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Just curious...........what do yall look like?

DJ BlackJack

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There's a picture of me in my profile, but it's in a costume I put together for the Shambhala Music Festival. Here's a different picture of me:



Oh, wait, that's a different costume from a previous Shambhala. Damn, I don't think I have any pics available where I'm not in costume. Handy way to remain semi-anonymous online tho'. ;)


Other bio stuffs:

Build: so slender, Hollywood models would kill to have my genetics

Ethnicity: Canadian (aka: European mutt)

Faith: Agnostic Cosmologist

Age: Clean Shaved - late 20s; With Beard - mid-30s

Geek Cred: um, I write fanfiction based on DWIV?

Jock Cred: GO 'NUCKS!!! YAH CELTICS!!!

Redneck Cred: I enjoyed rasslin' during the Attitude Era.

Scenster Cred: oh my, maybe I shouldn't bring this up. :o

Hippie Cred: so there's this festival...

Most Obsessive Hobby: 600+ CDs, not including burns.

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Birthdate: March 8th, 1986

Gender: Male.

Height: 5'10

Weight: higher 150s last checked. It fluctuates a LOT

Location: NJ, USA

Hair color: brown. Currently long hair in a ponytail but that will be changed after winter passes.

Eye color: blue

Skin color: I'm a pasty white

Body Type: Used to be a skinny scrapper, but now rather average.

Religion: Nonreligious. Not atheist though. If it had to be quantified, Agnostic would probably fit best, but I wouldn't consider myself a typical one.

Languages: English. I understand a decent amount of Spanish, but can't speak it very well (getting the right words out is hard, not pronunciation).

Quirks: -I definitely have ADHD.

-I'm a mild germaphobe.

-Believe I have OCD qualities but not a diagnosed form; to get motivated to do things, I need to be able to do a certain chain of events or it probably won't happen. (EX: When I first wake up in the morning, I will not eat anything until i drink a glass of juice and wait at least 30 minutes to eat. Exceptions are if we are out of juice or running late, but sometimes I forget to drink that glass of juice and don't end up eating for hours.)

-Memory is not always great short term, but long term I will remember really stupid things like what I ate for breakfast on my 3rd birthday.

-I'm a lazy perfectionist. Throw in my random ocdness and you got a very frustrated and overwhelmed me. I've realized I have to rely on my ADHD to get me through lazy and ocdness, which only helps half the time.

Hobbies: I do enjoy writing when certain quirks don't get in the way. Which is always. Because of that, I rarely can finish a story. Video games and reading some stories are also up there. I also have gotten into blogging.


No picture cause I'm paranoid.

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after watching these all i'm considering myself as one of the youngest member on this poster. seriously, i hope there is no required age on this den. (i'm over than 13) anyway, this:


Hair:black (i have about 50% similarity with DQIX hero's hair.(spiral to the right hairs)

Weight:more than 60 kg. i'll check it if i can.

Height:about 1,6-1,7m not sure. i'm not checking my heights for these months.

eye: black

religion: 1 of the 5 religions.(same with ruesen, i'm a bit paranoid.)

language:english,mandarin(learning these), Indonesian.(i want to learn japanese if i can)


-any stimulus/information that can't be described or indunderstandable make it gothic.(ex:you get a message from anonymous that was filled blank.)

-any uncencensored flesh shreddings, blood,necrotic manners,and traumatic pictures.




-wise side:my religious side.

-sinister side: exactly like what devils think:

human was sinful, and so lustful.

countless hatred and vengeance on my heart

often took sarcastic words in the the very deep of heart.

-very little psychopath side: i'm considering this as my neutral side. but i still can feel emotions.




1.DQ series

2.Final fantasy


4.Fire emblem

5.sonic games

6.megaman games

7.many other rpg games.


-making mind maps for future exam. but always ends up procastinating.

-sleep with air conditioner on for 3 hours on after noon.

-chatting with others.


things that was negative in me:

-talking with friends front-to-front which makes ends up as the most silent person in my whole class.

-in weekends i end up sleeping at 3am.

-going to see many things on this world.

-posting any information about me. but since everyone dare to, so i'm posting this.

-to much thinking musics/somgs everytime in my mind until i can't stop it somehow.


big moments on my life

-play my first DQ game: DW 1,2 on gbc

-Going to the school in black out at 9pm with only one lights and venture it with my friends to search hidden papers that was very hidden.

-having me with my friends scolded at trip 3 years ago where we instead sleep at 10pm into 2AM for some reason. i have to go to somewhere alone at that dark night and manage to be not crazy somehow.

-christmas moments in previous 1-3 years ago.


sorry no pictures, i feared if someone that was seeking me found me and then that anonymous send many spam or chaining mails on my e-mail. not that it matters, but i'm a bit paranoid too. i don't have face book account which i planned to make one.

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Nationality: Sweden

Height: 18X cm (haven´t checked for awhile)

Weight: 60-ish kg (same as height)

Hair color: Black



People tend to call me silent and "wise" and i´m fine with that. :P

I study, play some RPG´s and play/listen a lot to music. (You can check up my band on : http://www.youtube.c...nestrateTheBand )

I also train the Korean material art Tang Soo Do.


Seems age differs quite a lot here. That´s quite funny, and just proves that DQ is good for anyone. :thumbsup:

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jeez i feel like a freak...........havent seen anyone else like me :(

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HA HA! Jack who is Black is sad! I take great enjoyment in that!


As for my stats and measurements; they are.....


"Shut the hell up. They're perfect for me. And don't ask again."




Most people actually mistake me for a guy; prolly since I wear baggy shirts and have a constant sour look on my face. Oh, and I guess I'm a tomboy? It's just my style and I wear what's comfortable. I wear girly-girly shirts like.... maybe three times out of a year. I still hate it when people mistake me for a guy when I'm not all dressed up, thou. It's a peeve's pet of mine. Mostly because it's a joke in my family that my brother's prettier than me and I'm more butch than him.


Oh, but I do have one event where I'm all dressed up. I spend a lot of time in April at Scarborough Faire, which is actually coming up soon. Basically, Scarborough Faire is my cosplay event. Really, cosplaying for Scarborough Faire is like cosplaying as a Dragon Quest NPC. Just not so much frizz and mera and blaze. At the Faire, it's simply just sword-play, belly-dacing, tarot card reading, cooking out in the open, eating giant turkey legs, torture-chamber gallery, alchemy gallery, royal parade, musketeer skits, and some slight pirates.


I got a new dress for the event just recently and since it's so DQ NPC-like I'll probably make it me profile pic once the Faire starts. It just takes forever to get back into an old English-English accent and bustier :cry:

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im not rly sad, no one is as tall as me (which is y i feel like a freak)

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so far im the tallest (At 6 foot 4, 198 CM). it just feels weird being the tallest person (if not one of the tallest ppl) on the forum O_o

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i convert metric to us units and some ppl are barely 6 ft. with a couple exceptions


me standing face to face with some ppl is like ryu and akuma from street fighter alpha standing face to face lol

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I'm five foot two inches. I dun't know if that's tall or not. I'm already taller than my mum and dad. But they're both pretty sickly in body so it's not a fair comparison. My bro's the tallest at about six foot 3 inches, but then he has a couple friends even taller than him and I've never even seen their faces cuz they're so heighty.


Actually, compared to my family and bro, I'm the healithest. In body at least. I can take more abuse in fights than even my bro and I've hurt him just play-punching him. I don't get sick with fevers often, but I do have bad allergies. Allergies are easy to treat though, not like colds and the flu and infections like the rest of the world seems to get.


As for mind, I'm actually the least healthiest there. I've been on-and-off-on-and-off-on-and-off-on-and-off about a dozen anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. No anti-depressant works for me, I never feel any happier. They just make me hyper or exhausted depending on the dose. Anti-psychotics....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..... they fail. All the time. Now I just take pills as needed. At least... I think I do. I've had a million different doctors, but the family doc has always backed me up and now he looks after my pill-dosage-stuff. He really saved my butt a couple times in the past years.


I mean literally, just a year ago, I was having a seizure from a bad reaction. If I had been in the hospital, it wouldn't have been a big deal. But it happened OUTSIDE when I was walking the dogs! Luckily for me, it happened in front of my house so my mom did notice me. So my poor mother had to get the dogs herself, which is even harder for her than it sounds cuz she barely has any muscle tissue. Than she called Doc cuz... well, she told me later that she didn't think nine-uno-uno was necessary to call just for a SIMPLE SEIZURE. He told her to call the ambulance though and he came over to keep me from... I guess from biting my tongue off and dying, as when I woke up a day later my tongue was bleeding. Later Doc and other docs explained to me that it was a weird imbalance in my brain that caused it and that I didn't have any seizure disorder or anything TOO SERIOUS APART FROM A SEIZURE.


Seizures aren't fun to have, no matter what Pokemon does in their stuff....


Hm, my weight is tricky-tricky. Not that I'm saying I'm ashamed of my body, I like what I got. It's just that thanks to all the brain-morphing pills I had to take, my body has taken a hit too. At my heaviest I was 182, and that was last May. Now it's February and I'm 135. Dun't ask me what I did to lose weight. I dun't eat any healthier than normal people. I do get out a lot what with taking care of a dog-kennel and whatever help bro needs. Really, if you want to lose weight JUST TELL YOURSELF THAT. Dun't buy into a bunch of pills or overly-organic-lettuce. If you switch diets suddenly you're gonna feel weird and your body might pay for it with more than just shedding a few pounds.


Actually my whole weight increase to decrease to increase back to decrease is what gets me so snappy at people. Not to mention that, and all that stuffs I gotta do. I write bunches and bunches, if ya don't notice, mostly cuz it's part of my work. I help write student's speeches and English papers. I know, me, write? No way. Sorta explains why I have a short-temper when people use 'un-professional' speak like emoti-cons and that quoting gets on my nerves (I dun't want to have to RE-READ what I JUST READ). So when I'm just chillin' I speak what comes natural TO ME but sometimes I still come-off as sort of a prick.


I hate to brag, but my IQ according to Doc is so high it's scary. Actually, that helps explain my weird mind, it's cuz my brain's too over-worked all the time. I have such a great memory too. In fact I can remember events back from when I was four-years-old, word-for-word. My memory's crazy good. Or sometimes crazy-poor. When I gotta read something I dun't care for, my memory doesn't seem to care to remember it either.


When chattin' on the Den I actually get REALLY snappy with some people cuz they annoy me. THIS IS A FORUM. AS IN "SOMETHING FUNNY HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM." Not everyone's a little clone of each other and gonna type in the exact same way! Ya think, DRAGON QUEST FANS would get that as the game has accents pulled from all over the world! I try to be kind and not sound too mad at people... BUT FOR SOME REASON YOU GUYS REALLY CANNOT STAND ALL-CAPS. Which is weird, cuz I love 'em. I cannot stand your quoting. Which is why I always say:


"You didn't have to read the ENTIRE post, ya know."


Ahhhhh, those anti-psycho pills NEVER work; I am example of living proof to that. :angel:

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;) Oh boy... people are just DYING to know what I look like aren't they?


Okie dokie then...


Hi: 5'9

Wt: A svelte 160 (Considering I was over 300 lbs. when I first joined the den, I'm happy with this weight XD)

Hair: Dirty blonde and rather long

Eyes: Hazel Brown

Age: 26

Date of Birth: 8/14/1984


Nothing really much to say about me honestly xD I'm not the most eye catching person out there, though I DO have a tendency to wear tank tops.

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Birthdate: November 4th 1991

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Around 160

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Religion: Christian (Catholic)


I like video games (obviously) and drawing (though I'm not a super-pro artist or anything). My favorite foods are pizza, burgers and subs :D


Here's a picture of me with my sharp shades equipped (if my hair looks messed, it's cause the wind was blowing):



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DOB: 2/20/1980

Height: about 5'6

Weight: 115-120 lbs.

Hair: Dark blonde

Eyes: Hazel-green





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All this talk about looking like vampires has my hunter blood itching...


(GrandAlchemist as a vampire hunter - Halloween 2010)


This is me when I still had the beginning of my goatee:


(GrandAlchemist rocking - Summer 2007)


Maybe on of these days I'll be able to get a more recent photo up.

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Date of birth: August 26, 1982

Ethnicity: Spanish

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 215 lbs

Skin: Oddly pale

Hair: Dark brown/black, shoulder length, mustache, goatee

Eyes: Also dark brown


Defining features? Uhh... Apparently I can pass as a hippie, a pirate, or Jesus. Not all at once though. That would just be WEIRD. I also look sleep deprived 95% of the time. This has led people to ask me if I was stoned O_o




My DeviantArt ID. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I put "approaches" rather than "draws near".


Also, we sure have a lot of pretty female members here ^^

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I'm rather thin but have a nice sized build, slightly above average height, and have somewhat short and slightly wavy hair. Closest to a DQ hero build, I would say.


Fates says I shouldn't say this, but.... I MAY BE A BISHIE!!! :shifty:

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If everyone really wants to know, I look like my DQ IX main character, complete with unchanging facial expressions.


Oh yeah,


Race: Human.

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All this talk about looking like vampires has my hunter blood itching...


(GrandAlchemist as a vampire hunter - Halloween 2010)


This is me when I still had the beginning of my goatee:


(GrandAlchemist rocking - Summer 2007)


Maybe on of these days I'll be able to get a more recent photo up.


lol ur photo in ur vampire hunter attire makes me want to get in my excalipurr/goresby purrvis attire (i have a huge samurai sword collection, but i have one fav sword. i want to get an axe tho :()


oh yea and a pic of me is going to be posted saturday (with me holding my slime buddy and DQVI)

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Date of birth: January, 1982

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125 lbs

Skin: White

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue


Here's a shot of me and my son when we were Whale Watching in Boston. The pic's a few years old but ever since we had kids, I seem to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.



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i'm above 13+. can i still show my picture?


if u want to. theres no obligation to do so and you wont win anything. ppl will see what u look like, thats all :P

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