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Apparently the beta test began today

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The beta came to an and end today (Japanese time 7/17 2:00am) and the Hiroba where they communicated information about the game and the Beta also went down at noon the same day (this includes the individual character pages, and the forum).


There were two other tests that took place last week. A server load test where they brought out Odoru Houseki (Goody Bags) and then Goldmen (July 11, 10-11pm Server 2). This was the second time that they had these two monsters out for a server test, but there were some complaints that there weren't enough Odoru Houseki. But the developers were fairly happy with the test since the server didn't go down and they only had to do sudden maintenance on one area.


The other test was a test of the Version Up server. They had everyone log into game at the same time right after a patch was made available to see if the version up server could handle the load. This also ended up showing a different issue which is that if a ton of

people all log on at the same time it takes a while for their team and friends list to show anything. (Looks like they have no friends or team members).


Oh, and I never mentioned that on 7/5 they had a Server 4 that was open as a "Filming OK" server for people who agreed to be filmed (for commercials?).


Here is a page with a collection of pictures taken from the beta gathered from Twitter.

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