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Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Pro translation

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Hello,   New guy here (please don't be too harsh with comments). I'm a programmer with some time and an interest in this game for now.   I'm posting the news here first, since I got most of my en

I will be starting to learn how to translate DS Games from JP to ENG, if this translation is still ongoing or the Leader of the Translation sees this, may i get a updated version of the ROM so i can h

Here is the latest patch, along with instructions and the xdelta tool to apply it. 

really? not in metal slime haven or bemusoleum?


wait its pro.......hmm


ill see if i can find a synth recipe. the one on teh den is not listed...........

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Wow, this is a weird one. I've got scripts that produce every synthesis combination for Joker 2 Pro, but Hunter Mech is anomalous. It's listed as a "special synthesis" in the main table, which means that generic synthesis combinations don't apply. But then the special synthesis table doesn't have an entry for hunter mech.


I will shoot an email to SOuimet and see if he knows what is going on with this one. Very strange, thanks for bringing it up.

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Ok, I got a response from SOuimet. He is going to dig back into the game and do some more testing on this, but his initial impression is that hunter mechs are not synthable anymore. That would mean they need to be scouted (assuming they spawn somewhere...) or won as a prize from either WiFi or Eugene Poole or some such mechanism.


If SOuimet discovers anything useful regarding Hunter Mechs, he will either post it here directly or I will let you know myself.

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I've checked and re-checked, and even confirmed on japanese sites, hunter mech or "hunter metal" as google translated, or メタルãƒãƒ³ã‚¿ãƒ¼ like it's written originally in game, have no synthesis recipe (to make them), and are not seen in the wild (well, I didn't find them either, nor seen anywhere where to get them).


They do have battle stats (lvl 15 and lvl 14, with parts or metal ticket, and a valid scout chance), so my guess is that they must be gotten from tags against DQ6/DQ9 or something like that.

They are not required for higher breeding formulas, as proto-mech and killing machines are scoutable.


This means that getting a "Hunter Mech XY" for wifi would be qualified as very rare I guess...

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Interesting. Thanks for the update!


I seem to remember some stuff about being able to transfer some monsters from Joker 2 to Joker 2 Pro somehow. I seem to recall it being limited in some way though.


Anyway, could that potentially be a way that you get a Hunter Mech? Or am I just pulling this Joker 2 to Joker 2 Pro transfer thing out of my ass?

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You can transfer monsters from J2 to J2P as long as they're Rank A or lower. They restart as level one and lose their parents and grandparents, but keep their skillsets.

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First off I just wanted to say I have followed this thread from beginning to end and this is such an awesome project and I wish I had programming experience so I could help out more, but I could be of help by beta testing the new patches as they are released if you needed any more, I am a big fan of the dragon quest series and have played DQMJ2 just the regular one and would love to try this one out too, I have a clean rom already downloaded so I would just need the patch, I was hooked on the series after I played Dragon Warrior Monsters for old school game boy color, please let me know if I could be a beta tester and if so if you could PM me or e-mail me at [email protected], the latest patch and any additional software and I can get to it, thanks a bunch!

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may i have the patch on a PM? i dont know my email account password no more.....


it would be great if you did that souimet :evillaugh:


even if you cant thanks anyway :)

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may i have the patch on a PM? i dont know my email account password no more.....


it would be great if you did that souimet :evillaugh:


even if you cant thanks anyway :)

If you wanna keep it private don't do it. Trust me.

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Well, currently, it's not going anywhere. I can't "easily" convert the dialogs, and all the menu, combat, skills, names, etc. are pretty much done. Also, I've hit a space barrier, so now, if I add text somewhere, I need to remove about the same number of bytes somewhere else. I've given the patch to some beta testers, to help complete the remaining stuff (mostly wifi and tags stuff), but didn't receive much feedback yet.


So technically, it's not dead, but not progressing anymore.

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Ok, i wish i could be of more help, i have a lot of respect for you for doing this and seeing it through, that is just so awesome lol, i loved DQMJ2 non pro and pro would be even better, i hope you dont give up on it! i eagerly await to play the finished patch, i imagine it is a TON of work.

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  • 2 months later...

<p>I didn't think I should start my own topic, given that this one already exists (also, it might cause confusion). So, here we are. I am __Shinryu__ on GameFAQs; I've helped with monster names before, and I have worked on the DQMJ2Pro wiki, but decided to do my best to help further. As I played through the game, I took note of everything I saw, comparing it with a Japanese site I found, and looking at previous games in the DQ/M series. What follows is some of the things I've written down. Do note that I used the English translation of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 where applicable, and am correcting names of some things present in the fan translation of Professional. Things followed by a question mark (?) are things I'm not sure of. There is ONE name I made up, which I marked with an exclamation point ((!)), based on DQ's love of puns. I spoiler'd it so it doesn't take up too much space unless you WANT to see it. I'll post more in my next post.




-When a monster's tension rises, after their name it says what family they are (ex: Nodoph Beast's Tension up). It SHOULD only say their name, then "Tension rose" or "Tension went up" (ex: Nodoph's Tension rose/went up").

-Treasure Hunt does not actually tell you how many items are left to find in an area. No matter what, it always says "In this area".



Jungle = Treepidation

Plain = Doubtback

Cave = Arena

Snowy Mountain = Iceolation

Cliff = Cragravation

Coast = Unshore

Ruins = Bemusoleum

Underworld Ruins = Necropolis

Underworld = Dark World



Attack Boost = Oomph Powder

Defense Upper = Bufferine

Agility Upper = Acceleratonic

Wisdom Upper = Pingium

Attack Downer = Sag Powder

Defense Downer = Sapperine

Agility Downer = Deceleratonic

Wisdom Downer = Dimium

Team Def Upper = Wizard's Penny

Team Wis Upper = Wizard's Shilling

Wind Breaker = Insulade

I18 = Jumbo Insulade

Fire Staff = Antimagic Powder

Doubtful medicine = Mistake Medicine

HP Recovery Proof = The Healing Touch

MP Recovery Proof = Secret Sorcery

Entire Recovery Proof = Head Over Heals

Atk Proof = Brawn Over Brains

Def Proof = Duck and Cover

Agi Proof = Life in the Fast Lane

Wis Proof = Knowledge is Power

King's Proof = Book of Wulfspade

Queen's Proof = Book of Hawkhart

Ace's Proof = Book of Diamagon

Jack's Proof = Book of Cluboon

Warrior's Proof = Warrior's Scroll

Magic's Proof = Mage's Scroll

Priest's Proof = Priest's Scroll

Monk's Proof = Martial Artist's Scroll

Sage's Proof = Sage's Scroll

Thief's Proof = Thief's Scroll

Bronze Lump = Bronze Bit

Silver Lump = Silver Sliver

Gold Lump = Gold Nugget



I191 = Genie Spear? / Spear of the Genie? (May be Lucky Spear; I've seen "genie" used to refer to criticals)



All "Better"/"Stronger" monsters have "X" instead outside Japan (ex: Slime X)

All "Best"/"Strongest" monsters have "Xy" instead outside Japan (ex: Slime Xy)

When a monster ranks up the first time, its original max stats are increased 1.125x

When a monster ranks up the second time, its original max stats are increased by 1.25x


Kingy = Kingie Sanguini(!)

x47 = Kandar's Wife?

Tails = Tall Tail

Tentacle = Tentickle

Wiggly = Wormonger

Dark Leonyx = Malevolynx

Libranex = Rigor Mortex

Aerix = Exorsus

Geminex = Dual Duellers

Paizar = Dorsal Fiend

Virgella = Thornella

Kap = Kapurigon

Scorpella = Mortella

Monkey Zombie = Hihyurude's Servant

Sitting lion beast = Hihyurude

Evil beast = Hihyudorado



Attack Magic: Frizz, Bang, Woosh, Crack, Zap, Zam, Sizz

Drain Magic: Miracle Slash, Hocus Locust, etc; anything that steals enemy HP or steals/reduces MP

Breath: Fire Breath, Ice Breath

Buff: Oomph, Buff, Accelerate, Ping

Debuff: Sag, Sap, Decelerate, Dim

Status: Fizzle, Gobstopper, Ban Dance, Magical Sabotage, Abiliterator, Blade Blunter, Poison, Confusion, Inaction, Paralysis, Sleep, Whack

Donk: Donk



NOTE: Only the highest level versions of skills are listed. Also, with few exceptions, all physical attack skills have a cap of 999. These exceptions will be listed.

Physical dmg cap: 999

Double-Up dmg cap: 200

Frenzy dmg cap: 2000

Kafrizzle dmg cap: 1650

Kaboomle dmg cap: 1080

Kaswooshle dmg cap: 1020

Kacrackle dmg cap: 1050

Kazapple dmg cap: 1350

Kazammle dmg cap: 1365

Kasizzle: 1050

Frizz Cracker dmg cap: 1350

Pearly Gates dmg cap: 777

Magic Burst dmg cap: 768

Huge Magic Burst dmg cap: 968

Wicked Waltz dmg cap: 2000

Swords Dance dmg cap: 300 (per hit)

Scorch dmg cap: 626

C-C-Cold Breath dmg cap: 629

Aurora Breath dmg cap: 600

Lightning Storm dmg cap: 714

Cremate dmg cap: 714

Tidal Wave dmg cap: 714

Boulder Toss dmg cap: 714

Wind Shear dmg cap: 714

Gigaslash/gash dmg cap: 999

Big Banga dmg cap: 798

Calamity dmg cap: 750

S9 dmg cap: 750

S199 dmg cap: 250 (per hit)

Giga Cross Break dmg cap: 999



Heal cap: 360

Midheal cap: 660

Megaheal cap: 999

Multiheal cap: 580

Omniheal cap: 999

Meditation cap: 999

Hustle Dance cap: 700 (each)

Drain Magic cap: 100

S43 cap: 999 (each)

Tap Dance cap: 100

Share Magic cap: 500

Amor Seco Rain cap: 999

Steady Recovery cap: 100

Magic Regenerator cap: 50



NOTE: The ones marked with (*) are listed because I thought they were interesting.

Frizz Cracker: Frizz+Crack

Cremate: Frizz+Fire Breath

Tidal Wave: Crack+Ice Breath

Boulder Toss: Bang+Donk

Wind Shear: Woosh+Zam

Lightning Storm: Zap+Sizz

Pearly Gates: Zap+Woosh AND anti-Undead

Magic Burst*: Fire Breath

Big Banga: Zam+Sizz

Gigaslash/gash*: Bang

Calamity: Bang+Donk

Aurora Breath: Fire Breath+Ice Breath

S9: Woosh+Donk

S196: Woosh+Bang

S197: Crack+Zam

S198: Sizz+Donk

S199: Frizz+Zap

Giga Cross Break: Bang+Zap


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Are the ones marked with the code-like names things that haven't really been translated yet from the original?


Might just want to stick with kingy for the king sanguini for now. While it can be amusing trying to guess what localization might do with a monster name, you can never really know. Sometimes they might go for something goofy (snowmangler) and sometimes they might go for something not so goofy (ethereal serpent). What's more, that king seems to have a role in Pro's added story, so that would also influence what its name could be.


Spiffy findings, though. I think the demon spear in the other games is known to cause fatal hits some times, but that might not be enough to make it that genie's spear. Do you have the name of the weapon in the original Japanese? The kana stuff?

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Here's another part. As before, spoiler'd so you can view at your leisure.





Mercurial Thrust, Body Slam, Double-Up, Double-edged Slash, Swords Dance, Multifists, Smelly Slash



Anything that's not a spell. Magic Burst is considered a spell, and so is reflected




All "Guard" skillsets are "Ward" outside Japan (ex: Frizz Ward)

All "SP" skillsets are "Uber" outside Japan (ex: Uber Attack Boost)

G26 - Mormon King = Kingy Sanguini(!)

G49 = Firewind Slashes

G50 = Thunderwind Slashes

G51 = Iceplosion Slashes

G52 = Darklight Slashes

G59 - HP Recovery = Healer

G60 - Full Recovery = Cure-All

G61 - Conditions Recovery = Cleanser

G62 - Samurai = Champion

G63 = Defender

G64 = Speedster

G65 - MP Recovery = Mage Aid

G67 - Downer = Enfeebler

G68 - Jamming = Saboteur

G69 - VS Spell = Antimagic

G70 - VS Spell + = Antimagic II

G71 - VS Breath = Anti-dragon

G73 - Guard = Barricade

G74 = Barricade

G75 = SealG76 = Hypnotist

G80 = DiminisherG81 - Ranger = Guerrilla

G85 - Holy God = Crusader

G86 - Haunting = Cursader

G87 = Muspell

G88 - Dark = Niflheim

G89 - Dancers = Dancer

G91 - Wild = Toughie

G93 = Martyr

G97 = Cleric

G98 = Aquapothecary

G99 - Variety = All-Rounder

G100 - Inspire = Mime

G101 = Trickster

G104 - Undead = Graveheart

G105 - Sorcery = Diabolist

G106 - Dragon Spirit = Dragon Lore

G107 - Wind Feather = Bird Brain

G108 - Ecology = Green Finger

G109 = Hive Mind

G110 - RockHead = Materialist

G126 = Nimzo

G127 = Mortamor

G129 - SP Dark fire = Uber Dark Dynamiter

G130 - SP Holy Ice = Uber Blessed Blizzardier

G131 - SP Magic = Uber Mage

G132 - SP Breath = Uber Breath

SP G133 = Uber Knight

G134 - SP Rec = Uber Healer

SP G135 = Uber Helpful

SP G136 = Uber Charmer

G137 - King = Wulfspade Ace

G138 - Ace = Diamagon Ace

G139 - Queen = Hawkhart Ace

G140 - Jack = Cluboon Ace

G160 - Down Guard = Sap Ward

G163 - Fool Guard = Dim Ward

G170 - Kafizzle Guard = Fizzle Ward

G171 - Breath Seal Guard = Gobstopper Ward

G172 - Dance Seal Guard = Ban Dance Ward

G174 - Mind Guard = Inaction Ward

G235 - Slashing Seal Guard = Blade Bunter Ward

G183 - Fire Guard SP = Uber Heat Ward

G184 - Ice Guard SP = Uber Cold Ward

G185 Guard SP = Uber Windblast Ward

G186 Guard SP = Uber Darklight Ward

G188 = Mage

G189 = Priest

G190 = Martial Artist

G191 = Sage

G233 Guard = Magical Sabotage Ward

S236 Guard = Donk Ward

G237 SP = Uber Zapologist

G241 = Morrie's Melange

G242 = Battle Road Master

G244 = Greygnarl

G245 = Barbarus


Teleport = Zoom

Warp = Zip

Treasure Hunt = Nose for Treasure

Stealth = Vanish




Some of the skill names were obtained via Google Translate; these are noted with a question mark by the name, and with their MP costs and what they do in parentheses after that.

Kazapple (200 pt. Liquid Metal King skill) = Minadein? (Basically translates to "Everyone Zap". I recommend naming it "Megazapple") (Spell skill, costs 60 of the caster's MP and 30 MP from each of their teammates. Does Zap damage to one enemy.)

Beast Cut = Beast Bopper

Demon Cut = Demon Demeaner

Material Cut = Material Whirl

Nature Cut = Nature Nerfer

Slime Cut = Slime Dunk

Undead Cut = Undead Undoer

ZodianZap = Mysterian Mauler

Boom Slash = Bomb Slash

Kaboom Slash = Blast Slash

Blinding = Blinding Blow

Conf = Baffling Bonk

Para = Paralysing Punch

Poison = Poisonous Poke

Sleep = Sleep Sock

Venom = Venomous Volley

Weakening = Weakening Wallop

Slowing = Slowing Slug

Anchor = Anchor Rod/Anchor Knuckle? (Costs 2 MP. Does 1.3x slashing damage. Also seems to have negative priority.)

Defense Champ = Defending Champion

Demagic = Disruptive Wave

Fullheal = Megaheal

Light wave = Wave of Relief

Malhaze = Lingering Malhaze

Mercurial = Mercurial Thrust

Noself = Selflessness

Rain = Amor Seco Rain

Salvation = Song of Salvation

Slash Seal = Blade Blunter

Strategy Seal = Tacticlamp

Strike Seal Breath = Abiliterator Breath

Slash Seal Breath = Blade Blunter Breath

Wicked Dance = Wicked Waltz (Dance skill, costs all MP, 150 minimum. Does damage to one random foe equal to your max HP - current HP)

Death Blow = Impact of Zero? (Ability skill, costs half the user's MP. If a foe uses "Showstopper" or "Lingering Malhaze", something happens; if they don't, at the end of the round, the user dies)

S9 = Furious Quotient of the Beast King? (Ability skill, costs 60 MP. Does Woosh and Donk damage to all enemies)

S10 = Zan Flawless? (I THINK it's "Flawless Slash") (Slash skill, costs 8 MP. Damages all enemies, and does extra damage to Demon, Zombie, and ???-family monsters)

S11 = Zan the Universe? (I THINK it's "Universe Slash") (Slash skill, costs 8 MP. Damages all enemies, and does extra damage to Slime, Dragon, and Nature-family monsters)

S40 = Sealed Scapegoat? (Ability skill, costs 16 MP. Something about "scapegoat"; given how S40 "Smelly Slash" refers to it as well, however, I think it either disables the target's "Metal Body" trait, prevents them from using the skill "Selflessness", or both)

S43 = Gigamahotora? (Basically translates to "Giga Drain Magic") (Spell skill, costs half the caster's MP. Steals MP from the target 4 times)

S191 = Minadante? (Basically translates to "Everyone"...something. I recommend naming it "Mega Magic Burst") (Spell skill, costs all of the caster's MP and all MP of their teammates. Does Fire Breath damage based on the MP spent)

S193 = Passer Tension? (maybe "Pass Tension") (Ability skill, costs 4 MP. Passes all Tension changes from the user to an ally target.)

S195 = Waltz of the Champion/Waltz of the Companion? (Dance skill, costs all MP, 150 minimum. Targets one enemy. If successful, after a few rounds, that foe and the user instantly die. Effect continues even if the user is defeated, and the user is affected even if they have immunity to Whack)

S196 = Air Crack Cut? (Slash skill, costs 24 MP. Does 1.2x physical Woosh and Bang damage to all enemies, so it's Gale Slash and Blast Slash in one)

S197 = Zan Sea Wave? (I THINK it's "Ocean Slash") (Slash skill, costs 24 MP. Does 1.2x physical Crack and Zam damage to all enemies, so it's Blizzard Slash and Shadow Slash in one)

S198 = Zan Earth? (I THINK it's "Earth Slash") (Slash skill, costs 24 MP. Does 1.2x physical Sizz and Donk damage to all enemies)

S199 = Shining Bow? (Slash skill, costs 24 MP. Does Frizz and Zap damage to random enemies 4-12 times)

S202 = D'amore Sword? ("Aha"'s Jap. name seems to be "D'amore", so this skill could be named "Aha Sword") (Costs 0 MP. Does reduced slashing damage, but applies the "Aha" effect to the target, allowing you to see their stats for a few turns)

S209 = Unification of the Sacred Heart? (I recommend naming it "United Soul") (Ability skill, costs 15 MP. One targeted ally will get to act one more time next round, in addition to any actions it would normally get)

S221 = AbiliteratorS

223 - Round Zero = Showstopper (Ability skill, costs 48 MP. All enemy and ally actions that would have taken place after the user's are cancelled that round. Can only be used once per battle)

S226 - Rivers = Unnatural Order (Spell skill, costs 36 MP. Turn order is reversed for a few rounds)

S230 = Swords Dance (Dance skill, costs 10 MP. Does 0.3x physical damage to random enemies 3-7 times)

S231 = Underworld Fog (Ability skill, costs 55 MP. All HP / MP recovery is changed to damage for both parties)

S252 = Chain (Spell skill, costs 36 MP. Going by its description, the user performs whatever action the monster that acted before it did)

S253 - Squash = Donk (Spell skill, costs 12 MP. Does Donk damage to one enemy equal to 1/4 of their current HP)

S254 = Kadonk (Spell skill, costs 32 MP. Does Donk damage to all enemies equal to 1/8 of their current HP)

S255 = Frizz Cracker (Spell skill, costs 80 MP. Does Frizz and Crack damage to one enemy)

T210 Guard = Donk Guard

T228 = Magical Sabotage Guard


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@PantheonSasuke: Exactly. As for "Kingie Sanguini", the name was based on his Japanese name, "Mormon King". All the Sanguini monsters have "Mormon" in their names as well. As for the kana stuff, I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE HELD ONTO THAT - my main focus was on monsters, skills, and skillsets, and getting the weapon names was just sort of an afterthought. I don't even remember where I found the name.


EDIT: The final portion; I also have info on every boss, but that's not really as important as everything else.

EDIT 2: It's either "Mormon", or "Mo Mont". Probably the latter, if only because the former makes zero sense.

EDIT 3: I just cheated to give myself a Canzar with two Zam Guard skillsets, and put points in until it became immune to Zam. I then entered a virtual battle and had my Dual Duellers use Wind Shear (Woosh+Zam damage) to see what would happen. As I expected, the result was that Canzar was immune, as opposed to reflecting it.





Kafizzle = Fizzle

Slash = Blade Blunter

Strike = Abiliterator

106 = Gobstopper

130 = Inaction

194 = Magical Sabotage

227 = Attack Magic

253 = Donk



-If a monster is neutral to something (ex: Slime is neutral to Frizz), but gains resistance to it through a skillset (ex: Frizz & Woosh II), their resistance to it will become 0.5x/Halve (ex: 0.5x Frizz/Halve Frizz), and any further resistance gained will make them immune.

-If a monster naturally resists something (ex: Slime halves Zap), but gains resistance to it through a skillset (ex: Frizz & Zap II), they will become immune.

-If a monster is VULNERABLE (1.5x) to something (ex: Slime is weak against Zam), but gains resistance to it through a skillset (ex: Frizz & Zam II), their resistance to it will become 0.75x (ex: 0.75x Zam); a second resistance gain will make it 0.25x, and a third will finally make them immune.

-The only monsters the player can legally obtain with a natural 0.75x resistance to anything are all Slime family monsters: the metal slime series of monsters (Fizzle), Dark Slime Knight (Zap, oddly enough), Magic Slime (Zap), Rotten Egg (Fizzle), and Slime Stack (Fizzle).

-No monsters the player can legally obtain have a natural 0.25x resistance to anything.



-If a skill is used that has multiple elements (ex: Frizz Cracker), damage is calculated based on whichever of the elements is LEAST-RESISTED by the target (Frizz and Crack).

-Adding onto the above, to achieve total protection from a skill, the monster must have roughly equal resistance to both elements used. Canzar reflects Frizz, Bang, Woosh, Crack, Zap, and Sizz, but is neutral to Zam, so any Zam-based skill will be able to hit it, such as Big Banga (Zam+Sizz).

-Adding onto the above, "Healed by"/absorption is considered to be a greater level of resistance than proof/immunity, and so for skills with multiple elements, the resistance for the relevant elements must all be "Healed by" for the skill to be absorbed (ex: Rigor Mortex is healed by Sizz, but immune to Zam, so Big Banga would instead do no damage).

-"Reflects"/reflection is considered a greater level of resistance than proof/immunity, and functions the same way that absorption does when dealing with multi-element skills: the resistance for the relevant elements must all be "Reflects" for the skill to be reflected (ex: Canzar with two skillsets that grant Zam Guard will only be immune to Wind Shear, as opposed to reflecting it).

-Traits and skills that lower enemy resistance to the monster's skills will not affect immunity, absorption, or reflection to that specific resistance type.



Edited by Shinryu
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I take it that further resistance on top of immunity does NOT lead to absorption?


Also, are you the same Shinryu I used to play Gunbound with alongside Asakura Yoh?

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