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fanfic idea


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The basic premise is that some guys from the 616 universe or a close facsimile get zapped to a universe completely alien to them, then have to figure out how to get back.


opening scene:

Ashadrah's meeting at Targoth's pub where she explains what she's going to do and who she's out to get.

Enter the visitors:

when King Leoren's party leaves, most of them get replaced via magic with people from the 616 universe, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark?, Blade, Spiderman, and She-hulk?



Xargon explains to Rogers the situation and asks him to take Leoren's place until they can return Leoren.



Shin-ra visits Leoren's kingdom



after Shin-ra's visit, Xargon takes Rogers and company around to find out just how much havok Ashadrah has been wreaking


Stop 1:

the mountain where Y Gogh was sealed away


Stop 2:

Investigate how Ashadrah escaped Tarbogel


Stop 3:

investigate rumors that a nearby(near Tarbogel that is) kingdom has been taken over by Ashadrah's Priestess


visit the ruins of Mina-Karkull


Non-timeline specific scenes:

Ashadrah confronts Arturis when he tries to stop her from entering a kingdom under his protection (early scene)


Ashadrah acquires the Scales of Nalbrago


Ashadrah acquires the Soul of Unstrana


Xargon visits Meana(instigated by Blade when he senses Meana's presence)


Scenes I haven't figured out how to add to the timeline:

Rogers meets Briana (probably before stop 1)


some wizards abduct Briana(after Stop 1?)


Briana goes to live with the Dwarves (after stop 2?)


Darnaxis attacks the Dwarf city where Briana is living(After mina-karkull?)



Yeah it's ridiculously brief but I would like to hear what you guys think of the idea.

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