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A ton of Doujinshi!

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I do not have these on hand yet, but I just won a lot of 50 (yes, 50) Dragon Quest doujinshi on Yahoo Japan! I won't be keeping all of them of course, so if anyone's interested in the ones I don't want to keep, I'll be selling them. Probably for cheap, compared to Ebay, not that there's a great selection of DQ doujinshi on there anyway.




Here's the lot! Most of it seems to be VIII, but there's some I-VII too. I've put little hearts next to the ones I'm probably going to keep, but I'll have to wait until I actually get them and look through them to be sure. Either way, I'll probably be scanning (carefully!) all of the ones with good art, so if anyone's interested in just scans I'll have those too. :D


From what I could decipher from the translation, the content of these is really mixed. Some look obviously gen, some are BL, etcetera! I'll keep this updated, I should be sending off my Noppin shipment and receiving these soon!

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