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Dragon Quest IX Based Roleplay

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So basically I got this idea...cause I was bored. So it's a Dragon Quest IX based roleplay (duh) that I thought of.


Story: One day Marlin (my character and my real name) walked into the Quester's Rest and decided he wanted to join up with some people and explore the world and grottoes with. After all there was so much space to cover and he was only one guy, and he wanted to meet some new people and friends.

So basically you state your character and everyone keeps adding on and adventuring together.

NOTE: Marlin is in no way the main character, no one is, this was just my way of getting the story started.


And you choose a class and all your info like armor, weapon, stats and level.

The rules for this:

-Everyone has to start off at level 1.

-Everyone needs fair stats.

-No starting out with powerful armor or weapons.

-The class you chose doesn't necessarily need to be one that was in DQIX but it still needs to have a Dragon Quest feel to it.

-You can revocate but don't abuse the option.

-You can make your cass avalible to others by creating requirements to unlock it.

-You can make your own armor and weapons (once again, need a Dragon Quest feel) but they can't be overpowered.


Name: Marlin

Class: Knight

Age: 14

Weapon:Iron Greatsword (A big sword, cannot use shields when equiped)

Head:Black Bandana (A standard bandana, not a full head covering one, just a wrap around the head one)

Body:Adventurer's Garments (A comfortable long sleeve shirt with a strap on single-sided shoulder pad and a green cloak)Arms:Fingerless gloves DEF+2

Pants:Adventurer's Pants (look like blue jeans but with a belt and a sash covering a little of the right leg area)

Boots:Travelled Boots (Tattered boots that have probably travelled farther than their current wearer)

Accesory:Hawk Neckless (A neckless with a hawk on it, makes wearer faster)








Magical Maending:0

Magical Might:0



Interactions you can have with other players (note that these arn't set in stone)

- Talk to them

- Fight/Train with them

- Help them take on enemies

- Heal them

- Trade weapons/armor/items with them

- Give them weapons/armor/items/gold

- Buy stuff from them


This is the first first roleplay that I've ever started so it's probably not too good but please try to enjoy.

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Name: Darrak(My name in D&D)

Class: Mountaineer(Durable; VERY slow; can climb mountains; can't take many spells; can use very few attack spells)

Age: 53


Weapon: Dwarven Sledge

Body: Mountaineer's armour(light but durable)

Hands: Climbing gauntlets(Thin around fingers; thick elsewhere)

Legs: Dwarven slacks(I play too much M&L)

Feet: Elven boots

Accessory: Dwarven Honour*


Abilities: Clearing smash(breaks boulders), Hurl(throws stuff)

Spells: Frizz


HP: 20

MP: 10

Attack: 18

Defense: 18

Agility: 2

Magical Mending: 0

Magical Might: 7

Deftness: 15

Charm: 4


In case you didn't catch on, can I be a Dwarf?

*If you wish to be a mountaineer, you must master ranger and obtain a Dwarven Honour.

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Yayz, I was thinking this would never pick up. By the way, sure you can have monster companions. Again, none that are too powerful, specifically bosses, grotto bosses, legacy bosses or enemies found grottoes.


I guess we can pick up on a story when 2 or 3 more people join.

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That could work I guess, sounds interesting.

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I'll join when you have a more established start-up point, I prefer Hero-class OCs, and your RP isn't ready for me. ;p I'd destroy it.

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You still never answered whether or not I can be a Dwarf. They're in DQ, but not in IX. Considering you didn't state otherwise, I guess that means yes...?

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Yes, pretty much all races that are in Dragon Quest are avalible. Sorry about the lack of answer, my laptop hasn't been in the greatest condition lately.


You can also bring along party members now, give backstories to your characters and a bunch of other stuff.


Party Member Rules:

You cannot have unlimited (I haven't thought of a set number yet but I'm thinking 12-15 which is pretty generous compared to IX)

You can only bring 3 with you whenever leaving Stornway


Pet monster Rules:

You can have up to 15

You can take 4 with you (each character can have 1 follow them)

Monsters can not, I repeat, cannot be as strong as normal characters

The following kinds of monsters are NOT allowed: Bosses, Grotto Bosses, Legacy Bosses, Monsters found only in high level grottoes, Final Dungeon monsters

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Um, this could get too complicated. I suggest, maybe having players form the party. Like we each get one and meet at different points and make a party that way.


Also, it'll help give structure to the story.

That would help a lot, I know this probably sucks but it's my first RP so I'll hoplefully get better.

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Name: Gil

Class: Luminary

Age: 19


Info: Gil is a man of many talents who likes to travel, visting all the various towns he comes across and entertains their inhabitants in various ways to earn gold. He's a bit more well known than most, due to his popularity. He is a wise person, who enjoy's reading in his spare time, and has been learning how to use wind based magic and basic healing spells. Most recently, he's been seen in the Quester's Rest after entertaining the local townsfolk.


Weapon: Boomerang

Shield: None

Head: Sharp Shades

Body: Wayferer's Clothes

Hands: Wayfarer's Gloves

Legs: Cotton Trousers

Feet: Leather Shoes

Accessory: Full Moon Ring


Abilities: Autograph

Spells: Heal, Whoosh


Stats (I just copied out the stats for a lv. 1 Luminary :P )

HP: 31

MP: 13

Attack: 9

Defense: 12

Agility: 22

Magical Mending: 19

Magical Might: 5

Deftness: 16

Charm: 18

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EDIT: There was a glitch that made me post twice. Read the bellow post.

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I'll go ahead and make a bit of my party.


Name: Drake

Age: 17

Class: Warrior


HP: 25

MP: 3

Attack: 19

Defence: 16

Agility: 7

Deftness: 8

M. Mending: 0

M. Might: 0


Info: He is a head solider at Stornway Castle but has recently decided to help Marlin out for a bit. He is very wise for his age but when angered he acts before a thought has time to form. Because of his temper his best friend, Rikku often keeps him in check, they usually work as a team. He learned a lot from Rikku who was a lead of the Stornway soliders before Drake. Drake is also half-Dragovian, when his temper is pushed enough he grows small fangs and a ghostly dragon wing forms on his back.


Name: Rikku

Age: 18

Class: Minstrel


HP: 30

MP: 10

Attack: 19

Defence: 15

Agility: 10

Deftness: 15

M. Mending: 5

M. Might: 5


Info: He was lead of the Stornway soliders but when he saw all of the sadness that the flooding of monsters brought the world he decided to be an entertainer.

He travels to the towns of Angel Falls, Zere and Coffinwell but he mostly stays in Stornway. At the young age of 15 he mentored Drake and he mentored another student, Calibur a little but when he became a Minstrel he passed Calibur's training down to Drake.


Name: Calibur

Age: 14

Class: Paladin

HP: 30

MP: 15

Attack: 15

Defence: 23

Agility: 6

Deftness: 3

M. Mending: 8

M. Might: 0


Info: He was originally trained by Brunhild (Paladin that let's you unlock the class in IX) from the age of 6 to 12. He was then sent all the way from Gleeba to Stornway and trained a bit by Rikku then a bit by Drake. He graduated from his training and became a full-fledged Paladin just before Marlin met him.



I'm gonna set a goal, we get 1 more person to join and then we'll start, it'll probably be on a different topic though. We'll use this one for discussion involving rules, newcomers, etc.

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Woah, that's quite the handful of NPCs you're bringing along :o

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I say you just start this thing up. Four people is perfectly viable, and I'm sure we'll be able to recruit at least one more person down the road, I'd just like to get this started. It's going to be fun :P

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I'm planning on it but my computer time is somewhat limited at the moment due to overheating issues.

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Is it too late to join?


Name: Lidz

Class: Paladin

Age: 14

Weapon: Oaken Club

Shield: Silver Platter

Head: Iron Helmet

Body: Silk Robe

Arms: Iron Gauntlets

Pants: Cotton Trousers

Boots: Leathers Shoes EC:1.0%

Accesory: Gold Bracer








Magical Mending:10

Magical Might:3



I hope it is still OK to join, this sounds like a great RPG :overjoyed2:



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Awesome. Five people. Now we just need to wait for buddy to start the story :P

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Never too late to join. As far as I know my overheating problem is gone. I'll start the topic containing the game in a bit (by that I mean if I don't forget).


If you want to sign up, post your character information on this topic, not the one where the game takes place.

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