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Regarding "missing" images


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If you have wandered around the wiki, you might have noticed there are images missing in some places. To be more exact, there are 700 "missing" images on the wiki if you take a look at the Wanted Images page.


I did some investigating and found that they really aren't missing at all. All of the images from Wikia came over during the migration. What is "missing" is the redirects from old image names to the new ones. Basically there are 700 images which were at some point renamed to something more correct. Many wiki pages were then pointing to the old name which was a redirect.


I'm not exactly certain on what should be done. The names were changed for a reason, and it seems silly to create 700 bad redirects just to fix the images. In the end we will need to point to the updated image names. However, this requires some research to find the new name of the image and then fix the bad reference.


Anyone have any better ideas? If you look up the bad image names on Wikia you can find what they are pointing to, and those files exist on the new wiki.

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Should have either:

A. Let PantheonSasuke finish his long (still uncompleted project) of renaming files before moving.

-> I blame myself for not helping him.

B. Forced PantheonSasuke to supress redirects when moving files in the first place (and also fixing the dead links).

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