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Dragon Quest X News Thread

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Well, after jumping the gun here and being informed that what I posted wouldn't fit in here until a later time, I thought I should try starting a Mimas inferred that it might be a good idea to start a

Thanks! Though I hope you didn't feel like I was beating up on you about it. Since you mentioned not knowing where it belonged I was trying to be helpful. I've kind of wanted a thread like this for a

Yeah that encyclopedia sounds nice. Finally some Dragon Quest 7 monster artwork.   Too bad it will become out of date so quickly with all these new games releasing soon.

The event for FF X DQ is happening in January. I currently play Final Fantasy XIV and I look forward to this event.  Here is some more info translated by Aeana from





Final Fantasy 11
Round 1: December 11, 2013
Rounds 2 and 3 will be in some time in 2014.



Dragon Quest 10
FF11 part will run from mid January 2014 to mid February 2014.
FF14 part will run from mid February 2014 to mid March 2014.



Final Fantasy 14
Scheduled to run from mid January 2014 to mid February 2014.



I wasn't much into Final Fantasy, but with the current DQX-FFXIV crossover, I've been doing some serious reconsideration. I hope the same is said about Dragon Quest.



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Not sure on Western release.  China, absolutely.  Korea?  Probably.  US/EU?  Big maybe.


However as for the file checks, not so.  Phantasy Star Online 2 has an English patch that can translate the entire storyline, up to and including the menus, cut scenes, et cetera.  It originally had plans for a Western Release as well, but they appear to have canceled that as SEGA continues to collapse.




If there will be an English fan-patch for DQX, it'll most certainly be for the PC version.



I'd be willing to bet it's not possible.


They'd be very stupid to not have implemented a CRC, size/date check on every file in a lookup table.

This means any patch would need to make sure that the files don't change size or date of the file.

That'd be pretty difficult and probably not worth it considering Square-Enix said that a western release was coming.

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