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How to use a VPN on your Wii


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Here is a small guide on how to use a VPN for your Wii.


There is a method where you alter your router itself adding in VPN information. Then you can just use your wireless router as normal to access the internet on your Wii. I am not as familiar with this method, but if someone else is I will gladly post the information here.


The method I will talk about instead is simple buy has a strict requirement. For this method you need to have either a laptop or a desktop that has a wireless card (as well as an ethernet port) that has Windows 7 installed.


Creating a Wifi Hotspot.


You have two software options, either Connectify or mHotspot. Connectify has a free and a premium version (though older versions of the software were free). I don't recall the situation completely, buy I had problems downloading, or with the feature list of Connectify, and so I am not familiar with it. mHotspot is free (Currently clicking on "Version 4 Lite" should bring you to the page where you can download it) but has annoying adds in one of the tabs. The software requires no installation, just extraction. What either of these two software do is allow you to use your computers ethernet connection and share it as a new wifi connection, basically making your computer into a wifi hot spot. If you don't have any internet connection for your Wii you can also use this as a normal internet connection.




For mHotspot you need to go to the third tab, "Setup". Type in a name for you connection, and a password. There are name restrictions on your connection "_" is not allowed in names, other special characters might not be allowed either ("-" is OK). Then write a password for you connection. After that go to the second tab and choose "Start Hotspot". Then you can go to your Wii and set up the connection by searching for wireless connections and choosing the name you setup and entering the password you created on the computer for the wifi. The Wii's connection test should succeed. Whenever you reset your computer you need to open the program and select "Start Hotspot" again to start up the connection before you can use your Wii on the internet. If you go to the third tab again and notice that the name and password are empty do not be alarmed. They are still stored in the program and won't change unless you change them in that tab."




There are a number of VPN companies to choose from. You will want to pay money for your VPN since you are using it for gaming, so speed is essential. But you will also want to have one that is anonymous. I don't know if it is the fastest connection out there (I doubt it) but Overplay has servers located in Japan. If anyone has a different VPN to suggest though it wouldn't be bad to shop around. You can

on how to set up a connection with Overplay. You would want to have a subscription and probably would want to choose the address next to Japan instead of America.


Bridging your Connections

After you've created a connection to your VPN you should temporary disable it. Paste "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center" into a Windows Explorer "URL" box. Click on properties for your VPN connection. Go to the "Sharing" tab. Choose "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet Connection". From the drop down box choose the wireless connection that you created and then click "OK". (The above is also viewible in the video guide linked to above. Altough they are using a wired connection to their Xbox instead of a wireless connection to thier Wii) You should be able to check to see if your VPN is working by going to a site that tells you where you connection is coming from.

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