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Post Your Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest Collection

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On 5/30/2020 at 3:28 PM, Plattym3 said:
On 5/29/2020 at 5:42 PM, eal said:
It felt sorta sacrilegious to call myself a Dragon Quest fan while not owning a Slime plush, so I rectified that recently:984C2326-331A-4599-8960-474E77A796E3.thumb.jpeg.92a8bcacc4144be004f02276ef276fdd.jpeg

My eldest was asleep in my bed when I came inside from working out in our home gym/garage last night. My wife said she thought he was getting jealous of attention towards our youngest, and he wanted to lie there until I came back in. I sat and put my hands on him a bit and he woke up. He looked and me and said he was ready to go to bed as long as he could take Westy, the Slime plush by my bed. He gave me a big hug, took Westy and went to his room to sleep. DQ slime plushes are important!



Now I want one. 

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My turn to brag a little. I don't have that many games (I don't have any of those on PS4. I should get one one of these days, to play Heroes 1 and 2, Builders 1 and 2, quand XI).  So, IV, V, VI,

I know there's already a really old thread for this, but I don't want to necropost. However, in this one, you can also post your general DQ merchandise.   Here's Mine:   Games: Main Series: -Dra

I need to go to Japan just to erase the terribly skewed image I have in my head. Whenever I think of Japan, I imagine that part off new York where everything is covered in electronic ad Dianal signs/s

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I just bought a digital copy of DQXI S yesterday which is the day my Switch came in the mail.


UPDATE: I got the Famicom cartridges of DQ 1-4 in the mail yesterday.


Another update: I got Dragon Warrior 1 for this NES.

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