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DQIX Story


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This is my new story. I will start of the first chapter, someone else the next and so on.


Chapter 1 ¬


From the Celestial Heaven above, a group of young celestians were talking.

"Have you heard? The statue of the Guardian has dissappeared from Coffinwell,"

"How? I was there not long ago," Said the Guardian of Coffinwell.

"No one knows," Suddenly, another Celestian burst into the room yelling,

"It's gone! The statue from Alltrades has dissapeared!"

"What!? My statue- it's gone?" The Guardian's face creased in anger. "How?"


Some time later, the two guardians of Coffinwell and Alltrades were sat talking, sad and angry, over the dissapearance of there statues.

"How did it happen?"

"No one knows," The Guardian of Alltrades slams his fist down on the table.

"I need answers!"

"Calm down, we shall find out soon enough, some other Celestian are going down to...look around- you! You're turning transparent!" Both the Guardians looked down at themselves. Both were going transparent, slowly dissapearing, just like there just like there statues had.

No one saw them again.


Dragon Lass

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