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So I just booted up my Pokemon Black for the first time, in many many months, to get the free Pokemon from Gamestop (EB Games for you Canadians [i think]). I also put down a little coin on Pokemon Whi


Infernape. My favorite, and in my opinion, best starter by far.

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 Found out something interesting about Hyper Training.


It doesn't actually increase IVs to 31, it instead flags the IVs to be treated as 31. This means your original Hidden Power is kept intact. This is wonderful info, because my shiny Lilligant has HP Ice. It's good to know it'll keep that coverage.

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A conversation between me and a GameStop employee:


"Do you have any of those Pokémon codes?"

"We don't have the cards in, is a piece of paper with the code on it okay?"

"Yeah, sure. That works."

"Which games do you have? All of them?"

"Yeah, let's go with that."


And that's how I ended up with four Pokémon codes again. One's for me. If you don't get one by the end of the month, I'll hook you up again in the beginning of December.

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Putting in my request now. Missed the last one you gave away.

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Sure, I'll keep you in mind. This is like the second time they've just hucked me a pile of these things. I don't even need to ask for them several times over the month anymore.

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I'd like to request one as well.

Some from Anonymous like you clearly are can just hack one in :)


Your luck is unreal. Can I borrow some of it?

It was also on the same day I found all those Amiibo. My wallet wasn't lucky on that day.

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It was until I came along.


Also eal, it's clearly can just hack one in, I don't know where that are in the middle came from.

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Speaking of images:




Sailor Lopunny and Mini Buneary


Sailor Brionne


Sailor Braixen


Sailor Tsareena


Sailor Mega Ampharos


My personal favorites out these are Sailor Brionne and Sailor Mega Ampharos. ^

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