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Super Famicom Ahoy!


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Hello, Dunsparce here.


I just recently purchased a Super Famicom(The Japanese Version of SNES) bundled with Super Mario World(Came in the mail a few days ago). So Far, I've gotten these games for it(They have yet to come, but they're paid for):


-Chrono Trigger

-Dragon Quest I&II

-Dragon Quest III

-Dragon Quest V

-Dragon Quest VI

-Final Fantasy IV

-Final Fantasy IV Easy Type

-Final Fantasy V

-Final Fantasy VI

-Seiken Densetsu 2 (aka Secret of Mana)

-Seiken Densetsu 3

-Tales of Phantasia


I also got a 2nd Controller and Super Game Boy 2


Do you think this is a worthy-enough collection? I hope to some day get Mother2 (aka Earthbound), the three Fire Emblem games for the system, Star Ocean, and the Romancing SaGa Trilogy.

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Super Mario RPG is a rather easy, but very fun SNES RPG. Otherwise your collection looks quite sufficient to me.

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Golden Sun is a pretty neat game too, try and get your hands on dark dawn!


Golden Sun is not on the SNES... XD

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New games:

-Romancing SaGa

-Romancing SaGa 2

-Romancing SaGa 3

-Hoshi no Kirby 3

-Wonder Project J(I imported Wonder Project J2 in 2009 for N64, so now that I got a Super Famicom I decided to get it's lesser-known prequel. Both games were made by Enix)



-Super Gameboy Controller(For my Super Gameboy 2)

-Sufami Turbo(Type it into Wikipedia if you want to know what this is) w/ two Ultraman Games

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