought fight.

DQ V x FF V = DQ V by much! Soo epic.

DQ VI x FF VI = FF VI, but just because it was really good.

DQ VII x FF VII = DQ VII, but a thought one too, anyway DQ VII story and everything was too much, FF VII has better graphs as everyone knows.

DQ VIII x FF VIII = DQ VIII was really epic and I haven't played FF VIII.

DQ IX x FF IX = DQ IX was really epic and I haven't played FF IX.

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Dragon Quest I vs Final Fantasy I:  Objectively, I think FF1 is the better game, because DQ1 is overly simple.  But I enjoy DQ1 more than FF1 since FF1 is kind of boring, personality wise.  So FF1

Dragon Quest II vs Final Fantasy II:  Both are pretty good, for different reasons.  I think DQ2 has held up a bit better though.  Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest III vs Final Fantasy III:  Dragon Quest III and not even close.  Dragon Quest III is one of the finest games in the series, whereas FF3 is garbage.  Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest IV vs Final Fantasy IV: Dragon Quest IV has a better story.  Some will disagree.  Admittedly FF4 does have cool concepts, but they're wasted.  FFIV is overly melodramatic and has too many asspulls.  Dragon Quest IV

Dragon Quest V vs FFV: I don't love DQV as much as most of you do, but it blows FFV out of the water. DQV

Dragon Quest VI vs FFVI: I don't care for the WoR that much, but overall FFVI is a fantastic game.  Dragon Quest VI is also a fantastic game.  These both were made when Square and Enix were at the top of their game and they deserve to sit alongside each.  TIE

Dragon Quest VII vs Final Fantasy VII:  I love Dragon Quest VII.  It's one of my favorite games and my personal favorite Dragon Quest.  But I can't in good faith rank it over FFVII, which is also one of my favorite games and one of my favorite FFs.  Final Fantasy VII


It gets tricky from here on, since these games came out at different times on different generations.  So I guess I'll compare them to the FF closest to their own release.


Dragon Quest VIII vs FFXII:  While Dragon Quest VIII is to this day the prettiest DQ, it felt a bit disappointing to me compared to when VII came out.  Final Fantasy XII on the other hand is my favorite FF.  While it sounds like I'm hard on DQVIII, i still did enjoy it.  I just enjoyed FFXII much more.


Dragon Quest IX vs FFXIII:  Graphically, FFXIII blows Dragon Quest IX out of the water.  There is no getting around that. I didn't HATE FFXIII, but I certainly didn't love it.  Meanwhile, I played through Dragon Quest IX twice, having accumulated like 500 hours between both JPN and US versions.  Is DQIX's story the best in the series?  No.  But it was still pretty good IMHO.  And damn did I enjoy multiplayer.  Dragon Quest IX


Dragon Quest X vs FFXIV:  I'm not really qualified to really comment on either game since I've only played a little bit of both, but from what I've played it seems like DQX does a much better job of being an MMO main series game than FFXIV does, though FFXIV seems not bad in its own right.  DQX


So let's see what the final score is

DQ: 7

FF: 4

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Wow, well, who cares about topic revival.  A good topic is a good topic, and this is certainly an interesting discussion.


I'll bite!  I promise to keep this short.


                                                Dragon Quest  vs  Final Fantasy


Graphics:  Final Fantasy

Music:  Final Fantasy

Story:  Final Fantasy

Characters:  N/A on story characters, but NPC's, Dragon Quest, but only due to Gwaelin/Lora

Gameplay:  Final Fantasy

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Final Fantasy


Winner: Final Fantasy


        Dragon Quest II: Pantheon of Evil Spirits  vs  Final Fantasy II


Graphics:  Final Fantasy II

Music:  Dragon Quest II

Story:  Final Fantasy II

Characters:  Final Fantasy II

Gameplay:  Dragon Quest II

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Dragon Quest II


Winner: Dragon Quest II


         Dragon Quest III: ...and Into the Legend  vs  Final Fantasy III


Graphics:  Dragon Quest III (when taking the SFC remake versus the FF III remake on the DS)

Music:  Dragon Quest III

Story:  Dragon Quest III

Characters:  Dragon Quest III

Gameplay:  Dragon Quest III

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Dragon Quest III


Winner: Dragon Quest III


       Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen  vs  Final Fantasy IV


Graphics:  Final Fantasy IV

Music:  Dragon Quest IV

Story:  Final Fantasy IV

Characters:  Final Fantasy IV

Gameplay:  Final Fantasy IV (only when I consider the DS remake)

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Final Fantasy IV


Winner: Final Fantasy IV


   Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride  vs  Final Fantasy V


Graphics:  Final Fantasy V

Music:  Dragon Quest V

Story:  Dragon Quest V

Characters:  Final Fantasy V

Gameplay:  Final Fantasy V

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Final Fantasy V


Winner: Final Fantasy V


                Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie  vs  Final Fantasy VI


Graphics:  Final Fantasy VI

Music:  Final Fantasy VI

Story:  Tie

Characters:  Tie

Gameplay:  Dragon Quest VI

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Final Fantasy VI


Winner: Final Fantasy VI


                 Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden  vs  Final Fantasy VII


Graphics:  Dragon Quest VII

Music:  Dragon Quest VII

Story:  Dragon Quest VII

Characters:  Dragon Quest VII

Gameplay:  Dragon Quest VII

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Dragon Quest VII


Winner: Dragon Quest VII


Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King  vs  Final Fantasy VIII


Graphics:  Dragon Quest VIII

Music:  Dragon Quest VIII

Story:  Final Fantasy VIII

Characters:  Final Fantasy VIII

Gameplay:  Tie

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Dragon Quest VIII


Winner: Dragon Quest VIII


 Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies  vs  Final Fantasy IX


Graphics:  Final Fantasy IX

Music:  Final Fantasy IX

Story:  Final Fantasy IX

Characters:  Final Fantasy IX

Gameplay:  Dragon Quest IX

Overall Enjoyment Factor:  Dragon Quest IX


Winner: Tie



Notes on Final Fantasy 10, 11, 12, and 13 (have not played all of 10-2, any of 13-2 or 13-3, and never finished Revenant Wings)


Final Fantasy X :  I actually enjoyed this game, and it's only fair to compare it to Dragon Quest XI, whenever that comes out.  Not the biggest fan of the characters, so I think it would be easy to topple them.  Graphically I don't like the art direction of FFX, so I can already say DQXI is likely to strip it bare and smack it up the backside.  Musically, I cannot stand half of FFX's soundtrack, but a few tracks stand out, like To Zanarkand.  So long as Sugiyama digs deep and gets back to his roots, skipping past the musical blunder that is DQIX, I have no doubt I would prefer it to FFX.  Gameplay in FFX I both love and hate.  I like customization of weapons, but never got into the limitations, or the lack of actual armour...c'mon wristbands?  Really?  The Sphere Grid can be a lot of fun, and like DQ customization, it requires a bit of grinding, but the game never punishes players.  That and having the ability to break ye-old damage limit is a blast.  A few things I can't stand about FFX though...the skill system is horrendous as usual.  Bland, boring skills force a Magic + normal attack game, riding on special weapon attributes to fill in the gaps of my heart, as I pray one day FF will adopt a proper skill system (FF11 did, kinda, and 14 absolutely did).  That and a combo system.  As a result, I find FFX's combat generally grows stale from a melee/range physical perspective.



Final Fantasy XI : I have no doubts that DQX will blow this out of the water.  Bear in mind I love FFXI's soundtrack, and while slow, the combat system did engender a sense of camaraderie.  The story was actually pretty good as far as MMO's go, with a lot of solid lore and depth, though I haven't gone as far or as deep as most players have, not having spent as much time with the game as I would have liked.



Final Fantasy XII : This is my second favourite game of all time, and all I can say is, Dragon Quest XIII better be absolutely mind blowing to topple this.



Final Fantasy XIII : I would prefer a stick, a ball, and some mud to this.  No honestly, I can handle playing FF2 and Dragon Quest II to finishing this monstrosity of epically boring proportions.  Character's...don't get me started.  Story...I'm sorry, but FF7's story was hardly mind blowing imo, and lacked a lot of proper development after Aeris mysteriously leaves the party, and from there I find it to be a jumble of half-baked ideas that were crammed together in an attempt to rush-job that game through, so if you're going to use it as the grounding base, and pretty much copy paste, then spend 6 years in development, one would expect writing a more coherent and finalized story that actually made sense and had no loose ends, plot holes, random plot devices to force the plot forward.  Yet FF13 was all these things, and worse...it's a half-baked version of the glorious concept that was FF7.  I say concept because FF7 never felt fully realized, and I think an extra year of working out the kinks and filling in gaps would satisfy my pallete, yet FF13 is like a shadow drawn by a child of 6, with a few hundred million yet thrown behind the work.  FF13 is, in every characteristic but the battle system, the Emperor with no clothes.  While I love customization, and I don't mind a slight grind, FF13 is like FF10 on steroids, forcing almost twice the workload for half the payoff.  The battle system, while fun, lacks in any real player override or participation.  When I want to play military commander, I'll pop in a strategy game.  I like to feel as though I have actual control, as though I AM the character and that party, not some outside observer dictating strategy and hoping his troops properly follow through.


On a positive note, the music for FF13 was phenomenal.  I'd say the graphics were as well, but I can't stand Nomura's art direction.  Too much shiny, too many bright colours, and only a handful of areas fit the mood of the game.  If I'm forced to play on rails, I want the set design to achieve some spiritual connection to the story, characters, motivations, drivers, perhaps with some foreshadowing.  Not just a jumble of random shiny's and colours with no connection to the world, plot, or any real consistency of concept.


DQXIV would have to be to RPG's what Shaq-Fu is to beat-em-up's for me to declare FF13 the superior product.




Best overall OST's, from all FF and DQ that I have played (so all the above).


1) Final Fantasy XII

2) Dragon Quest VII

3) Dragon Quest III

4) Final Fantasy IX

5) Final Fantasy XIII

6) Final Fantasy VI

7) Dragon Quest VIII

8) Dragon Quest VI

9) Dragon Quest II

10) Dragon Quest IV

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FF1 vs DQ1: Winner DQ1, I have more nostalgia for that game and I love the snes version

FF2 vs DQ2: Winner DQ2, I think both games are actually great, but DQ2 was my first game and I love the familiar music/graphics

FF3 vs DQ3: Tie, I love FF3 (even though I cant finish it) and really love the GBC version of DQ3

FF4 vs DQ4: Winner DQ4, I am not a big fan of FF4, and I only like DQ4, but the designs and music and features are much better

FF5 vs DQ5: Winner DQ5, even though I like FF5, DQ5 is so much more riveting

FF6 vs DQ6: Winner DQ6... please do not kill me but not only is the snes version of DQ6 is better than FF6 in my opinion, it is my favorite game of ALL time. But FF6 is also an amazing game and is my favorite main series game.

FF7 vs DQ7: Winner ???, I have not played much of the games and do not know

FF8 vs DQ8: Winner DQ8, I have not played the games but I have seen enough to think FF8 looks lame 

FF9 vs DQ9: Winner DQ9, I do not know much about FF9, DQ9 is awesome



I have very different opinions so do not criticize me.

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