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Aoibara timely art times #2

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And now maybe a little bit of girls like Griffen wanted. Now don't ask me for more or I will stop drawing girls :D




Maybe some people wanted to see some DQ, and all I could get was this, sorry. :( dqartblock




Takao from Towanoquon. I love his tsundere personality + his teleport ability, but too bad he can break his bone if he uses it incorrectly.




"Will you pledge to god, and crucify your soul onto the rose cross?" ~Catchphrase of my upcoming crossover visual novel Traumkrieger.


This is the main character Alice Scarletcruz, in her Krieger state called Kaiserin Wassermann.




Inspired from one of the scenes from Towanoquon. OK spoilers so I won't say more. I didn't see hte episode, but one person who kindly spoiled it for me (Because I was sooooo impatient.) told me about this romantic scene.




First attempt on handdrawn wallpaper. I am sure nobody would use it, but just incase, I placed the sizes here:


1024 x 768: http://i635.photobuc...aper768size.png

1280 x 1024: http://i635.photobuc...per1024size.png

1920 x 1200: http://i635.photobuc...per1920size.png

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Nice, I´ve been longing for some DQ artwork from you. If you will make more, that would be awesome! :)

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