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Oh no!  Not you too Krw!  I'm almost too scared to go outside with all those monster dogs lurking around!


The weekend was fun.  I pretty much did everything I intended to.  As was mentioned above, I now have enough fragments for a new accessory.


One amusing story that we can laugh about now was the orb quest.  We needed to beat the Hydra with a thief within a short time limit.


We weren't beating the time limit with me as a priest, so Lucy filled the priest role which freed me up to be a Minstral.  My minstral gear is more fit for the Hydra and I was more resilliant in this battle than my comrads so this turned out to be the right call.  We beat the time limit and cleared the quest... everyone but me that is!  I hadn't accepted the quest!  Lucy had to go so Krw came in to fill her slot.  I accepted a quest and we tried agian... NO!  I accepted the wrong quest!  I go and get the right one and buy a Hydra coin as we were fresh out of cards.  We go again.  YES.  This time I finally clear it.  It was another of those "Only with Cranberry" moments that I seem to be prone to.  But alls well that ends well.  I decided to get water element boards as my reward, and I wound up with some very nice boad combinations.  I'm satisfied with my water boards now, they are a good fit and link together well.


This morning, Sumire visited my in-game house and we had some fun playing with the Momon doll upstairs.

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The man who loves life.

The man who thinks people are awesome.

The man who fears no other man, beast, evil, or brother.

The man who's currently standing behind me attempting to buy a lottery ticket and is eventually disconnected due to the lag.


Hulkamania's goin' to run wild on you!

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Days off are fun, especially since with certain players currently being online I was basically expecting a card party invite. Then, it happened, and I was asked a rather interesting question... does my dancer have knife skills?




No, no, no...


You can't mean?!?!



Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah!


Granted we died the first time due to Akbah deciding that he would get every type of seal except for spells on him. Then followed by Duran managing to Grandcross all of us despite only the target of it being in range... some weird amount of lag going on there. This win resulted in 2 fragments, so it made up for the loss. The 3rd battle went really smooth, since we finally managed to seal Akbah's spells. 3 fragments total, the game still denying me new accessories...


Or so I thought.


Next up was Majinga, and the first fight resulted in an Accel Gear!! It now holds my record for most amount of fragments until an accessory at 14. Of course that spot will be trumped by 3 Demons as soon as I freaking get the accessory. Currently going strong at 32 fragments and no actual accessory drops! kei has cursed me by saying it will take me over 200 fragments before I get the accessory, will he be right? It's looking pretty likely at this rate.  :laugh:



Afterwards I did some gem hunting, managed to snag up a Viper Fang gem and another Liger Crush gem. Popped out my current dark gems and was able to place: Tiger Claw, Liger Crush, Viper Fang, Rekkouken, and the fan blind skill. I am considering replacing Rekkouken since we usually run Majinga with the Paladin, 2 Mage setup. The fan blind skill is also on the cutting floor, as the 140 skill has an extremely high blind rate and is good enough for a quick blind to Duran. I need to work out a skill build so that I can get staffs back. They work wonders on dealing with Zombie during 3 Demons. I have both versions of the 2 space gem for that skill too.




To finish off the day, instead of just talking about my Paladin gear and hoping it actually works as intended. I decided to give Strong Atlas a test-run... with AI!! Okay, SP lotto, I don't like you and you don't like me but cut me a break this time. First draw:




Thank ya.


I wanted to get the most out of my AI, so I decided to bring my still glass-cannon Dracky with me for a setup that could hopefully defeat Strong Atlas fairly quickly. Did I mention that my Dracky doesn't know the meaning of life? He only knows how to destroy it!! And with 900 Magic Might (Kazam caps at 900), along with a total of 50% extra dark spell damage... good lord does he ever show it. Throwing out 1k damage Kazams like they were nothing.


Of course the real test here was if I was heavy enough to stop Strong Atlas, and if Defending Champion tanking works as well as I thought it would. You have my 100% guarantee seal of approval that this works, and makes the fight fairly trivial. Excluding of course that the AI can't get out of corners, and I nearly wiped out because Stunshot decided it wouldn't work. Although I was in the corner because of my input mistakes which allowed Strong Atlas to push me back quite far a few times. Still pretty good for a first-time paladin.


4:43 clear time.





btw, there's a new setup for 3 Demons ever since the update. Warrior got boosted to crazy levels:


vs Hydra

- Immediately use 150 skill to lower his attack two stages + 1/2 damage effect. With this in place, you can leave Hydra angry as it lowers his chompers damage and that could cause deaths.

- Dragon Slash (2H sword version) with the gem's buff does about ~1050 damage, with FB it does 1999.


vs Zombie

- If Hydra was being a jerk with Acid Breath and isn't down yet, nail zombie with a Charge Tackle.

- By the time zombie starts moving, the 150 skill will have recharged. Immediately nail him with it to lower his attack and potentially get the 1/2 damage debuff on him.

- Switch to Axes.

- Use the 120 SP skill to lower his defence.

- Attack with Parallax from then on.


vs Baramos

- He will start moving before you defeat Zombie, when he does your 150 skill should be charged. Hit him with it.

- After zombie is down, deal with him in the same way.


The only disadvantage Warrior has is dealing with an immediate Acid Breath, but that slows down any group. The plus is that you can leave Hydra mad because you've lowered his attack to the point where the anger damage boost won't help.


Warrior requires:

120 in Axes

(Preferably) 150 in 2H Swords

150 in Courage


Breath resistance, 100% Dance guard.




Dragon Slash damage up gem: +35% per level for a total of 175% extra damage from Dragon Slash. That's ãƒ‰ãƒ©ã‚´ãƒ³ã‚¹ãƒ©ãƒƒã‚·ãƒ¥ not to be confused with ãƒ‰ãƒ©ã‚´ãƒ³æ–¬ã‚Š.



Success rate up gem for 150 skill: This is dropped by a reincarnation monster. I would gladly help you hunt for this if you want one. Easy to hunt monster with lots of available enemies on the map, and Ranger's mercy skill will send them away.

Parallax damage up gem: Dropped by reincarnation monster, this will need to be done in a group.

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Been on a roll with my Monster List these last couple days.


I now have it down to the following:  the 4 unique bosses Strong Nerugeru, Strong Gretzel, the 2 unique bosses from Four Lords, the 3 unique bosses from pyramids 8 and 9, V-Ron, and Strong V-Ron.



On a related note, does anyone happen to have any of those V-Ron coins in storage still, that wouldn't mind letting me fight them with you?  As far as I'm aware, they were event quest rewards from an event that ran from May 21st, 2013 to June 20th, 2013.

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So, I was running a royal lab today.  I got a little greedy on a mimic in the second floor of the lab, and got to the door as the counter said 0.  When I entered the room, my timer went away!  I could not buy any buffs, nor could I take the 2 treasure boxes...  I went into the boss room: still no timer.  Engaged the boss: the battle music started to play for a fraction of a second, then it kicked me back out of the battle.  Checked the door:  no luck.  Reengaged the boss for the heck of it, as I didn't like the idea of wasting the 9 points I put into this run: nothing.  Several more tries of engaging the boss: he disappears!  His icon remained, though.  Recheck the door:  it let me in!  Huh? My buffs didn't go away?  Check the exit: won't let me out.....  Check the entrance door:  new lab!  STILL have my buffs (one of which is the movement speed one)!  Everything after that was normal, except that while the messages said I still had the bonus buffs that I paid points for, they were no longer active...


So, long story short, Royal Lab glitched on me, and for once, glitched in my favor, letting me do 2 labs for the price of 1 (and making the second set even easier)!


"Only with Cranberry Matt!"  (Guess she's rubbing off on me...lol)

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Gonna skip over Friday (not much happened) and most of Saturday (overtired, and lets not dig into what happened there.)


After an overly needed break on Saturday, I logged back in to attempt some liger crush gem hunting. Tried the other spot, but all I could find was Boss Trolls... so I decided to return to the spot Ashes, Tony and I hunted at before. My bad luck RNG got unbroke... as within the remaining 24 minutes I managed to run into 4 of them and the 3rd gem I got was a 2 space one!!


On Sunday, did some royal labyrinths to get them out of the way:



Ran into this guy for the first time.


And cleared this boss for the first time.


My last run in the labyrinth also resulted in a Mimic showing up and mimic fever. I got carried away. Whatever possessed me to fight that last one with 60 seconds on the clock, I dunno, but the timer was not amused by my tomfoolery. Oh well.



Next up was the new weekly expert quest, which quite honestly I didn't think we could manage. Clear Strong Gaia in 4:20? We have trouble clearing Strong Atlas in that amount of time!! Strong Gaia also has that annoying all damage guard to drag the fight on. Hearing this must've been a wake up call, because Matt upgraded his mage right there on the spot. I has also previously placed a Zam damage up gem, which combined with my belt gave me +15% dark spell damage.


First 3 attempts went sour simply because of Strong Gaia being a jerk. Oddly enough, despite all of the nonsense he pulled we were still managing about 5min clears. Plus 2 of them in a row were accessory drops, so I was loving this extra progress towards finishing my orb (needs a max of 10 currently). Our 4th attempt. 3:44!!!! Oh yeeeeeaaah!



On that note, it was time for my weekly thrashing from Rine. Had some gaia orbs and chokers to fuse, so let's get this over with. The orbs quickly became EXP fodder, and then it was time for the chokers.




As expected.





Umm.... WHAT?!?!

A FIVE?!?!?!?!



Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh! Finally got a 5 Attack!!!!




On my 3 Demons Choker!


What? You thought I was fusing battle chokers? Oh silly me, I forgot to mention that before my break on Saturday that we went to 3 Demons with Mimas's teammate and it resulted in the accessory drop. The prophecy I made as a joke earlier has come true! I claimed that I would get a 5 (through regular fusion) on my Demons choker before I got one on my Battle Choker. Again, the 100% crit fusion doesn't count, this is all about how many fuses it takes to reach a perfect accessory. Getting a 5 flat out is like fusing 31 accessories.


Am I mad about getting more progress on the 3 Demons choker after everything I've done for the Battle Choker?


Of course not! Rine, look. If you want to effortlessly give me a 5 on the choker that is from a way, way, way, WAAAAY tougher boss than Atlas. You go right ahead and do so. I am totally cool with that.  :P

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For free (although he requires you to spend ~75 of your stones to enter the royal labyrinth in total to show up in the first place) he replaces the boss of the floor with Big Dream (the jumbo Dragon Box mimic) along with the same extra effects the other genies at the start provide (2x special monster appearance, 2 floors cleared)


Big Dream has a ton of HP, but also summons Dream Mimics (Gold) and Dragon Mimics (Dragon) which drop their respective boxes. The idea here is, come in with as much time as possible and let him summon as much back up as possible for more treasure boxes.

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I am considering doing some gem hunting this week.


I HIGHLY recommend the new gem perfume for this, if you can get your hands on some.  I was fighting the enemy that drops 3 different fource gems, and after about 15 minutes, had all 3 unique 2x gems! (Plus at least 1 different 2x gem shape, too!)


Finally unlocked the monster battle arena, is there a limit on how many fights you can do per day/week?


I believe you get one turn per day, but they carry over, up to a very high number.  (I neglected mine for a couple months, and have more than 100 available turns right now.)


There's no limit to how many of those you can use per day.  Also, the rank-up tests don't burn your turns.

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I did some gem hunting today with Mimas, Sumire. and Ashes.  The target was the 150 Warrior skill success up gem.  And we were successful.  The gem dropped.  It was not an optimal shape, but I bought a few boards and got one that it fit into.  I immediately raised it to level 5.  This should give me more value as a Warrior.

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Over the past few days I've been catching up on gem hunting. Decided the best approach (for now until I get some gem perfume) would be to tackle the ones that come from reincarnation monsters. Already got Liger Crush, so the next one on my list was çœŸãƒ»ã‚„ã„ã°ãã ãã®æŠ€å·§ to increases the success rate of Warrior's 150 skill.



Ironically so, the best map to hunt these guys on was also the same map I hunted for the liger crush gem. They appear 1 at a time, and there are plenty of them in one small area of the map. Super easy to hunt. Took 5 of them (1 on first 30min, 4 on second 30min) in order to get a 2 space gem.


Next up, was the toughest of the reincarnation monster gems I planned on hunting. è’¼å¤©é­”æ–¬ã®æ¥µæ„ to increase the damage of Parallax.


This one... took a while... the normal enemy here is too strong to shoo away, and you cannot meet a reincarnation monster in the same encounter if you run away. So you have to defeat every one of these until the golden Elephant shows up. 4 the first time hunting with Mimas, and Ashes. 4 the first time I hunted solo, then 1, then 1. 2 hours of perfume and 10 gems later got me a 2 space one.


Now, this would be fairly depressing except for the other gem that just happened to drop. One of the regular elephants just happened to drop their dark gem. A 2 space è¶…ã¯ã‚„ã¶ã•æ–¬ã‚Šã®æ¥µæ„ to be precise! Considering that charge time skill gems from normal enemies are way down on my list, getting Super Falcon Slash alongside this one was very lucky indeed.



The last gem from reincarnated monsters on my list is ãƒ´ã‚¡ã‚¤ãƒ‘ーファングã®æŠ€å·§. I've hunted it before, but only got 3 space versions. It's fairly simple to hunt though the reincarnation monster is tricky due to being a metal monster. I will need to make sure to have a party of crit/miss instead of the setup I had last time. Some of my ambush rate up gear would help too.




Since I finished hunting the above early than expected yesterday, I played through the 1st part of the new questline released this week.


NOTE: This quest is designed in a way that it can be cleared by anyone regardless of their level. However, the area it is in has a few treasure chests you may want to not open right away. Namely the å¹»ç•Œã®å››è«¸ä¾¯ã‚«ãƒ¼ãƒ‰ (4 Lords card) on 2F of the library. Both of my sub characters had the mail and new quest pop-up, so I know it can be done even if you are still in v1. The quest can be done by anyone, the card... uhhh yeah... don't pick it up if you're new unless you want some crazy powerleveling motivation.


Since this quest consists of a lot of puzzle elements, I am going to break up my usual explanations into a section with the basic outline of the story and where to go during the quest, and a section with puzzle (field and battle) answers. This is not a friendly quest for people unable to read Japanese, but I want to keep the solutions separate. For people who want to see screenshots, the story section has a ton of them.


Fairy Library Quest #1




Note: In this section I will refer to the solution section by bolding the sub-section titles. Puzzle #1, Battle #1, etc refer to that entry in the solutions. If you are having trouble clearing them you can look them up there.


Our first grand adventure in the fairy library, which somehow appeared in a well at Megistoris and worse yet the perspective is completely off... is that well a warp pipe... nevermind... anyway, our first quest is about a book that seems to have no title. Since no one else can ever do anything, it's up to us... to read the book!


Let's dive right in! Literally! As we follow the adventures of the fabulous Treasure Hunter, Rin!


The completely childish, and ditz of a protagonist. Her first crime as a treasure hunter is to destroy the historical ruins of the temple in Jaira with her weight. Which leaves us on top of the temple in control of Rin to solve Puzzle #1 to enter the temple!



Night falls after solving the puzzle. The game also allows you to, for fun, use any of your gestures as Rin.



I wonder what's ahead?


Our journey leads us to a mysterious room with writing on the wall, and suddenly another character appears... izzat... Cloud?! What the heck are you doing in my DQX?!?! Turns out this Cloud-look-a-like (seriously) is a man by the name of Raul. Warning Rin of the danger of messing with the tablet in this room we carefully head his...


Rin: Nah, screw you! I'm on a treasure hunt here!!


And we open up... what looks like a portal to hell and get sucked in. Raul jumping in after us and finding ourselves deep within the temple.


See? He DOES look a lot like him, complete with Buster Sword. Rin, upon seeing the remains of another adventurer on the ground, realizes that... this probably wasn't the best idea.


In order to escape, we must work together by splitting up as soon as possible to solve the various trials within the temple. Along with cutscenes where Raul apparently called Rin childish, her not liking that, and a bunch of reactions from Rin that are Kandar-level in how hilarious and well-done they are.



After splitting up the first room we end up in as Rin has a pedestal in it. Trying to remove the key will start Battle #1.



Scary Dracky is scary!



You can then use the mirror in the room to switch to controlling Raul and head through the door opened by clearing the previous battle.



You can use ANY GESTURE you want!  Again, have fun with this. It doesn't help you advance, but it sure is fun to mess around with them.



Exploring the room before going around is fun. Be sure to examine tablets like this as some of them add to the book in your key items.


In the next room, you will find another pedestal that activates Battle #2


After defeating these enemies, you will need to solve Puzzle #2 and then switch back to Rin. Rin can then solve Puzzle #3, fight Battle #3, which opens the door for Raul.


Switch back to Raul, go through the newly opened door for Rin and Raul to meet up, and through a cutscene they activate the final pedestal throwing you into Battle #4. Afterwards, head to the center of the temple as Rin and solve Puzzle #4 in order to process to the Boss.


The cutscene before the boss shows us Rin's... sudden child-like fear of monsters?!?! What... the... heck? Didn't we just fight several... you know what... nevermind...


This boss fight is fairly simple when you understand how it works. Although, personally I had to fight this twice due to horribly bad luck where Rin was near full HP and the boss managed to slip by Raul hit her right before I stole his damage circle, then again taking her out... and "oh hey his instakill right on schedule", Raul revives, and sure enough right before I can stop him he attacks... 


Hey, gotta confirm there are checkpoints for this quest somehow! Right?!  :lrsmile:


After defeating the monster, the duo's reward is the treasure... of a talking... hat? Where's our T Shirt? Granted the real treasure was these two meeting up and I'm sure we will see more of their adventures in the following to be released quests. Still, braved the temple of doom and I don't even get a stupid T Shirt? Weak.


However, we did discover the name of the book, so our quest ends here. Turning in the quest nets us a Seed of Life, the 9th one available so far.




Puzzle and Battle Solutions:



Puzzle #1: Opening the Temple (Rin, Jaira Jungle ã‚¸ãƒ£ã‚¤ãƒ©å¯†æž—)

In order to open the temple, you need to say the phrase: ãƒ©ãƒŠãƒ«ãƒ¼ã‚¿ (ranaru-ta) while standing on the pedestal at D-4. The hint is that ラナ and ルータ are written on the two pillars near the pedestal.


Battle #1: Rin vs 2 Night Shadows

Both enemies (appearing as Drackys) start off with a purple barrier on them. Use Rin's ã‚¢ãƒ¡ã‚¸ã‚¹ãƒˆãƒ–レイク to remove the barrier, then attack.


Battle #2: Raul vs 2 Moon Protection Undead

Both enemies (appearing as Skeletons) start off with a red barrier on them. Use Raul's ç´…蓮断㡠to remove the barrier. These enemies also both have a 999 HP regen effect, so attacking them normally is futile.


Use Raul's ãƒ©ã‚¤ã‚¸ãƒ³ã‚°ã‚µãƒ³ skill to raise his tension, then one shot them with his å¤©å…‰ç ´æ–¬ skill.


Puzzle #2: Moving the Giant Sphere (Raul, Night Temple å¤œã®ç¥žæ®¿)

Examining the giant sphere will give you a hint (at least I think it does my Japanese isn't that great) in order to advance. Simply put, make all of the orbs on the right red, and all of the orbs on the left yellow.




Puzzle #3: Matching (Rin, Night Temple å¤œã®ç¥žæ®¿)

As Raul, you now will break the 4th wall in order to help Rin solve this puzzle.


You can see this solution for this (regardless of if you've completed Puzzle #2 if you zoom in) by simply looking at the wall here.


This is some straight-up King's Quest level puzzle solving.


Battle #3: Rin vs 2 Night Shadows and an Evil Monkey

Dispatch the shadows (Dracky) the same way as you did before. The Monkey (Silver Devil) has a green barrier, so remove it with ã‚¨ãƒ¡ãƒ©ãƒ«ãƒ‰ãƒãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆ. However, like with the skeletons, this enemy has a 999 HP regen effect on so you will need to one shot him. Use snooze to put him to sleep then use Rin's version of Hypnosis Hunt, ãƒ€ãƒ¼ã‚¯ãƒŠã‚¤ãƒˆã‚¨ãƒƒã‚¸, to finish the fight.


Battle #4: Rin and Raul vs a Night Shadow, Evil Monkey, and 2 Pterosaurs

This battle has quite a bit going on, and fairly strong enemies so be sure to watch your HP. Both Rin and Raul have Midheal, and Raul can revive with Kazing if you happen to die. Start off by dealing with the Pterosaurs, they start with a blue barrier that you will need to remove by using Rin's ã‚µãƒ•ã‚¡ã‚¤ã‚¢ãƒãƒ³ãƒˆ. Occasionally, these enemies will drop a bomb on the floor, use Rin's ã„ãŸã ãトラップ to steal it and turn it against them!


The Night Shadow and Evil Monkey are dealt with the same way as before... along keep in mind that Raul is a moron and you can't change his AI tactics. He can and will drive you crazy as you try to get the timing to put the monkey to sleep and use her skill to one shot it only to have him attack and wake it up.


Puzzle #4: The final puzzle (Rin, Night Temple å¤œã®ç¥žæ®¿)

Oddly enough I don't know where the hint for this puzzle is... mainly because I just assumed to match the pictures on the wall with a moon phase. Crescent, Full, Full, Crescent, New is the solution.


Boss: Rin and Raul vs... a monster!!! Rin is scared of monsters... but weren't we just fighting...

HP ~19800


This fight is all about teamwork, and more importantly, knowing how each of your skills work.


The boss has a standard attack, and ã“ã”ãˆã‚‹å¹é›ª to deal damage to you, but the real puzzle elements to the fight are his other abilities:


月ã®åŠ è­·: Creates a random barrier (excluding red) to protect the boss. It's up to Rin to remove it!  


アメジストブレイク for purple

エメラルドãƒãƒ¼ã‚¹ãƒˆ for green

サファイアãƒãƒ³ãƒˆ for blue

(Color coded these for you too!)


残夜ã®ç–¾é¢¨: 1 shots Rin, stand next to Raul and he will protect you from this (takes ~55 damage). More than likely you'll already be close together so this isn't much of a threat.

死霊ã®ã•ã–ã‚ã: Shocks Rin while dealing ~20 damage. Shortly after Raul will encourage her and this will be removed followed by Rin losing her temper for being scared and being put in super high tension.

邪悪ãªã‚‹éœŠå¨: Creates a damage circle that doubles damage the boss does. Steal it with ã„ãŸã ãトラップ!

逃れãˆã¬æ­»ã®æ³¢å‹•: Insta-kills Rin and Raul, 12 second start-up. Use Rin's ãƒ ãƒ¼ãƒ³ã‚¯ãƒ©ãƒƒã‚·ãƒ¥ (on her second page of skills) to shock the boss and stop it!


It also helps to know how Raul and Rin work together:

Raul occasionally uses å¤©å…‰ç ´æ–¬ which lower's the dark element resistance of the boss.

Rin's ãƒ€ãƒ¼ã‚¯ãƒŠã‚¤ãƒˆã‚¨ãƒƒã‚¸ does dark element damage.


Combine them together and Rin deals ~800 damage! ~2450 with SHT! And if you managed to steal his damage circle a whopping ~4900 damage!


Use this knowledge to topple this foe!



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残夜ã®ç–¾é¢¨: 1 shots Rin, stand next to Raul and he will protect you from this (takes ~55 damage). More than likely you'll already be close together so this isn't much of a threat.

死霊ã®ã•ã–ã‚ã: Shocks Rin while dealing ~20 damage. Shortly after Raul will encourage her and this will be removed followed by Rin losing her temper for being scared and being put in super high tension.

邪悪ãªã‚‹éœŠå¨: Creates a damage circle that doubles damage the boss does. Steal it with ã„ãŸã ãトラップ!

逃れãˆã¬æ­»ã®æ³¢å‹•: Insta-kills Rin and Raul, 12 second start-up. Use Rin's ãƒ ãƒ¼ãƒ³ã‚¯ãƒ©ãƒƒã‚·ãƒ¥ (on her second page of skills) to shock the boss and stop it!




Solution Spoiler:



Huh.  Fought him twice myself (Didn't look the fight up, so I fell victim to the insta-kill darkness AoE move...), and he somehow never successfully hit me with that 1HKO move.  Guess I was lucky and was close enough to Raul every time he pulled it!


I also never figured out the circle-steal...lol.



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By hunting together with Merry yesterday, got the 2 space ãƒ´ã‚¡ã‚¤ãƒ‘ーファングã®æŠ€å·§ to finish off my list of must-get reincarnation monster gems. Not to say that I won't hunt more from reincarnation monsters if asked, just that I won't go out and hunt them myself. We also tried hunting tiger claw gems with perfume, but were only successful in getting more 3 space ones. I haven't obtained the gem perfume from Grand Prix yet (not a fan of pvp), but I probably should do so before it is over.


Also decided to finally cash in the weekly quest for some dark boards to fix up... well... lets just say that my setup for my dark boards was so terrible that I honestly wonder what I was thinking. I guess really needed the space for the Tiger Claw and Liger Crush gems the game handed me so I did anything to place them... and it showed because I could barely place 5 two space gems, let alone 5 3 space.  :laugh:



Started revealing the 5 dark boards I got. First was terrible, the second...




2x2 square? In top-right corner? Oh yeah! 1/4 of a perfect board for dark gems, and for the bottom left corner too! The starter board for the bottom left is horrible and I was very pleased to get rid of it.


The third board...


Game you joking right? Granted the board I got wasn't another 2x2 corner, but it was really, really close. I got a board that had spots for two  2 space vertical gems on the bottom. Ironically so, did you know that the gems I've been hunting from reincarnated monsters over the past two weeks have all been 2 space vertical?  :P




Immediately placed board at top right.


And the 4th!


Turned out to be the original top left L-shaped board, but rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Placed in bottom right. The 5th wasn't very good, but it didn't need to be as those 3 boards were enough. Placed 6 gems (two 3 space gems) and still have room for a 7th 2 space gem. Hunting the gems might be a horrifically boring RNG grind, but seeing it all start coming together is rather great motivation to put the finishing touches on my hunting.


In case you are wondering, I eventually plan on hunting all of the following:



ヒャド系呪文ã®æ¥µæ„: Increases damage of Crack-spells by 1% (5%). Currently have a bunch of 3 space ones.

ドルマ系呪文ã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Zam-spells by 1% (5%). Currently have a few 3 space ones, but haven't hunted this before.

ãµã†ã„ã‚“ã®ãƒ€ãƒ³ã‚¹ã®æŠ€å·§: Increases the success rate of Seal dance by 5% (25%). Currently have a 3 space one.



タイガークローã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Tiger Claw by 2% (10%) per hit. Currently have a bunch of 3 space ones.

オノむãã†ã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Axes of Evil by 3% (15%). Do not have.

ã¯ã‚„ã¶ã•æ–¬ã‚Šã®æ¥µæ„: Increases damage of Falcon Slash by 6% (30%) per hit. Currently have a 3 space one, haven't hunted, got from Majinga.

ドラゴン斬りã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Dragon Slash (1h sword) by 25% (125%). Currently have a 3 space one.

ドラゴンスラッシュã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Dragon Slash (2h sword) by 35% (175%). Do not have.

タナトスãƒãƒ³ãƒˆã®æ¥µæ„: Increases the damage of Thanatos Hunt while enemy is poisoned/paralysed by 3% (15%). Do not have.


Cran I think you have the Falcon Slash gem too. Pretty sure it was when we ran the Majinga Expert quest weekly with Mimas, and Wing. Definitely check and equip it if you do.


Here's a little trick that people are doing nowadays that pretty much mainstreamed 1h swords. 


They use a Lightning Sword (ライトニングソード) along with a belt from the royal labyrinth with % lightning skill damage up (é›·ã®ç‰¹æŠ€ã®æ”»æ’ƒãƒ€ãƒ¡ãƒ¼ã‚¸+%) to do some rather impressive damage to anything that doesn't resist lightning. As with anything mainstream, this means +2 Lightning Swords with a fair amount of attack are dirt cheap because they aren't +3.


Just a smart buy that all of you 1h sword users should be aware of, and some added motivation to play the royal labyrinth weekly to try for one of those belts.  :thumbsup:

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What is Viper Funky? I must be reading it wrong...


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What is Viper Funky? I must be reading it wrong...



ヴァイパーファング = Viper Fang

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Wow, well that was a fairly crazy weekend:




Obtained 2 space versions of each of these. The Axes of Evil one being particularly nice since I really needed that.
On Saturday, just being a little more assertive about the things we keep neglecting, I wondered... why are we doing cards right now when we have a group that could pyramid? Which resulted in us going to the pyramid, clearing 7-8 and in some crazy dramatic amount of luck... Anubis... ANKH?!?! Then by some sort of hysterical luck (for everyone in the game actually) the weekly reset approached and the current Expert quest weekly is a breath of fresh air after last week's.
Beat Belial in under 2min, no restrictions.
So 1 attempt and 43 seconds later, we did that. After the few remaining cards we had, it was time for my weekly thrashing from Rine. Seeing as she stomped all over the accessories I got from hunting for gems during the weekdays, I wasn't going in with very high hopes... and then...
致死ダメージ時 5.0%ã§ç”Ÿå­˜
This concludes my necessity to hunt Belial. I have a 9 HP and 25% survival rate version of his silver rosary. Not to say that I won't join in for him if you have cards. He's actually fun to fight, unlike a certain annoying little monkey.
And then...
HP +3
I guess Rine is going to let me get that HP Hydra belt after all. Last was the most likely futile attempts to get something good out of all of the brooch fragments I had been saving until I got an ankh. Had enough to make 4 and...
HP +4 on the second fuse.
It also got a 2 HP and for some reason 2 MP twice. The HP fuses were enough to make the ankh equivalent to my brooch in HP boosting when I +4 it. Haven't done that yet, but can whenever. 
For the rest of the cards we did on Sunday, well I will let other people go over that since I was just tagging along there.
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Honestly it's so hard to update you guys with all I've done because of my free time, and when I do I'm in the position that I am now.... I have 70 pictures but to go through and give a caption for each just seems daunting. SUCH DILEMMAS! I have no idea what i'll do. if anyone has a preference let me know!

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