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Just curious...........what do yall look like?

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<--- I look like that.



Born: August 26th

Height: 5'10

Religion: N/A (My faith swings back and forth)

Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Hair: Curled (I like to spike it with gel when it gets longer)

Hobbies: Drawing, Gaming, Music, Sleeping

Favorite Music: Sum 41, Zebrahead, SR-71, Bowling For Soup, Crush 40

Clothes: Hm, I dress oddly. You'll catch me in a T-shirt and some torn jeans in the winter, and a jacket and jeans in the summer time.

Extra Info: I have a very immature sense of humor, I'm in to dark jokes and sarcasm (when I'm the one using it). I am not into relationships because at my age they hardly ever mean anything, and I'd prefer not to waste my time. I'm double-jointed and I can lose about 2 pounds a week just from doing nothing. I am terrible at almost every school subject, doing just good enough to pass, I want a career in something I love like art. And Mountain Dew is the best drink ever created.

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The only thing I take seriously on the internet is everything.

Was I ready for Halloween?   I was born ready.      

Iggy's hairy chest. That's it. That's what I'm taking away from this whole topic.

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when I feel like wearing the outfit of course.

Which is everyday.

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Here is a little older pic, under a year old though. had the mohawk from middle school till I graduated high school.



This is the most recent photo of me, cut the mohawk off after I graduated, pic was taken a couple months ago but it's really fuzzy because it was taken on a webcam (A very bad one).


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Here is a link to another gallery. All of those pics were taken after March 17th 2011.



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Only slightly. And the 0.5s are from various pics.


Smiling makes people get wrinkled, LOL. I would look old if I smiled often, heheheheheh. So, I just smile inside.

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"Lets put a SMILE on that face"




aw damn it now i look old cuz i smiled :P

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BD: 08/20/Nineteen mid ninety-something

Hair- Brown, dark enough to be black

Eyes- again, brown

Maternal Ancestry- Scottish, German

Paternal Ancestry- French, Cajun

Height- 5'9'' - 5'10''

Weight- 109 lbs

Religion- Buddhist [Zen]

*has Asperger's and some OCD*

Shoe size- 8 Wide, fixin' to get new ones...

Speaks- English [duh], Japanese [learning at the moment]

*wears transition lens glasses*


oh, and...

*is skin and bones, literally*

*don't believe me? my arms, torso, and neck are shaped to them*

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ã“ã‚“ã«ã¡ã¯ã€€ãƒãƒ¼ã‚¯ã€‚ ãŠã’ã‚“ã ã§ã™ã‹ã€‚

ã‚ãªãŸã®ãªã¾ãˆã¯ã€€ãªã‚“ ã§ã™ã‹ã€‚


text book Japanese FTW ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹

I just wanted to help a bit with his studying, anyone studying Japanese should be able to answer that easily.

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OK, here is mine, and I am smiling, at the opening of the Jimmy Buffett casino in Las Vegas, circled in red



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