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Pirate King Gilder

Translated DQ 4-6 Bestiaries and Other General Dragon Quest Informatio

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Before I begin, I'd like to sincerely apologize for how long it’s taken me to get around to this. I came down with something quite bad at the beginning of the month and didn’t start to feel better until nearly a week later. Needless to say, this put me quite behind on various things that I’ve been working on, so I’ve only just now recovered from being exhausted by all of the extra work that I've had to do in order to catch up.


With that bit of explanation out of the way, on to the topic at hand.


(Note: I’m going to spoiler tag the bulk of this post; since, as you will see below, brevity is not really something that I’m capable of and I don’t want to bloat this page unnecessarily with such a large post)



First on the agenda, these are links to the Bestiaries that I have translated:


DQ4: https://docs.google....QU1UdEZJQkx0Sk0


DQ4 NES Version Monster Differences:

https://docs.google....WEdmNE9sWGRFM00 (Note: Resistances listed in this document for normal Enemies are the chance for that Element to Miss the Enemy, NOT the chance for it to Hit the Enemy as in the translated Bestiaries. Bosses are listed in full, with their Resistances listed as chances for the Element to Hit, as in the translated Bestiaries, however.)


DQ5: https://docs.google....aUtBWGU2ckl1bEE


DQ6: https://docs.google....dGoyUUl1UmNBVHM


The above Bestiaries largely consist of translations of Bestiaries from the following site:




This is Sword and Magic, probably the most detailed extant source for non-mechanical Dragon Quest information on the internet. (At least as far as main series games are concerned, anyway)

Beyond having Bestiaries like the above ones for all of the games in the main series, it also has comprehensive and detailed Equipment, Ability, and Shop lists; Growth Tables detailing character stats for all possible levels in all original releases, along with each character's entire equipment draw listed in a very organized fashion; as well as various other details regarding each of the games in the series.


You may notice that the Bestiaries found on the actual site, exempting the first and second games in the series, contain only symbolic notation of the enemy resistance levels and not the actual hit rates that they do in the Bestiaries that I have translated.


The actual hit rates for each of the levels of resistance are largely obtained from the following two sites:






These sites (as they appeared in late 2004 and early 2008 respectively) are collectively all that remains of DQ PLA-NET, the site of a Japanese romhacker who went by WAKABA.


When this site was extant, it was probably the most detailed site for mechanics related information for games in the main series anywhere on the internet.


The first site went down when he changed servers for some reason back in very late '04/early '05. The second site is technically still up; but, as of mid 2008, all Data has since been removed from the site (For some reason that I’ve never quite been able to figure out), leaving a page linking to other Dragon Quest related sites as the only thing remaining.


Unfortunately, the second site wasn’t archived nearly as thoroughly as the first, so some of the more

recent, and likely more detailed/accurate, data is likely lost forever. As an example of this, the initial hit rates that were posited on the site for Dragon Quest 6’s Elements were not quite accurate. These were later pulled from the HTML based explanation pages due to said inaccuracy. The updated page with the accurate resistance numbers was not archived, so normally they would have been lost forever.


However, I was still able to figure out what they were through a combination of two factors:


First, as anyone that can read Kana will have already noticed, the top of each of the pages have links to pages that contain data in Text File format. Said data was ripped directly from the games' code and was always kept much more up to date than the explanation pages that I have directly linked to above.


Second, by looking over the ability data contained within the text files, and comparing it to the other

games in the series, I came to a conclusion: Dragon Quest 6 and 7 use the exact same resistance system.


This conclusion was later reaffirmed by testing that I conducted myself in my spare time, as well as

by independent data that I found on the following two sites:






Dragon Quest 5’s resistance data was reaffirmed in the same way, though with too numerous a number of sources to warrant listing them here.


Unfortunately, I was unable to find exact hit rates for Dragon Quest 4 in WAKABA’s site, so the hit

rates posited in the Bestiary do have a small chance of being inaccurate. An explanation of where the hit rates I used in the Bestiary come from is contained within the Bestiary itself.


There are a couple of errors/omissions within the Bestiaries that I am aware of; but, with one exception that I’d like to correct soon, they are extraordinarily small, so I have not corrected them as of yet.


They are as follows:


First, in the Explanation of the Components of the Table for Dragon Quest 4, I forgot to mention the

Goddess Ring under Status Resisting Equipment. Its Status Resistances are as follows: Snooze, Paralysis, and Fuddle (Reduction amount unknown to me at this time)


Second, also in the Dragon Quest 4 Bestiary, there is a bug in the NES version of Dragon Quest 4 that I was unaware of at the time of the translation of its Bestiary.


Specifically, Shield Resistance is non-functional in that version, unless the character equipped with

the Shield is also equipped with NO Armor. (In other words, Armor Resistance, even the outright lack of resistance, overwrites any Shield Resistance when both are equipped)


Third, in the Dragon Quest 5 Bestiary, the hit rate that I theorized for Kasnooze may be incorrect. Some recent testing I did appears to indicate that Kasnooze is simply a normal Type B attack and is not flagged in any way to have a unique hit rate.


However, full confirmation one way or the other would require far more extensive testing and/or hacking of the games code. The former of which, I do not have the time for, and the latter of which, I am unable to do, due to insufficient knowledge of programming at this point in time.


Finally, with regard to the Dragon Quest 6 Bestiary, the ability "Tongue Bashing" is listed as Defense

Elemental. While this is indeed the case for the SFC version, Sword and Magic lists it as Stun Elemental for the DS version.


Whether this was an accidental typo, or if the moves Element was indeed changed for balancing purposes (Since even the 1 Turn Stun effect of the move was Defense Elemental in the SFC version), I do not know at this point in time. When I am certain of whether or not this move was changed, I will make note of it in the Bestiary.



For anyone who wants to look into any of the above data further, and who also has a fairly extensive knowledge of both Japanese and Programming, I would suggest visiting the following site:




It appears to have extensive offset data for the first six Dragon Quest games, so it may help as a starting point in finding the answers to some of the questions that the fanbase still has. (I will note that WAKABA’S older website likely contains even more detailed offset data within the text files, but I’ve linked to the above site both for ease of navigation and for comparative purposes to ensure as much overall accuracy of available data as possible)


Before finishing this off, I have one other link that I’d like to post. I recently found a newly opened matome Wiki, operated by some people from 2ch, that pertains to data on the recruitable monsters in Dragon Quest 5:





The most important thing of note is that it lists the status resistances for the recruitable monsters, something that I have yet to see listed anywhere else. It also lists some possible Resistances for the Status Resisting Equipment (On a different page of the Wiki) that I may make a note of in the translated Bestiary at some point.


There are a small number of Resistances found within the above table that are disputed by other sources. I have listed them within the following translated table in Bolded Parentheses:




The disputed Resistances are as follows:


Rotten Apple's Woosh Resistance (Lists as 4/5, other sources list as 1)


Fandangow's Woosh Resistance (Lists as 1, other sources list as 4/5)


(Note: The above two are right next to each other in the table, so their Woosh resistances may have been transposed by accident)


Small Fry's Crack/Ice Resistance (Lists as 1, other sources list as 4/5)


Starkers' Crack/Ice, Woosh, and Zap Resistances (Lists all three as 1, other sources list them as 4/5, 1/3, and 0 respectively)


Rebjörn's Zap Resistance (Lists as 1, other sources list as 0)



I hope that all of the above information I have provided will be useful and/or enlightening in some way. I’m sorry that a lot of it was still in Japanese, but I simply don’t have the time to translate such a large amount of data in a reasonable amount of time, while still being able to guarantee that it remains accurate, at this point in my life.


The long term goal on my end, both for this series and for other series as well, is to bridge the gap between what we here in the West know about these games, from a mechanical standpoint, and what is known about them in Japan. Hopefully, whenever we get to that point, we can expand our collective knowledge even further and come to a full understanding of how the mechanics of these games truly work.


I truly do think that both this series, and JRPGs in general, would be a lot more successful/popular than they currently are if people knew more about how the games worked under the hood. JRPGs in general are a lot more strategic and engrossing than what a lot of people in the West give them credit for. I’m sure that this is due in no small part to the general paucity of mechanical information available for anything not named Final Fantasy.


I’ll do whatever I can to help change this and will provide as much information as I can to the JRPG community as a whole in whatever limited ways that I am able.


I would like to sincerely thank all of you for taking the time to read this, for any discussion that you may provide on this subject, and for allowing me to be part of your wonderful community.


I’ll try to be on at least once a day from now on, so if you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to ask. I’ve got something that I've gotta do in a minute; but, other than that, I’m not going to be busy today, so I’ll be available later this evening if anyone has any questions that are sparked from the above data that they’d like answered with reasonable haste.


Well, I’m off for now. See you guys later this evening.

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Thanks! That is a lot of information to digest! It will probably take me a while to make it through all of it. I also think that this topic should probably get pinned up somewhere so that it is easy to access in the future since it is full of such great resources.

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*head explodes*



Seriously, though, you've done quite a bit of digging around, it seems. Awesome job getting it all together, yo. I can't quite wrap my head around everything stated, but there are a few things I feel like I can respond to.


Tongue Bashing counting as 'Defense' in one place and 'Stun' in another almost seems like they had to pick one over the other for the sake of space. If I'm not mistaken, the technique inflicts BOTH when it works: it will stun the enemy for a turn and drop their defense to zero, I believe. Not sure if the defense drop is as temporary as the stunning.


On the matter of monster recruit resistances in V, I think gamefaqs and the den here have a guide for that... made by one of the members here, even, I think? Looking around a bit... yep, this looks like what I remember. Hopefully the findings there sync up to the other sources in some way.

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Ah, happy to se you have posted it. I was going to ask if any updates to the bestiaries were made, but your post answered that.


The DQ4 bestiary was greatly useful for me doing my solo run, helping me know when to use full heal and to switch armors on different forms of Psaro. When I revisist DQ4 for my Maya&Meena journey encore, it'll be handy again!


Using DQ5 bestirary for my general replay of it as well; lets me try to play the strengths of different monsters/party members. Great stuff!


Can't wait to see future ones like 7 or 8; make things worthwhile for replaying through again.

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You're welcome. Glad to be of any help that I am able.




The defense drop is indeed only for the duration of the stunning (1 Turn). As I noted above, if it was changed it was likely changed for balancing purposes. Many endgame Enemies and Bosses are vulnerable to Defense Elemental moves (Such as Sap and Kasap), but not Stun Elemental moves (Such as War Cry), so the fact that Tongue Bashing's stunning effect is also Defense Elemental in the SFC (and maybe DS) version(s) is potentially game breaking.


It's not as game breaking as one might initially be lead to believe, however, since it's a Resistance Factor 2 move and therefore has a base hit rate of only 50% on a Defense Neutral Enemy without Spooky Aura in effect. (And Spooky Aura is Death Elemental, so it's not going to work on Bosses any time this century)




I'm working on DQ 8's right now (it's about 2/3 of the way done) and I intend to start work on DQ 7's once I've finished with that.


After that, it's kind of up in the air as to what I'm going to do regarding these Bestiaries. I'll probably double back and do some of the older games in the series at that point, since it only just became possible to do DQ 9 and Sword and Magic hasn't verified all of the necessary data 100% yet.

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Wow, you have done a great service to the DW/Q community.... I am in awe of all this information. You deserve a "gold star" on this project. :D

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