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Hmm.. DQ4 or FF4?  For a multi-genre dog like myself, that's a tough call.  Still, I don't think I'm just "saying" DQ4 was better than FF4 just 'cause I'm on a DQ / DW fan forum.  I say it because DQ4 had a great story, for those who give it enough time. that story is told in quite compelling fashion, through several different people's perspectives across four whole mini-adventures.  No one had done this in video games before, and few have done since.


For the record, my favorite chapter ( besides the finale ) is Princess Alena's, because it bears the most similarity to the multi-member parties in part 2 and 3, and the tournament setting for it's close was appealing to me as well. It had the virtue of never having been done before, like much of the game's content.

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DQIV. Couldn't quite get into FFIV the same way. Besides, Psaro's Final Form's got to be one of my favorite boss designs. And he's hella useful in Joker 2, just saying lol. But as a game overall, DQIV

I didn't think much of DQ4, honestly. It was okay, I guess. Perhaps ruined by the fast I had just replayed 6 immediately before my first play of 4.   Most of the bosses had the same, or very simila

I kiiiiiiinda got carried away, so I'm just going to compact this section...         Guess I should really find something that contributes to the topic at hand... ah... erm...   Oh yeah, you g

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