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Name change please (@ DQ Wiki)


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Hi guys, can you guys change my username in Dragon Quest Wiki from Hero to Vzing?


Vzing is my username here, and my previous username at Dragon Quest Wikia.


Hopefully you admins can do that.


Thank you!

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Hey Vzing, sorry I'm so late to reply to this.


Have you tried registering for the Vzing username? When the content from Wikia was imported, all of your previous edits were imported as well. So, the wiki thinks Vzing already exists even though there is no account registered. By registering, you should be able to "claim" the name Vzing. If that works, I can manually update your edits as Hero in the database.

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Yeah that worked :ws-slimedead:. I should have registered as Vzing the whole time. Can you transfer the edits from Hero to Vzing, if you can? Thanks.

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Vzing, I have changed over the edits. This was a good exercise as I figured out what Wikia did with user revisions in the database on an export. I can now make sure that any transferred accounts have their correct edit counts. Edit counting seems to be viewed as something fun on most wikis, so we should probably implement something at some point.

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I have updated the database to correctly credit revisions for the following users:


Adan Aileron









These were edits which lost their ownership because no user name existed when the wiki was transferred. Now they are correctly credited. If any other users from the old wiki register on the new, I will fix those edits as well.


I have also added a new special page for edit counts.


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