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Your favorite too-obvious-to-pass-up monster-names.

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I don't recall any particularly clever ones I've had at the moment but if I get a monster that had a Name of their own else where in the series, I tend to name them after that.


Like naming Healers "Healie", SaberCars "Borongo", Battlerex "Wrex", etc.



And somewhat related I name my kids in DQV, "Cobi" and "Tara" after the DWM2 heroes. Honestly, thats who they should have made Cobi and Tara be.... missed opportunity to tie in another game...

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I'm one of those people that tend to be lazy with names. Like Shelly for shellslime. Sometimes i throw in a bit of twist, like Poto for Jargon, and Sabin for sabercat.


Oh and for rhapthorne, Slim Shady is probably what I would go with. :P


Edit: came up with some more silly names, like Skelly for female skelegon, DullHan for dullahan :P, and Ringo for beetleboy. Lizzie was the name of my hacksaurus in DQVI, so I used that as well, or sometimes Rex.

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Recently I got a Zenith Dragon, and I made a joke with my friend that I would name it after him. And honestly, it kinda stuck. So my Zenith Dragon is now officially named after my good friend, Ross Yankowitz, shortened to just plain ol' Ross

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I named my Ace of Spades "Lemmy".

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i remember that i called my overkilling machine "underacheiver".

of course it wouldnt fit in the name box, but i always said, " where did i put underachiever again?".

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Egdracil => Turtera

Magic God against Zemerugiasu => Epicon


He looks like a big god and reminds me of Immediate. And he is baddass as hell

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I've never actually nicknamed any of my non-slime monsters. However, my favourite potential nicknames, if I ever got around to doing that, would be:

Marquis de Leon: Galeon

Demon Wargod Zemerugiasu/Gran Estark/Nokturnus/what have you: Jesus-Punch (shortened to JesPunch due to the 8-character limit) (Nostalgia Critic reference for the win)

Mechan-o'-wyrm: Golgon (they're both golden dragons, so that's fitting)

Orochi: Ghidorah

Sagittar: PegSaber (a shortening of Pegasus Saber from Da Garn)

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I like to keep the names of the most memorable ingredient that made a monster (these are Joker 1 names, since I didn't get to Joker 2's post game, because I played professional and my ROM had a bug):


Beshemoth Slime = Besos (Spanish for Kisses). Later went on to become a Gem Slime, but kept the Besos name.

Jum = Jimbo. Later became a Rhaptorne.

Grim Rider = Bones. Later became a Dullahan.

Moosifer = Moose. Later went on to become an Orgodemir.


Incarnii is always named after my cat.

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