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Just curious...........what do yall look like?

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1 hour ago, Cesar Hernandez-Meraz said:



Do you like sunsets and long walks on the beach :P

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The only thing I take seriously on the internet is everything.

Was I ready for Halloween?   I was born ready.      

Iggy's hairy chest. That's it. That's what I'm taking away from this whole topic.

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Okay, I'll bite.

Age: 39 going on 16.

Height: roughly 6 foot

Weight:  About 204

Ethnic background: French, English, German (specifically Bavarian), Irish. Since the French is the Canadian variety, a roughly 40 percent chance there's a trace of Native American, but I make no positive claims on that one.

Marriage status: legally but invalidly. Why invalid? Because...

Religion: Traditionalist Roman Catholic. Marrying my wife next year, and the local priest is actually doing the pre-Vatican 2 vows with a Latin Tridentine Mass. Can't wait for the reception, because we're having a taco bar!

Favorite foods: did I mention we're having a taco bar?

Kids: 2 sons and a,stepdaughter. I have had full legal custody of my oldest son since his infancy, and last,I knew his mother left to live in Florida. I warned Platty that he'll know its her if he ever sees Dracula with earrings. The one thing she did right though was to name him Austin after Stone Cold Steve Austin, the bionic redneck.

My youngest son was given the middle name Garcia. Why a Hispanic surname for a kid of no such decent? Because...

Favorite band: The Grateful Dead. I saw Jerry Garcia in person 8 weeks before his death, and I'll forever be thankful for that blessed day. I'm also a fan of Hank Williams Sr., Bocephus, Rebel Son, David Allan Coe, Waylon, Hank Snow and others.

Favorite author: Zane Grey. 

First bad habit: started dipping when I was 15. I don't often do spit tobacco anymore, but I like chaw better than dip because I can chew it like bubble gum and it fills my mouth up with sweet and thick tobacco juice.

Go to beers: PBR and Moosehead.

Hard liquors: Jim Beam and Midnight Moon clear.

Baseball: New York Yankees. Congrats Sux fans, only over a century to almost reach double digits (although I have to admit our pitching sucked this year).

Uhm, I guess that's enough. 

Oh yeah, I also like Dragon Quest. Its a good series, you guys should try it.


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52 minutes ago, redneckpride4ever said:

we're having a taco bar!

I'm self inviting myself

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5 hours ago, Democrobot said:

Do you like sunsets and long walks on the beach :P

Er, never been to a beach.

I guess I did not get the reference...

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Have some pics.

Working at an anime con - April 17.


Portland from last August.





Texas Renaissance Festival - three weeks ago. I like pretzels.


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Dwaine pics are probably my favorite ones. 

15 hours ago, Cesar Hernandez-Meraz said:

Er, never been to a beach.

I guess I did not get the reference...

Not really a reference to anything. Just poking fun because it sounds like a dating profile

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I posted my latest comments from my phone, so the Instagram interface did not get posted correctly... Sorry for the additional click you need to see those pics.

Here are some other pics taken this weekend. I hope you like them.



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Tall, blue (color changed with light) eyes, brown hair (darkening for the winter). Roughly 3/4 inch of beard currently, but trimmed. I became rather well-fed back in 2016 and have yet to exercise it away.

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Heck, why not. (Because of stalkers that's why dips**t)  *in Bon Scott voice* DOONE STOP MAY!!!

Sooooo….me. I'm 16 years old (That's in my About Me which I'm thinking I should change cuz it sounds like a fricking dating profile hahaha)

My ethnicity: Hell, I'm a red-blooded American male and damn proud of it hahaha! Seriously though. Specifically, German and Italian. I have the most German in me, but my dad's side has VERY strong genes, so the end result is that I look Italian but my skin is a lighter olive. Not pale but not true olive skin.

I have straight black hair, with good volume, I like it but it's stubborn, hard to style without real high-grade gels.

My eyes are dark brown, but my mom's eyes are blue and I've always thought it'd be SO COOL to have blue eyes...oh well.

I'm currently 5' 11"....and DAMN it's frustrating! C'mon, give me one more inch here!😂😂😂 (One more inch TALL,  y'all pervs making jokes)

Weight: Like, 110-120, something ridiculous like that. I work out but it still hasn't paid off besides veins that pop out and some extra definition in my arms, and idk, decent toning. Meh.

Religion: ………...Complicated, I don't really like to think about it, for reasons of my own. (My philosophical side is cringy asf.😂😖)

Relationship status: What do you call it when you're taken but not officially yet? Reserved? Hell, I know, My relationship status is "Booked in advance".

What was the last thing? Oh yeah, shoe size (Asl, Age, Shoe size, location lol) My boots ([email protected]$$ western boots with American flags!) are an 11, so around that.

I have at least one pic of my face I'll show, but you have to message me directly for it, bc I took it while I was sexting this one time (We do it. Sorry.) So you can see all of my neck and shoulders, I cropped my chest out but still. Didn't want to offend anybody by just posting it.

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You can see all of my neck and shoulders. It takes a lot to really offend people in the Den. We're stronger than that.



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