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[ DRAGON QUEST Manga / Novel / Artbook / Drama CD / Raw Database ]

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Please read this first         Instructions: Just click the section you want ( [ MANGA ], [ NOVELS AND ARTBOOKS ], [ ANIME ], [ DRAMA CDS ] ), and you'll be taken to the respective post.   Or

Now I need the time to read them all...

Thanks King Zenith! Although the DQV are just index links instead of the actual files :P


Ahh, sorry about that.  Got that fixed now.  Thanks!

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Hey guys. I found this thread about a year ago and downloaded all of the raw manga to practice my Japanese (although, I've only gotten around to reading just the DQM manga so far). When I was reading through DQM, I hit a page that was so easy it was almost like reading English (not really tooting my own horn, since even now I'm not even fluent). Anyway, that got me thinking, "hey, this volume is only about 100 pages, why can't I try scanlating this?"


So despite not having any experience with any of the required skills for scanlating, I did about 90% of the work in about a month or so until my computer broke. I have another computer, so I didn't really bother fixing the broken one for a while. But flash back to a week ago and I finally got around to fixing my computer and I decided to finish up the project.


So here it is: I present to you BigDaddy Scanlations' first release: Dragon Warrior Monsters. And let me emphasise the words "first release" meaning that the quality may not be 100%. :P


Thanks a bunch to Dahl for posting the links for the raws.


Note: I didn't want to directly credit/call out Dahl for providing me with the raws without his/her permission, so I just credited Woodus. Which, in retrospect, was also without permission, but I figured that it's better to cite a site without permission than an individual. (If that's actually an issue or anything, I'm sure I can edit it out. I don't imagine many people are going to read it anyway, so the current version would go largely unnoticed in the event of an update.)

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Thanks very much for all the hard work. It's rare us English speaking heathens get to enjoy one of the many DQ comics!

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Thanks for the positive words everyone! :)


Thank you so much! Is there any way you could make it available as a CBR? I would host it for you.

I've never heard about CBR before, but according to what I've just read online, it seems like you can just rename .zip files as .cbr and have them work as intended. So that being the case, you should be able to get by with downloading the volume here. If not, just let me know and I'll see what I can do to convert it.

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it seems like you can just rename .zip files as .cbr and have them work as intended

Zip files need to be renamed .cbz, .cbr files are made from .rar files.
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Ok, here is what I have uploaded:




DQIII Disc 1

DQIII Disc 2

DQIV Disc 1

DQIV Disc 2

DQIV Disc 3

DQV Disc 1

DQV Disc 2

DQV Disc 3

DQVI Disc 1

DQVI Disc 2


If there are problems with any of the links, just let me know and I will fix 'em.

Awesome! Now I can start making transcripts, and hope someone can translate them!!!!!!!! Thanks!

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I've been through the mediafire folder and noticed some missing content, so I uploaded what I had here.

Dragon Quest V - Tenkuu Monogatari
Volume 8-11 (Complete) [RAW]

Dragon Quest Monsters - Terry no Wonderland
Volume 1 (Complete) [english scanlation by BigDaddy]



How I stalked some dude with an exposed nipple and stumbled upon the Zenithian Sword aka "Bonfire NEET"
Volume 1 (8 chapters)
Volume 2 (17 chapters)




Thanks for saving the Drama CDs, by the way. Mediafire deleted lots of stuff and I lost them when my old drive died.
I'll (slowly) update the folder when I have the time, but this is all for today. If you see something that needs to be re-uploaded, please say so.


Oh, and sorry I've been gone for so long.

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I recently read "How I Stalked Some Dude with an Exposed Nipple and Stumbled Upon the Zenithian Sword". It's hilarious!

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Where can I find the anime? It seems to be missing from this thread.

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I'm in possession of the first 13 episodes of the Dragon Warrior anime that was dubbed by Saban. It's in English and is in 480p. I pulled them off of a youtube channel that still has them up currently, here:




I ripped them so I could have them on the computer in case Saban ever finds out about them and pulls them down.

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Where can I find the anime? It seems to be missing from this thread.


Abel one?


You can download the rather poor quality English dub Here - http://www.emuparadise.me/TV-Shows/#Dragon_Warrior_-_Legend_of_the_Hero_Abel

And nice quality Japanese with French subs Here - http://www.anime-ultime.net/file-0-1/3982/Dragon-Quest-vostfr


And I am orchestrating a complete English fandub of the series, which will be on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBioHghPXrL2RlnR0igB6nQand on our main site when available.


((I cannot speak for the other animated series as I don't know much there.))

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If you've liked DQIII, I can only recommend y'all Emblem of Roto (Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monsho). The 21 volumes have been published here in France, and we've started to get its sequel, Heirs of the Emblem (Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monsho - Monsho wo Tsugu Monotacho e), the third volume will come out this week. 

Seriously, it is really great! :D

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Does anyone have a copy of vol 16 of the adventure of Dai the mediafire link in the main post isn't working for that volume.

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