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Cairne Gotha

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I'm actually going to do breeding on X version first, but for now...


Team Lucille:


(All are at level 56)


Swampert (male) Water/Ground type

Name: Mr. Mackrell

HP - 193

Attack - 165

Defense - 114

Special Attack - 118

Special Defense - 117

Speed - 98

Nature - Serious

Characteristic - Nods off a lot

Ability - Torrent

Held Item - Swampert's Mega Stone

Moves - Waterfall, Earthquake, Rock Slide and Sludge Wave

Other Notes - Named after Douglas Mackrell, a Gravity Falls Youtuber, has Max Attack EV investment with Speed and Special Attack getting the rest.


Breloom (female) Grass/Fighting type

Name: Mee-K

HP - 142

Attack - 209

Defense - 94

Special Attack - 83

Special Defense - 81

Speed - 127

Nature - Lonely

Characteristic - Mischievous

Ability - Poison Heal

Held Item - Amulet Coin

Moves - Seed Bomb, Brick Break, Mach Punch and Return

Other Notes - Named after the character of the same name from Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat, Mee-k has max Attack and Speed EV investment with the remainder in HP.


Pikachu (Pop Star Cosplay - female) Electric type

Name: Yuna

HP - 122

Attack - 97

Defense - 54

Special Attack - 94

Special Defense - 78

Speed - 151

Nature - Mild

Characteristic - Somewhat vain

Ability - Lightning Rod

Held Item - Light Ball

Moves - Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Brick Break and Draining Kiss

Other Notes - Named after the main character from Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, she has max Speed EV investment with the rest going into Attack and Special Attack. Hold's the Light Ball to help double her offensive power, which she needs to make up for her fraility.


Altaria (female) Dragon/Flying type (Dragon/Fairy in Mega form)

Name: Fluffle Puff

HP - 200

Attack - 87

Defense - 109

Special Attack - 134

Special Defense - 139

Speed - 105

Nature - Modest

Characteristic - Somewhat vain

Ability - Natural Cure

Held Item - Altaria's Mega Stone

Moves - Dragon Pulse, Moonblast, Flamethrower and Hidden Power(Grass)

Other Notes - Named after an MLP OC, Altaria has max HP and Special Attack EV investment, I think the last points are in Speed. Saw that her Hidden Power was Grass type, so I gave her that to have a special based Grass attack.


Wigglytuff (female) Normal/Fairy type

Name: Pinkie Pie

HP - 236

Attack - 86

Defense - 90

Special Attack - 139

Special Defense - 82

Speed - 64

Nature - Hardy

Characteristic - Loves to eat

Ability - Competitive

Held Item - Silk Scarf

Moves - Hyper Voice, Dazzling Gleam, Flamethrower and Ice Beam

Other Notes - Obviously named after the same character from MLP FiM, she has max Special Attack EV investment with Defense getting the second most and Special Defense getting the rest. Gave her a Silk Scarf to power up the STAB Hyper Voice she has.


Froslass (female) Ice/Ghost type

Name: Ayeka

HP - 156

Attack - 105

Defense - 85

Special Attack - 151

Special Defense - 89

Speed - 174

Nature - Mild

Characteristic - Highly Persistant

Ability - Snow Cloak

Held Item - Expert Belt

Moves - Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Psychic and Hidden Power(Fighting)

Other Notes - Named after the elder Princess of Jurai from Tenchi Muyo, she has max Special Attack and Speed EV investment with the last points going into HP. I noticed she has Hidden Power Fighting, so I gave her that move. She carries an Expert Belt to boost Super Effective damage. Also the first Pokemon I've used in a main story team that has Ice typing.

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I've beaten the Elite 4 and have also cleared the Delta Episode, also managed to Catch Deoxys without the Struggle Scenario happening(I had my False Swiper on and got to use Capture lv. 3 for both Rayquaza and Deoxys).


Next up is to get the loose ends taken care of(That I can find, anyway) and go to the Battle Resort.

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HA Samurott finally available! (Wonder why it took longer)


Will be going against the Elite 4 tomorrow. I'll list the team, stats and moves on here before I do.




Ssssshhhhhh. I never played Gen V so I don't know any of their names by heart.


Its Samurott.


I actually beat you to it, although considering my massively long post about my team, I don't blame you for not noticing.

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HA: Contrary - Makes stat changes have an opposite effect. (Could be useful on occasion. Especially competitive play. Maybe.)


Leaf Storm (Grass) - 130 Power 90 Accuracy (Harshly lowers SPC ATK)


Giga Drain (Grass) - 75 Power 100 Accuracy (Absorbs Health)


Hold Back (Normal) - 40 Power 100 Accuracy (Always leaves opponent with 1 HP during last hit)


Wring Out (Normal) - ? Power 100 Accuracy (Deals damage based on targets HP)




HA: Reckless - Powers up moves that have recoil damage. (Awesome! Flare Blitz is so strong now. : D)


Head Smash (Rock) - 150 Power 80 Accuracy (Does recoil damage)


Flare Blitz (Fire) - 120 Power 100 Accuracy (Does recoil damage)


Take Down (Normal) - 90 Power 85 Accuracy (Does recoil damage)


Hold Back (Normal) - 40 Power 100 Accuracy (Always leaves opponent with 1 HP during last hit)





HA: Shell Armor - Protects the Pokemon from critical hits. (Not very useful imo.)


Hydro Pump (Water) - 110 Power 80 Accuracy


Razor Shell (Water) - 75 Power 95 Accuracy (May lower Defense)


Hold Back (Normal) - 40 Power 100 Accuracy (Always leaves opponent with 1 HP during last hit)


Confide (Normal) - 0 Power  100 Accuracy (Always lowers SPC ATK)

There we go!

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With Samurott, Shell Armor isn't all that great, but in my opinion Torrent is almost the same in usefulness(Requiring Samurott to be at 1/3 or less health wise).


As for Contrary Serperior, it started climbing the ranks as of recently on Pokemon showdown. It got banned from NU, RU and while I don't know if they've decided yet, they're debating on whether or not to ban it from UU! That ability helped it out alot more than anyone thought it would.

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Went to the Battle Resort and battled on the S.S. Tidal too. Been trying my luck on the Master ranks of the Cool and Beauty contests to see if any the fans that pop up afterwards would cough up a Destiny Knot(I really hate not having a way to trade items without a second 3DS), but still no luck.

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An Arceus distribution event is occurring in Japan soon for the next Pokémon movie. Hopefully that means this we'll get one soon or something. Maybe that will put an end to the "legit level 99 Arceus for a level 2 Zigzagoon" trade requests.

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I doubt that will stop them, especially since some love doing that to display their shiny mons without fear of them being traded.

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Haven't played Omega Ruby so I picked it up again and ran through the 4th, 5th, and 6th gym. Now I'm in Team Magma's hideout in Lilycove.


My team is incidentally made up entirely of Pokémon that can Mega Evolve:

Swampert (Lv. 47)

Metagross (Lv. 45)

Aggron (Lv. 54)

Camerupt (Lv. 42) No Mega Stone yet.

Latios (Lv. 40)

Gardevoir (Lv. 38) No Mega Stone yet. I wanted a Gallade since my Ralts happened to be male but getting a Dawn Stone was too much trouble.

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The earliest way to get a Dawn Stone is from Super Training, while a double battle in Sea Mauvile(Mysterious Sisters, 5% chance) and

[Wally right before the Elite 4, this caused me to send my Snorunt over to my X version to evolve her

are where you can get one.

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I tried inverse battling to get one but it was a bit of a hassle as his team is random, you can only battle him once a day, and my team was a bit over leveled to make the number of super effective hits required to earn a reward at that tier. And even then, there was no guarantee. You just are guaranteed a stone, not necessarily a Dawn Stone. Oh well. Too late.

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510 (I know this due to how many boxes I've filled) eggs and counting. No green-colored Bagon yet, but I'm not gonna give up!


Pokemon like Eevee and psuedo legendaries, are in my opinion, the biggest pains in the butt to MM a shiny of. Mainly because of how many steps they take to hatch. This is including the use of Hatching O-power lvl. 3, it always ends around to 2-3 eggs in on those mons.


I did get a shiny Espurr through Masuda Method, but it's a male. This would be nice if it had it's hidden ability, but I'm not even using one with Own Tempo. It is, however, the first 5 relevant IV shiny I've ever bred. Whether or not I'll keep this one or trade it to someone, I've yet to determine. I'm still not giving up on getting a shiny female.

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I'm not worried about one right now(I'm more interested in Aurorus).



Saw someone post this on another board.


I don't feel that this list was well thought out. Number 5, 8 and 10 in particular made me question the list.

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It's an opinion video. You should question it because it represents someone's view, not your own.


I think the weirdest thing was the fact that Luvdisc somehow didn't make the list, yet Alomomola(which does have a better battling niche, but not ingame) did. I'm trying to figure out how Arceus made the list(I admittedly, don't really care for Arceus, but it seems strange). Phione is really the only one that made the list that fit.


Also, the person didn't into research. Weather mechanics started in gen 2(the moves Rain Dance and Sunny Day for example). Yeah, abilities(well, abilities in general) that could take advantage of weather didn't exist until gen 3, but weather moves existed before that.


The video would have been better under a different title. Something like "Top 10 Pokemon designs that I think are absurd", since most of the Pokemon on the list would fit into that theme much better.

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