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You can always check the main site for more info on Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest at Dragon's Den Homepage


Feel free to suggest things to add to this list.


Q: Where do I find the older Dragon Warrior games for my NES, SNES, etc?

A: (1) I picked up my copies at Ebay.

(2) I have heard some people find the games at FuncoLand, or pawn shops.


Q: Where do I find the english versions of Dragon Warrior 5 or 6?

A: Enix never brought Dragon Warrior 5 or 6 over from Japan, the only way to play these currently is to play them with an Emulator and a patch to change the text.


A2: Square-Enix will be releasing DQ IV, V and VI to the Nintendo DS starting in 2008.


Q: What is the order of the storyline in first three Dragon Warrior games?

A: Dragon Warrior III is a prequel to Dragon Warrior I and the Dragon Warrior II is the final in this storyline succeding Dragon Warrior I.

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