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sap and sag ward

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what monsters have them or are likely to have them or is just luck because the library just state sag ward as vaious monsters?

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Here is my list:


Dracky - Sap Ward

Slime X (won from Eugene) Whack Ward

Drake Slime -Decelerate Ward

Hackasaurus - Confusion Ward

Skelegon - Zap Ward

phantom fencer - Blade Blunter Ward

mecha-mynah - Bang Ward

Rubble Slime - Sap Ward

Snow Bird - Paralysis Ward

Bjorn - Abiliterator Ward

Gigantes - Inaction Ward

Spiked Hare - Crack Ward

Dancing Devil - Ban Dance Ward

Metal Slime - Decelerate Ward

Snail Slime - Dim Ward

Scorpion Crack Ward

Chimera - Paralysis Ward

Hunter Mech - Blade Blunter Ward

Komodo - Gobstopper Ward

Skelegon, Dark Slime, Dracky - Zam Ward

Crabid - Antimagic Ward

Phantom Fencer - Sag Ward

Headhunter in treepidation - Sag Ward (BET BET FOR SAG WARD)



Dark World Stuff:

hell hornet: inaction ward

atlas: zam ward

behemoth slime: sap ward, sometimes defense boost 3

slime: woosh ward

beetleboy(? I think that's the right one): paralysis ward, sometimes attack boost 3

gripevine: poison ward

king bubble slime: fire breath ward

dark slime knight: magical sabotage ward

slime stack: sizz ward

pazuzu: sizz ward

great argon lizard: gobstopper ward

argon lizard: poison ward

metal dragon: ice breath ward

snapdragon: magical sabotage ward

goodybag: ban dance ward

jumping jackal: blade blunter ward

teeny sanguini: drain magic ward

liquid metal slime (haha, good luck): agility boost :( I'm assuming all metal slimes will carry this, as they all seem to be level 1, but will check the metal kaiser slime and metal king slime at a later point)

moosifer: antimagic ward, sometimes wisdom boost 3

red dragon: antimagic ward

pink sanguini: antimagic ward

soulspawn: inaction ward

walking corpse: magical sabotage ward

night knight: confusion ward/attack boost 3 sometimes

heyedra: drain magic ward

killing machine: blade blunter ward

living statue: abiliterator ward

gorerilla: abilterator ward

notso macho: donk ward

Metal Kaiser Slime: Sag Ward

heligator: ban dance ward

imp: drain magic ward

Trauminator: Sag Ward


Don't have nearly a complete list yet, but I think all Wards are listed in the above at least.

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thank you for the quick reply this is all i need

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